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  1. I wonder what his view would be if Collingwood were not one of the favourites? Just say for example they were in Carlton's position... Would a navy blue flag have an "asterisk" Ed?
  2. Carlton would be one 'Cards', the Mathieson connection...
  3. You make some good points. This is not one of them. I doubt the GCS would survive if there was a rationalisation of the competition. Also there is no space for GWS. They might be successful on the ground but after that drops off they will be an empty shell...
  4. The Eagles were playing at home...a quick drive from the ground and they're back safe with family. Everything was falling apart around the country, state borders were being closed off and our playing group were stuck in Perth playing a meaningless game. They're not robots...I was upset with the performance on game day but after settling down and having a bit of empathy for the group I realised we could not judge much if anything from that game...
  5. I think he is right and that the AFL have been handed an opportunity. The current competition isn't sustainable...what a sustainable model looks like I don't know but I do know this isn't it. Having said that, I can't see them changing anything macro in the short term.
  6. At this stage I think all sports will be in the same boat, at least in this country. Sportsmen in this country have been overpaid considering our small population for a while now. I suspect there will be a new world order after all this shakes out.
  7. It might be better to go back to a semi pro model. Don't cut the list size but cut the salary cap back dramatically...
  8. Not having a first round pick might be a bonus this year...
  9. Thanks for this 'Jim' I've got my figures totally wrong, must have misheard what I was told. Looks like things could get even worse if we don't slow this thing down...
  10. The information I have is that we have 15,000 intensive care beds in Victoria. The current modelling is that we will have a need for 100,000 within the next 3 to 4 months. I think that might just overwhelm the hospital system. Stay home...stay safe.
  11. Going to be a lot longer than 10 weeks...get used to it.
  12. Huge difference... Firstly there is a vaccine for the flu, it means people won't be infected in mass numbers and there won't be the amount of carriers. Secondly because of the mass infections there will be a high number critically ill who will need intensive care and we don't have the number of intensive care beds to cater for these numbers. It means a lot of people will die, a hell of a lot more than from the yearly flu outbreak. People who need critical care for other matters such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer, major accidents etc will struggle to get care because the beds are being used and the hospitals are full. Thirdly the % of people dying from this is higher than from the flu, so again the risk is a lot of deaths. ...and finally, I repeat there is no vaccine. This is a big enough reason.
  13. I've said this a few times on other threads. This is definitely not the time... I sure hope the club is not this insensitive.
  14. In case he hasn't realised, the economy has gone to s.... Where are these private owners coming from? Good footballer but pea brain...
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