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  1. Jackson at 3 Weightman at 12 (fills small fwd need) Day at 16 ( HBF with elite kick replaces young)
  2. The biggest difference between Jackson and Oliver is that Oliver didn't even get picked to play in the nationals while Jackson was runner up on the Larke medal.
  3. Yep a whole 3cm shorter than Grundy thats going be the difference or not. Just put long stops and some bigger inner soles. Problem solved. Lets not talk about his 5cm extra arm reach or his 5cm greater vertical leap though. Apparently has shown plenty after the champs up forward playing WAFL colts. But I wouldn't know I've never seen him play one game let alone watched him play multiple times over 2-3 years.
  4. It seems we have ruled him out but I dont think his suspension ended until the 17th of Dec.
  5. If Melb use pick 3 to bid on Henry Freo have to use 7 to match. While pick 3 has a value of 2234 points and pick 7 is 1644 with the 20% discount (1787 points) Freo will have to use pick 10 to get the remaining 143 points meaning pick 10 will move out 12ish.
  6. My understand that is the rule. I also believe that what the player demands is what has to go into the cap but not actually what they have to sign for.
  7. The bit the I found interesting was when JT mentioned more than once about Jackson showing glimpses as a forward and how Young in his bottom age year had shown glimpses and now hes a top 5 pick. Made me think that JT has seen enough of Jackson forward to project him as an AFL forward in the future.Does JT view him as a bottom ager in terms of footy experience? Id like to know how long has Jackson been playing footy. Did he play both all the way through juniors and only concentrated on footy once he dropped basketball this year. Did he play nationals last year??. Does JT view him as a bottom ager ?? @Pennant St Dee ????
  8. Worked with Burguss at both the Socceroos and LFC
  9. Slots in at CHB. Push Sicily to the flank to play the interceptor, Impey misses with ACL.
  10. I think the difference is what you pay the player/ what the player nominates and what goes into the salary cap.
  11. What Carlton/Martin can do I think is set the contract at say 2 mil over 2 years but agree to pay only 1.2mil over 2. However the 2 mil figure has to go into the cap and not the 1.2.
  12. Not really when we indicate that we would bid on Henry at 8 (as the small fwd we are after) meaning they would loose 10 as a result. If freo did this they would get the pick of the players at 3 ( instead of whats left at 7) and Henry with later picks.
  13. If we want him I dont see how we dont have the money. Elliots money is there, plus money for a forward we didnt get if you believe another thread and then push a few other contracts around. Easy
  14. He will become a DFA if the GCS delist him and then he can sign with anyone. If GCS dont delist him and they dont re-sign him he either enters the draft or the pre-season draft. If he nominates for the draft he cant nominate terms however if he nominates for the pre-season draft he can nominate terms and the club who drafts him has to honor these terms. He doesnt get to nominate a club just terms. Thats my understanding
  15. GC and Carl seem to be a long way apart in this trade. In the chance it doesnt get done and he enters the pre-season draft. Would GC re draft him?? or would/could he land in our lap???
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