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  1. I get your point 'Biff', we are assuming it is a racially motivated comment. ...but no matter it's more than idiotic and shouldn't be tolerated if made to anyone of any race or colour. As to the right wing/conservative v left wing stuff. We need to seperate that from the acts of extremists. AKA the nut jobs...always misguided, often disaffected.
  2. ...been saying this for a while now but I think he is the obvious successor for Nev...
  3. Trouble is that the Republicans have moved further to the right and many Dems have become default Reps...Sanders, Warren & AOC scare the hell out of them so badly that some are even pushing for Hillary to run again. Now that is delusional...
  4. I don't know about haranguing but the question must surely be asked and answered, not avoided or brushed over.
  5. ...not just you 'dazzle'. It's most definitely my preference.
  6. I think he is way off the mark with our defence. A fit May pushes us up a few more places than 13th, Lever adds another place or 2. The structure of our defence will be interesting this year but I really rate May, next to Rance I think he's the best in the business.
  7. It's nearly like you're shifting the blame to the players here 'Dee' Ryan most definitely didn't open himself up to these comments. Prevention would be to name and shame the people who make these comments then let's see how many are willing to make them when they are fully exposed.
  8. We might be deeply flawed 'Jako' but I prefer not just giving in. Things do change no matter how slowly, the optimist in me is hopeful.
  9. In this particular case (Liam Ryan)...do you think it's ok for someone to say what he or she said or under freedom of speech are they free to say whatever they want?
  10. What is political correctness 'Biffen'? Can you define it? To me it seems like some catch all for anyone who doesn't like a particular view.
  11. Why do you feel more exposed 'old dee'?
  12. Let's just say if he didn't intentionally touch cocaine he probably would have been in the minority.
  13. Looks like we're going around in circles a bit here. Changes have been made and quite significant ones. Do I care about the Crowes? No... Whilst I don't think we were in crisis we had major issues. Do I think our preseason surgeries were an issue? yes Do I think we had other issues besides those? yes and we've started to address them which is good. Do I think there will be further shake ups prior to the start of the season? yes
  14. Very true 'Gonzo'...we have a new CEO who is yet to make his mark on the club. It will be interesting to know how much input he had into the changes made. The structure is there but there have been significant renovations.
  15. No brigade of coaches sacked, that was an overstatement by 'steve' but also your take was an understatement and didn't account for the significance of the changes made. Some pushed and some moving on, who knows where each falls... Viney, MIsson, Rawlings, Jenning, Macca...it's not a small exodus, these were major players.
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