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  1. In a season full of incredibly dumb selections and player management decisions, that would be by far the dumbest. If they are sensible they wouldn't even contemplate selecting Lever until after the bye. That said, I don't think the 6-6-6 rule suits Lever and I expect him to struggle significantly this season. I'm not sure that we can play both he and Hore in the same team as neither is great when defending 1v1.
  2. I enjoy reading the same people bitching and moaning about umpires making mistakes whilst doing an almost impossible job, when they won't hear a bad word said about certain highly paid, professional athletes who can't execute basic skills.
  3. Question for the regular VFL watchers - have you seen any sign that either Bedford or Chandler are any chance to make it, or do we have another two Dion Johnstones on our list?
  4. There is a very fine line between treating the media like fools and treating the supporters like fools. I'm not sure that Goodwin has got that balance right yet.
  5. There has been no progress on the status of Smith, Kolodjashnij, Vandenberg and Jetta since the initial incidents. Does that mean there actually is no improvement, or we're just plucking figures from thin air to complete the injury reports?
  6. I think we missed an opportunity at Moorabbin. It is close enough to our heartland, decent facilities on the back of council and government funding, and easy enough to get to for players living in the south east. It also ties in nicely with our relationship with SMJFL.
  7. Trengove would be a massive upgrade on the likes of Maynard, C.Wagner & Kennedy-Harris who are just clogging the list. That said, there is no point him being on the list either if Goodwin won't play him.
  8. Should have been a fine at most. The hand wringers in this thread are really saying they would be happy for Clayton Oliver to be suspended for that? I very much doubt it.
  9. Does the club actually care what is being said about it in the media, or are the key individuals all bunkering down protecting their own backsides? What do the sponsors think of what seems to be a complete lack of professionalism and accountability at the club in certain respects this season? The last thing we need is the parents of players having reason to doubt that their sons are being looked after properly.
  10. Isn't that still last weeks report? It says updated 1 May.
  11. I really don't care what Steven May does in his own time (although I am sorry if he is going through a relationship break up), but I do care when he doesn't fully commit on the club's time. That includes turning up to pre season unfit, getting suspended for a stupid act in a meaningless practice game, and drinking whilst in rehab against club rules (written or unwritten). For an experienced player, who was recruited in part for his leadership qualities, he has been totally abysmal to date. Come on Steven, prove to me that you are at the club for anything other than a massive pay packet.
  12. I'm more concerned with how often our players look to pass the ball when they mark inside 50. If you can't kick 50 metres you shouldn't be on an AFL list, so go back, take some responsibility and kick the goal.
  13. Bedford & Chandler - 10 touches & 4 tackles between them. I find it extraordinary that we can't find some decent crumbing forwards who can apply some defensive pressure occasionally. Yes, they are young and inexperienced, but that type of player is not really reliant on developing size and strength. Either they have the work rate and ability to read the play or they don't.
  14. Pendlebury is the only player over 30 who is a regular, and he could play for another 5 years. Treloar, Adams, , Crisp, Grundy, Hoskin-Elliott, De Goey, Phillips, Moore, Langdon, Stephenson, Maynard all 25 or under at start of year. Collingwood will be contending for at least the next five years.
  15. Good luck to Declan Keilty, but Tim Smith must be the most fragile footballer on the footballer. The sooner he is off the list the better.
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