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  1. So, who were all these outside player/finishers we were chasing. Since Goodwin has been in charge we've gone after Lever & May...and landed them. This year we went after Langdon and landed him. We had a dip at Elliot and missed, we picked up Tomlinson. None of these are outside player/finisher types. Langdon & Tomlinson give us some outside run no doubt but they are both, particularly Langdon very hard contested players as well. Then if we look at this years draft all 3 are hard at it competitive players.... The coach doesn't like purely outside players, I'm with him there.
  2. 'Mach' isn't a grenade thrower 'Pennant' and his info is generally pretty good. I would take some notice of what he is saying in this instance...maybe the source has an axe to grind, this must always be considered in these things but the messenger is ok.
  3. So if you don't think he has the ability to succeed why would any full time recruiting/list manager at another club part with picks that will get us back into the first round of this years draft... ...not a cheap shot, it just doesn't add up.
  4. You can see it this pic. Dunkley looks like he's just spotted a white pointer and he's done, meanwhile his teammate (is that Bedford?) is looking on like he's a gonna...
  5. He will probably play off half back and maybe have a run in the mids at times...this also opens up the forgotten man, Salem to do more or more of the same...
  6. I think we will see Jackson running through the midfield at times this year...
  7. You tell Carl he's not playing 'La Dee'.... Personally I would play him off the bench to clean up any issues we may have with opposition players.
  8. Yep, it was until the 2019 season. We had made progress each year but the fall off was a bit dramatic. That drop off create a great opportunity to top up our young talent & may be seen as pivotal to success when we look back. Agree that our list is in better shape than 2018 & we should expect a strong 2020 season. I don't understand those who think just making the 8 is good enough. We should put 2019 aside & judge on the improvement up to & including 2018. We made the Prelim in 2018 but weren't competitive. We need to at leat make it and put up a good show, maybe even win it for 2020 to be seen as successful.
  9. I think Hawthorn did better 'old'...and they made the most of it. Carlton bought their flags and did a bit of a Melbourne, they didn't adapt to the changing game like us in the 60's. Hawthorn nearly fell away as well but for some smart work from the likes of Dicker. He didn't share the arrogant traits of his Carlton rivals.
  10. With all the opposition analysis that goes into games these days it would be unusual for any team to be caught out. Fritsch can play & will be vital to any improvement in our forward line this year & beyond.
  11. The rebuild started at the end of 2013...it was never linear as I've stated elsewhere. You pick up, you lose, you win some, you lose some. Players come in, players go but over that period you build or should build a stronger list. ..I just think 7 years is long enough to build a contender. I'm not saying we will contend, just that we should be in that position now and I will see it as failure if we don't...
  12. Harry was Roos Folly...
  13. It is 'Macca' but in our case we could define ground zero as when Roos took us on. I know we came from a long way back but we need to show something this year. There's a lot of if's & but's on the list for mine at the moment 'Macca', this year will tell a tale. I wouldn't take it 'Macca'...if there's real substance then the results will show better than 11.
  14. You're playing with words here mate... We started a rebuild at the end of 2013 when we brought in Roos...part of the process was bringing in Goodwin. That means by the end of 2020 we will have had 7 years to bring in players, trade out players, basically build a club/team that will seriously contest for the flag. I think that is probably long enough. Just making up the numbers will not be a successful season.
  15. There's a difference between how I see us going and what I see as a successful year. I have no idea how we will go this year but I am optimistic... However if we aren't contender then I think our season is a fail and by the clubs metrics if we go by what Pert and Bartlett tell us it should be seen as a fail. It will be the 7th season since Roos came on board and that's long enough. The rebuild will be close to a fail if we don't see results soon.
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