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  1. Not really... The way the AFL have worded their criteria for the PP opens it up for the Saints to at least think about it. It's not injuries as such that they are citing but the situations with one player maybe forced into retirement with heart problems, another with concussion issues and still another with ongoing mental problems. They have been unfortunate losing the 3 players like this. ...but I think this has been drummed up by Nick & Gary this morning and nothing much will come of it. A bit of a media beat up...who would have thought?
  2. The right moves over the break and we will bounce back up and contend. For a lot of the negatives (constructive criticisms) I've posted about this season I still think we have the foundations of a very good team. Some good trading, drafting, moves and attitude adjustments in the FD/playing group along with a bit of luck and we're as good a chance as any. Remember the Cats were finished after we cleaned them up in the final last season and look how they've bounced back.
  3. No Goody is not the problem. This is the problem I have...we have a suite of problems. Some seem to use injury as the get out clause, it is part of the problem. Goody is also not the get out clause but he must take some responsibility as the senior coach. Not a lot has changed since the Prelim so he must be brought to account. Macca is going on about our forward line. I thought it was folly that we expected Tommy to hold us up this year and that's proven correct, but apart from Trac we really have no one. It is a problem but again not the only one. The defence was very average without May and Lever and now it's looking ok...injury there but also questions on the fitness dept... These are just some of the problems ...and these are some of the solutions as I see them. I would like to see a revamped FD and expect that's what we will get. I hope we're on the phone to Richo and I also hope Goody learns a lot from this year...there is a disconnect somewhere. I would also hope the draft trade period addresses some of our personnel issues. Trade in one or two quick small/medium forwards, look at some midfield run... A KPF would be good but I expect we might have to pray Tommy gets his mojo back, Weid comes on big time and we set up with far better structure.
  4. If you look back 'Macca' you will understand that I am seeing the picture you're talking about. I will add to that, our tall forwards are virtually non existent. Our problem is personnel, planning and coaching. I don't think it's terminal but will need quite a bit of work to fix. The first step is recognition of the problem and the problem is not just injuries (as the rose coloured brigade would have us believe)...
  5. When Trac takes his shots he's such a damaging player. On Sunday he went beck to this rubbish... Maybe the disconnect Goody is talking about is actually in the FD or between the FD and players rather than the midfield/forward connection.
  6. Head in the sand 'bin'... I just hope the club doesn't have the same problem. We smashed the inside 50 count, conversion not so great. ... but most of our big scores were against the bottom teams, we also had Hogan contributing to some of those big wins. We could be thought of as the classic downhill skiers. If you think it's just a matter of form and injury in our forward half then you really do have the Rose Coloured Glasses on.
  7. ...but don't you see. We don't have the players for this game style. The old Richmond style you talk of was built around quick movement into the forward 50 because circumstances meant they only had one tall in Jack and a lot of quick smalls who put on maximum pressure. They developed a game around the players they had. We don't have any small forwards worth their salt fit or unfit...we don't have the any forwards who tackle, we don't have forward who pressure, we don't lock the ball in. We just watch as it heads out again and again...
  8. Yes it does and we haven't. The other thing you've mentioned is teams with the personnel to match the game style... The Tiges have changed their style around bringing in Lynch for one, they are nowhere near as ballistic as they were in their Premiership season. They've also adjusted their defence with the loss of Rance.
  9. The Tiges game plan has changed, and anyway you can't relate them to us. Different game plan and different mix of personnel. They lost a prelim badly and made changes. We lost ours badly and stuck with the same. Our game plan doesn't stack up...it's there for all to see. It's an accurate assessment backed up by where we sit on the ladder now. The ladder doesn't lie... You could see it last year in the Prelim, not just this year. If we go into next year playing the same brand of footy we are f......
  10. I'm not sure if it is putting more external pressure on but I truly hope they don't fall for it. It's not just the injury problems that are causing our current predicament. Yes they are an issue but not the only one. Sometimes clubs believe their own BS, please let it not be us. As a supporter it's why I would like us to have an external review just to be sure we have all the issues on the table. No surprise next year like we seemed to have this year.
  11. That's the stupidity of the rule...you get an official warning for the first infringement but no free kick against.
  12. Jordon will be... Bedford needs to get to the right spots. I'm not sure you learn that.
  13. Not today 'joeboy', his worst in a while. Thought he was one of our better players...saved a couple of certain goals & generally used the ball well. A few weeks back when he copped a knock early was his worst game...you knew something was wrong when he couldn't hit a target. Has done a job the last 2 weeks, Simpson last week & JJ today. Kept them quiet but does seem to be playing sore so may need a rest.
  14. I like the way he positions himself, just knows where to go and doesn't commit too early. I don't think it would hurt to give him a taste at senior level. I reckon he's the type of player that would thrive at the higher level.
  15. Really haven't shown much today. Jordon the best of our first year boys by a fair bit. A natural footballer who knows where to run and positions himself well...
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