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  1. I can see with more games under his belt and a bit of consistency with his body there is no reason why he wont show more games than what he showed in the final. Id take Hipwood from any of those bolded names above and if you compare Sam to him the only thing lacking is goals per game which I believe will come with playing more games and a bit of confidence. Currently 40 games behind Hipwood for the same draft. https://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/ft_player_compare?playerStatus1=A&tid1=12&playerStatus2=A&tid2=20&type=A&pid1=4171&pid2=4174&fid1=C&fid2=C and if all else fails up forward he will make a great CHB.
  2. The first time Clarry kicked a ball to Tmac was during preseason match 2.
  3. It was the reading of the ball in flight and quick step that took him from being behind Lever? to i front of the pack and in a position to be able to take the mark that I was impressed with.
  4. Not sure the AFL can control if and when Bennell wants to go to a driving range or to playback yard cricket with some friends. He is permitted to train with us after all.
  5. @ChaserJ have you seen much/any of Cam Taheny. Sounds like an option aswell.
  6. Sydney's not bidding on Green.
  7. 90% of the quality talls within the AFL are drafted in the first round.
  8. I'll be looking for a medium forward especially of we go Picket at 10 and not Weightman. All of the following are predicted around pick 28. Elijay Taylor Cameron Taheny Dylan Williams Hugo Ralphsmith
  9. For years Ive watched the NBA and seen 200cm+ point guards with incredible movement and athleticism and wondered when we will see an athlete like that in the AFL instead of our 200cm+ ruckman who are mostly slow and cumbersome. Buddy is the closest we have had. Jackson could have that potential???? We can all hope.
  10. I believe the failed Trengove swap with Richmond was to be able to select Lever.
  11. Im just p1ssed off I now have to read another 20 odd draft profiles on who might be available at 28.
  12. I see this as the reason we would look at taking Jackson at 3.
  13. Jackson at 3 Weightman at 12 (fills small fwd need) Day at 16 ( HBF with elite kick replaces young)
  14. The biggest difference between Jackson and Oliver is that Oliver didn't even get picked to play in the nationals while Jackson was runner up on the Larke medal.
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