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  1. Another game where we gave ourselves no chance of winning from the outset with poor team selection and by playing underdone players. It took Goodwin just six months to take us from 4th to 17th, but he has clearly spent the past 12 months ensuring we will stay there for years to come. Our forward structure, our two-way midfield running and defensive accountability are non-existent. Our effort is generally okay, but we undo this with skills and decision making of the highest ineptitude. Viney was excellent and Pickett showed plenty of promise. May and O.McDonald beat their direct opponents convincingly, but West Coast played around them for the most part. The rest were utter tripe. Worst on ground by a mile was Spargo. I knew we would be bad when I saw he was in the team, but that was next level stuff. 3 effective disposals, 0 scores, 0 tackles and 3 mind boggling turnovers kicking sideways or backwards into the middle of the ground. There is not a single aspect of his game that is AFL standard. Gawn was beaten by Hickey and flogged mercilessly by Naitanui in all significant respects - he is clearly not fit. Oliver was lazy and disinterested. Ditto Brayshaw. Petracca continues to tease and deliver little. Tomlinson was unsighted. Langdon worked his backside off and undid it all with terrible disposal. And Harmes, our best defensive midfielder, ran around the half back line like a headless chook. T.McDonald continued his descent towards being a VFL player. Melksham continues to strut around and avoid the contest. Bedford is miles off this level and Brown, who I have time for, made a bucket load of school boy errors. Jetta is two years past being an AFL player and should retire. Ditto Hibberd. Lever continues to save his best work for directing traffic whilst ignoring his opponent and making elementary skill errors. All in all the type of performance that makes me wonder exactly what we have been doing for six months and makes me glad that I don't have to see them play again for another 2 months.
  2. AFLW teams are 23 players, not 21, but the point remains that we need to find at least 3 players to field a full team this week.
  3. That's a great result really - I'd certainly rather have GWS than Brisbane, and presumably we'd get North the following week if we win.
  4. Really? Players earning an average of $350K plus a year need words of encouragement from mums and dads who are worrying about their jobs and putting food on the table. It would be more appropriate for the players to be offering support to the people who pay their wages. And sorry, but there are countless community sporting and other groups that will be feeling the pinch much more than the AFL clubs. Is the AFL going to step in and help out the junior clubs that provide their players, or just let them all fold?
  5. Sure, but are they actually going to have any games to show?
  6. The AFLPA once again show that they are living on a completely different planet from the rest of us. I'd argue that player (and coach) salaries should be capped at $200K per annum until this situation resolves itself. Given that membership and sponsorship dollars pay for a significant portion of player wages and both will be hugely impacted over the next few years, I can't see how clubs can survive unless they can massively reduce wages. In an environment in which there will be massive job losses, surely the players can't continue to hold out their hands for their massive pay packets.
  7. Another kick in the nuts to every struggling local team out there by an organisation that cares for nothing but itself. Take the best players out of these teams mid season and leave to them to fend for themselves.
  8. Bitterly disappointing result on Saturday night after such a strong first half. Even though Carlton were clearly the better side in the second half we still had chances at the end of the third quarter to open up a 2 - 3 goal lead which might have been enough. Cunningham, Newman and O'Dea have been liabilities this year, but with club already into top up players we have no alternative but to persist with them. O'Dea has been a great player for the club, but she can barely run at the moment. The St Kilda game was always going to come back to bite us - Collingwood play Richmond and the Bulldogs in the last two rounds, so we are going to need to win both games by a decent margin to play finals. I can't see how Stinear can survive a fourth year of missing finals with the talent at his disposal. Finally, can someone please explain to me the logic of isolating players all week, then sending them on a commercial plane to Alice Springs to play at a closed venue. Surely they could have played the game at Casey Fields and saved a truck load of money and effort.
  9. Is this actually going ahead? Surely it is a bigger risk to have players at airports, on planes and in hotels than it is for them to train in front of 20 people at Goschs Paddock. Our best football is good enough to beat Carlton, but whether it is displayed for four quarters is the big question. Any idea why Downie and Pearce aren't back this week? I thought both had only minor issues last week.
  10. poita

    Training 2020

    So the AFLW team, which plays at Casey Fields, trains at AAMI Park while the AFL team, which plays across the road from AAMI Park, trains at Casey Fields. That makes perfect sense.
  11. poita


    This is exactly what happened. $2M or thereabouts down the toilet on three year contracts for Vandenberg and Kolodjashnij, plus whatever they are costing in medical expenses. As soon as Sydney started the bidding war we should have folded and moved on to which draft pick they were going to give us in return.
  12. You guys are kidding yourselves if you think opposition coaches won't have exploiting Lever as their number 1 avenue to victory against Melbourne this year. He will be dragged back to the goal square at every opportunity and teams will play through his opponent as much as possible. He simply has to get better in this respect. The alternative is that May or McDonald has to beat their own man and Lever's as well.
  13. Throw in Nietschke as well, and the band is back together. Time for this club to grow some balls and make some tough decisions on players who can't get on the field regularly. Bad luck only stretches so far - at some point you have to accept that certain players don't have the bodies to play at AFL level.
  14. I've been a member for 35 years, but I in no way judge others for how they choose to spend their money, particularly in light of the disgraceful efforts on and off field last year. This club has got a lot of work to do to redeem itself in the eyes of many.
  15. I was at Casey Fields on Sunday and I was certainly happy with a 10 goal win after an underwhelming first half. Melbourne is very capable of challenging for the premiership this year if they can keep their better players on the park and playing well, but they still need to learn to play four quarters against all opposition. Re Perkins, I can't believe she hasn't done more to get herself fit as she otherwise has all the attributes to be a good player at this level. Unfortunately she is not eligible to play again if we get players back from injury. I thought she helped take pressure off Cunningham and Hore, and she is a better kick from long range than most of our players. As an aside, the crowd was really disappointing and there was little atmosphere. Clearly playing an interstate side and the lack of a contest didn't help, but I thought we would have had more people there. Perhaps another sign that we are getting very little out of this arrangement other than $$$ from the local council.
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