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  1. Even if they could come back this year, why would you bother? All are contracted for next year, so let them have an extra month to get themselves right for a big pre season. I would have put Jetta in that batch as well, although it seems like we are going to try and run him into the ground before the end of the year. The reaction if something serious happens to Jetta or Lever over the next six weeks will be fun to watch.
  2. Or could last year have been merely a further step forward in the natural progression of a young and highly talented list? How much was due to the coach, and how much to players improving / favourable fixture / injury list / other factors? Goodwin has had a poor year, no two ways about it.
  3. Viney's biggest problem this year has been his obsession with trying to break tackles or bust through packs of players. In these circumstances, if he doesn't get caught holding the ball, he is inevitably going to kick off balance and under pressure. That said, I thought Sunday's game was his best for the year and I'm not sure that he got caught holding the ball at all. Perhaps the penny has finally dropped.
  4. On this point, I am convinced that certainly Oliver and probably Brayshaw are playing hurt. Last year they would draw an opponent, hand off the ball and take the hit themselves. This year they can't wait to hand off the ball, often to a player who is in a worse position. I suspect that Oliver is struggling with his shoulders. There is no doubt that our midfielders, with the exception of Harmes, don't work hard enough defensively. With Brayshaw and Oliver both having zero impact on Sunday, there was a clear opportunity to give one of those a defensive job on Dunkley to try and reduce his influence. Our midfield depth is non-existent, as it has been for several years. Offloading Tyson and his salary was one thing, but not replacing him was inexcusable.
  5. I'm not convinced about Hore, and I think he and Lever will ultimately fight for one spot in the team. Neither is great one-v-one and you can't have two defenders running wildly into packs all the time. Baker has some good qualities. Hopefully he gets another extended run in the seniors before the end of the year. Lockhart will benefit from a full preseason, but there are already signs that we are coaching the innovation and dare out of him, as we have done with Petracca and others. I've always liked Petty and am sure he will be a good player with some more time in the gym. I'm happy for him to play forward for the rest of the year. I think it's pretty clear that 7-8 players simply aren't good enough and hopefully they will be moved on at year end. Our lack of depth was obvious to me last year, but it wasn't exposed to the level that it has been this year. Having an easier draw is a massive boost to our chances of rebounding, but it doesn't guarantee anything. We barely beat GC17 and Carlton, and were thrashed by St Kilda. The number 1 positive is the chance to add quality kids to the list. Hopefully we can find 2 or 3 who can step straight in and contribute on their way to being long term AFL players.
  6. Forget the final margin, that was as bad as we have played since probably the GWS game. The Dogs gave us every chance to win that game and we still couldn't do it. Goodwin had another shocking day in the box. I get that he can't play for the players and he is limited somewhat by the players available to him (although our abysmal depth is certainly his responsibility after four years running the show (three as senior coach). However he just lets us down in the same ways each and every week: playing unfit players (definitely Jetta, and probably Lever as well (zero touches in second half) playing his favourites regardless of form (Hannan (3 touches), Hibberd being slow to make obvious changes (Fritsch forward, May forward) or missing changes completely (Harmes to Dunkley or Bontempelli, Gawn playing from goal square) terrible game plan and game style I thought Viney was good, Salem and May solid, Petty a clear positive and Petracca good for 3 quarters. Gawn was okay, but probably underachieved given the opposition. I didn't notice Oliver except for when he stuffed up a certain goal in the 2nd, Brayshaw was awful. Hannan was invisible (read: lazy) yet again; Dunkley not much better. Neal-Bullen has no skills and no goal sense. Preuss was poor forward and in the middle - he still should go to Alice Springs, but only because WC have two strong rucks. Jetta continued his miserable season and needed at least two more weeks in the VFL. Lever is hugely overrated (see first Dogs goal as example #1) and Hibberd is pretty much done. Jones was terrible. I rarely mention the umpires, and they certainly didn't affect the result, but they were truly awful both ways yesterday.
  7. What's wrong with Weideman? This really highlights the stupidity of relying on Smith as a backup key forward - he is never available when you need him.
  8. To be fair, Goddard wrote the first part of the article, down to the Ed Langdon photo. Everything else is from Jay Clark. I don't see anything wrong with Goddard's contribution, and most of Clark's contribution has been discussed previously.
  9. poita

    Sam Weideman

    Weideman's big problem is that he doesn't consistently do the basics well, which means that he feels the need to compensate by doing something spectacular. Most of us would be delighted if he could give us two lead-mark-goal plays a game, coupled with some decent defensive work. But when he is dropping relatively simple marks in front of his eyes, or spraying set shots, I wonder if he will ever consistently operate at the required level of intensity.
  10. I don't rate Spargo, but there are two significant issues here: 1. We have so many players who show glimpses at AFL level, but drop away completely for the next 2-3 weeks when they head back to the VFL. Spargo should be dominating at that level from week one if he is going to be a decent AFL player. We need to look at how we manage players when they are dropped from the senior team. 2. Spargo has been tried over and over again as a small forward at AFL and VFL level this year, and it is simply not working. Try him in defence, try him in the middle, play him as a tagger, just do something different to break the cycle. Ideally let him get some cheap touches across half back and build his confidence back up.
  11. Cool, let's play Max until he suffers a major injury from overwork and then maybe we can give Preuss a run.
  12. Good luck Kyle, just do your bit and you'll be fine.
  13. Wins and losses are irrelevant to me at this point of the season. I will particularly get no joy from beating an under-manned Carlton by 1-2 goals. What I do want to see is something different from the coach over the last eight weeks (not all at once, but progressively over this period), including: Salem to play a full game in the midfield Brayshaw to move back to the midfield Oliver to have more kicks than handballs Neal-Bullen to be moved to the wing or a defensive midfield role Spargo and/or Kennedy-Harris to play in defence, at Casey initially and then perhaps in the senior side Viney and/or Jones to play permanent forward to provide much needed defensive pressure Fritsch to return forward Hore to be tried on the wing May to play forward at some point, perhaps to swap with Weideman if Weid is not getting a kick Preuss & Gawn to share ruck work 50/50, so Gawn can rest forward Hibberd to find form at Casey. Ditto Hannan. No need to rush back Jetta, Melksham or Lever. Get games into Dunkley, Baker, Lockhart & Petty. Put a line through T.Smith, Maynard and Wagner x2. Lewis can have a farewell game in our last MCG match.
  14. We fill in the surveys each year but never get a response or any feedback. I understand that on-field performance will fluctuate, but nothing seems to change off-field regardless of the survey results or feedback. Communication to members has always been poor, but it has been totally absymal this year. Couple that with the dire on-field performance and I really wonder the club hopes to gain from this survey.
  15. I really hope that is not the case, because Brisbane's woeful kicking for goal was the main reason we were still in the game at half time. We got smashed in the clearances all day, particularly from the centre bounce, and had far too many useless handpasses. If that is in any way what we have to look forward to next year, it is going to be another miserable season.
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