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  1. I am always concerned playing you, you also have a great list when fit and furthermore you are a great coach.My list doesn't seem to be up to it.Trying hard to get it together but it's lacking.
  2. Correct, this was announced months ago.
  3. Please advise whose judgement was wrong - Cameron or the coach.
  4. If you go to training like I do reguarly, you wll find more staff than nearly players there. We have at least 9 coaches whom are there to develop these players. They are to implement game plan, develop skills including handballing & kicking, and furthermore we have increased drammatically our fitness staff as well. Therefore the resources are there- hopefully they will be good enough to take this club further. The issue is the playing list- and I query it heavily.
  5. No doubt Gary Lyon agrees with you- that is thereason for a huge change in the football department re the coaching are and the latest change with Viney taking over recruitment.Hoping he gap will narrow over the next few years.
  6. Thanks for putting them in order of injury time.
  7. Definately no offence taken, just thought we may consider a meeting place.
  8. In thinking about tomorrow, I thought, it may be great to have a united front for this occasion. Your thoughts?
  9. Great to have LJ back in the full rehab fold. Bruce has been outstnding in his support to him and I agree with JCB, that, he owes to himself,family and friends to really try to gain something special out of this year by playing at his best.
  10. Great post and thanks for taking the time to do it.Says to me that not all make it- and we all need a lot of luck.Also noted that Trent West has been at Geelong since 2005 , making this year his 7th.Still a chance that Pencil(Spencer could make it.)And that it may take several years for our major picks to mature..And we may have to bolster our list by gaining from the free trade players.
  11. Jackson Paine whom Collingwood picked up.
  12. Actually, Brain resides in China, in partnership with Jamie Duursma. Maybe CS has called on him to assist with sponsorship as both have worked supplying Mitre 10 for years now.
  13. Bad call-irresponsible call-Do the crime- do the time.
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