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  1. Not that it matters now, but Carlton would have picked Weed before Curnow as well FWIW
  2. If you listen to the latest eps of this podcast it gives a good explanation of whats working and whats not this year re the stats. https://webplayer.whooshkaa.com/playlist/465?theme=dark&visual=true&episode=383963
  3. I think you'll find its actually the opposite and has been for a few years.
  4. Not going to argue but Guthurie was a round one selection thats why I included him and I dont rate him at all and would hardly call him solid even though hes played close to 150 games. 150 more then me.
  5. Just dont let Wells pick round 1 selections. Not a great record the last 10 years. Hasn't had any real low selections but I wouldnt give any of these a tick. 10 Nakia Cockatoo 16 Darcy Lang 16 Jackson Thurlow 16 Darcy Lang 23 Cameron Guthrie 15 Billie Smedts 15 Mitch Brown
  6. Melb Ave Age - 24y 3 months Ave Games - 68 Under 50 games = 10, 50-100 games = 7 Rich Ave Age - 24y 5 months Ave Games - 90 Under 50 games = 9, 50-100 games 3 StK Ave Age - 24y 3 months Ave Games - 66 Under 50 games = 9 , 50-100 games 8 Carl Ave Age - 24y 3 months Ave Games - 77 Under 50 games = 11 , 50-100 games 6 GC Ave Age - 23y 5 months Ave Games - 62 Under 50 games = 11, 50-100 games 6
  7. I original thought Pruess would come in to stretch there defense especially with no Barass but after he wasn't included I've come to the thought we might play a bit of the Port game plan that worked so well against WCE a few weeks ago. T.Smith to go to McGovern and tag him. TMac to play deep on Schofild which on paper is in Melb favor. The key is not to bomb the ball long down the line so McGovern cant intercept mark it and start there scoring chains. Port kicked dirty/scrappy ball forward and won the ground balls inside 50. Thats where Hunt, ANB, Lockart, Trac and Baker comes into it. Preuss is stuffed once the ball hits the ground hence he hasn't been picked.
  8. 18 out of the 22 that played in the prelim last year. Fritch in is a plus
  9. Pies must need help in making beer cup snakes
  10. That my understanding. We left a spot open at the draft to be flexible and be able to use a selection at the mid seaosn draft if required. With Nieta injury it opened up another spot. We decided to use one now and it still leaves the option of one free to use mid season if required.
  11. correct. by the time a concussion test came back negative. the siren would have gone.
  12. Collingwood players never tested positive for illicit drugs on game day. They tested positive to performance enhancing drugs. Which they claimed was within the illicit drugs they had took on the weekend.
  13. yeah like the pullman and the other 6 plus story buildings across form the station on wellington pde do
  14. My understanding the proposal from day one has been an oval in yarra park and admin building over the train lines/area outside of yarra park. The Oval would be bringing back the old east Melbourne cricket oval from years gone by
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