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  1. Has the footy smarts to get out the back on his own. None of our other small forwards can do it...so we stick with Jeffy until we find someone else.
  2. I think more likely Whitfield... I would like to see Gus go head to head with Coniglio but unfortunately the FD want to play him out in no mans land. So if that's the case then maybe Viney could do a team job running with Coniglio...
  3. ...and even though they struggle at the 'G', we're not so great there ourselves. So I wouldn't bank that as being an advantage. GWS near full strength and us still lite makes for a tough one to win I would think ...but stranger things have happened.
  4. 2,437 posts probably says you are... Wallace basically said in his 40 years of football it's always been about who you are, so he has called it out.
  5. He obviously didn't disguise it very well if 99% of the football world knew...
  6. If Mumford plays then we play Preuss and let them go toe to toe... My money would be on Preuss.
  7. We had our chances 'Macca' and should have put WC away. ...but some of the decisions that went against us were pretty average and hurt us. Could well have changed the course of the game. Do the umpires have it in for us? no Were there some howlers last night? yes Could the decisions have effected the outcome? yes The Smith one hurt us, apart from the 12 point turnaround the tackle that forced him from the ground freed up McGoven and he became a real obstacle.
  8. With the new kick in rule the ball doesn't need to be touched before going out of bounds unless of course it is on the full. A lot of our commentators don't know this rule change and should...they're getting paid to know this stuff. The umpire was spot on...
  9. I don't think he's amid 'dazzle'...doesn't find the ball enough but has enough to be tried as a small defender.
  10. Vardy played such a great game, it's the only time I noticed him on the ground all night. What a weak ....
  11. Margetts - FMD Seriously, tonight was a good argument for not allowing umpires from home states to umpire when the opposition are from outside that state. Like in test cricket the umpires must be neutral. Yes we cost ourselves with poor kicking but that Smith decision was a disgrace and probably cost us the game. Forget Rampe climbing up a post that had absolutely no effect on the result and his remark to the umpire had even less. A 12 point turnaround and a player incapacitated. The WC player will be sighted on the tackle & probably get a week but the umpires dept and Shocking will still try to tell us the umpire got it right...
  12. What is it with that WA umpire. Should be like test cricket, no home town umpires...
  13. Well, at the end of this game Goodwin will either be a master coach or have NFI...
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