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  1. Some time you have to just take a good look at the talent on offer 'Watts'... The Eagles saw something in Kennedy despite him only being a skinny kid with a grand total of 11 goals over 2 seasons. You don't seem to see it and that's ok... None of those other 3 by the way have the attributes that Sam has. ...and a bit precious if you think the FD are just asking him to jump & bring the ball to ground. That would be bare minimum.
  2. If we're going to make comparisons I think Josh Kennedy is a good one. To me Weid most resembles him, hits the ball hard, handy on the ground and a nice long kick. ...and as a current day player(rather than going back to a time when forwards kicked big bags of goals weekly) if we look at his goal kicking stats... Josh Year 1 - 5 goals Sam 3 Josh Year 2 - 6 goals Sam 3 Josh Year 3 - 7 goals Sam 10 Josh Year 4 - 31 goals Sam currently 9 Josh Year 5 - 41 goals Sam yet to play It took him time...I think Weid has got the talent and I would expect a similar long term result to Kennedy at WC if he gets a clear run at it and that's good enough for me.
  3. Played footy with Ian back before his TV days. Pretty sure he went to 9 on a short term contract in accounts and ended up running the place. Good bloke, ran into him from time to time over the years and never lost his down to earth nature. Congratulating him when 7 got the TV rights back from 9 at a huge cost his comment was now we have to work out how to f..... pay for it. RIP Jonno...
  4. That piece of land (baseball field) wouldn't be wide enough 'daisy' unless you included the football ground. I'm pretty sure it's all council land anyway.
  5. Imagine if he had of kicked straight...
  6. Get on the phone to his manager Josh if you haven't already...Richo would be a great addition to our FD.
  7. I've warned you about heckling 'DeeSpencer'...
  8. Dumb and all as it was... It was better than the first game against Port where we stood by and watched Max cop it from them without a whimper. At least we had some passion in the game and Jones was supporting a teammate. If I had my choice I would take this.
  9. Just as well it wasn't up to me 'jumbo'... I couldn't be happier to see Tommy turn his game around today. In his own words made mistakes early but then things started working for him... In my words he got to a lot more balls, was running more and working harder and it finally paid off. Well done Tommy...well done Goody for putting the acid on him.
  10. I'm sure he's had the acid put on him before this behind closed doors but it begs the question.... Why is Tom not at Casey? Hinkley's sent Westoff back to the 2's and he's got a lot more credits than Tom. Pyke had Jenkins in the SANFL for 5 weeks. Is Goody too much of a players man? does he need to harden up? does Tom deserve his spot?
  11. That's not really his strength. He's far from being a people person...
  12. Eddie is off the mark of course & has a bit to deal with. He didn't self report...he was found out then owned up. ...and he was smart enough not to bet through his own account, had a mate put on the bets. Is that underground? Here's an interesting question...does he have a betting account?
  13. It's why I wouldn't be disappointed to see the Saints cut Richardson free and us pick him up....
  14. Yep, that's the bit I don't get 'norm'... He didn't come forward at all, a slip of the tongue gave him no choice in the end. Credit to Howe though...it seems.
  15. No matter what, we need a new fitness boss. Misson is not being sacked he's moving O/S. It's not about it being a problem it's about finding the right replacement for him.
  16. Very lucky boy to be available for finals... Gambling is a big issue, the AFL need to come down really hard otherwise the integrity of the completion is done for.
  17. He has been sacked by Arsenal so looking for a job... Not any of those things...Misson is moving on & Burgess is available. Of course we talk to him. Very highly regarded at Port, at the time they were considered the fittest club in the AFL...
  18. No inside info 'Lucifer'. ...but it's no coincidence that Bartlett has been looking into the FD and some changes have already been made. Expect more at the end of the season.
  19. Goodwin will lose some of his power after this season....and that's a good thing. All coaches start as control freaks and the ones that stay in the job get their wings clipped at some stage. If they learn to deal with it they become good coaches. Recent examples are Buckley and Hardwick. Goodwin won't have the say in who is appointed and kept on. He will of course be consulted but a year like this looses him some chips on the table.
  20. Good news... We couldn't keep going the way we were. Things are being set up now for 2020... I wonder if Bolton is on our radar? Personally I would like Richardson who for some reason is still on the outer at Saint land but Bolton could be a good get...
  21. ....but on the other hand he wanted to claim the plaudits for their endeavour to make it safer for fans & families to go to the footy. Can't have it both ways Gill... I vote for Gale...pity we don't get a vote.
  22. I bet he was putting the bet on for a mate....
  23. ...and even worse are our own ill educated fans... I think I prefer the lounge room these days.
  24. In Tommy's case it could also be related to an injury concern. His form has dropped off dramatically & he did/does have toe issues. I remember Mark Lecras was one of the most accurate kicks in the AFL then after a broken arm had to wear a cast when playing. He lost all accuracy, even after the cast came off. Small things can easily effect the mechanics of kicking straight. Maybe mechanics, maybe mental...
  25. I don't think we have. In a previous thread I've talked about the writing being on the wall. Some take this as being a negative thread and the language at times somewhat emotive. The truth is after a continued upwards spiral from when Roos and Jackson took over there was always going to be a down year. ...I almost expected it this year, just not so bad... Sometimes/Often you need these years to help reset and move forward. We will have missed the boat if we don't learn the lessons of this year...it's crucial to what happens from here on. For us to take advantage of the challenge that this year has been then changes will need to be made at a minimum in the thinking but more likely also in personal. I would like to see a thorough external review of the club. Lets not let the opportunity slip to make needed changes.Get an outside perspective of where we sit. Sometimes the truth hurts but it will also help us grow if it helps us make the right moves. Goodwin is still a juvenile in senior coaching terms. Is he the man to take us forward? Well I hope the club have a good handle on that one. From my perspective he gets next year to prove his worth...the apprenticeship is up after this year. Of course we made some mistakes with the list but all clubs do, it's not an exact science. We do have a good solid core group of players, something we didn't have in the CS years. ...but our list is not as good as a lot were pumping up. It would be interesting to know the internal view. It's how we tweak that now along with the game plan, adjustments in the FD and getting players back on track (fitness & mentally) that will be pivotal to moving forward from here on in.
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