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  1. NO WAY. His teams boring chip kick footy 3 goals last night is a disgrace.. No attacking flair. Picks terrible unbalanced teams. Who plays 5 190cm plus players all in the same back line, including his teams best ruck man. Trades away all his draft picks for NQR injured hacks.
  2. Gee I wish we got Ratten as coach. Just went 5 goals up against a Freo team which was down to 2 on the bench and Fyfe stuck in goal sqaure and then let them kick 8 goals in a row and did nothing to stop change the game. Where was his plan B.
  3. Lets get Fagan as coach. His teams get soft home draw and then when his teams gets 8 goals kicked against them in a row he just stands on the sideline doesn't say anything and stares out onto the ground. I bet Goody wish he played Freo, Adel and a sooking WCE at home all in the first weeks.
  4. Tail waging the dog. Said player/s can leave if thats how they feel and we wont miss them. Nothing [censored] me more than players complaining about playing out of position and whats best for them. The quicker they leave the better TEAM we will be.
  5. Ranked no 1 mid for meters gained, 3rd overall.
  6. except it is being used against 2018 . im only referring to the first graphic.
  7. You would expect players ratings to drop of with 20% less game time??
  8. What was everyone expectation this season/ Top 8 top 4??? We have lost 2 games to the last 3 premiership teams. Played the only away game against WCE in Perth so far. Lost 1 game to last years minor premiers. We havnt been beaten with back to back 100 point losses. Should have / could have won the last 2 games playing terrible and gifting goals with poor skill and decision making. I would rather play cr@p and just loose to these team knowing we can get better than play our best and still loose. A lot of people joining in on the media pile on.
  9. Is this the new 19th AFL team. What happened to Tassie??
  10. Yeah I wast asking you the question diasycutter, more pointing out the papers mistake
  11. When are we playing the Giants?
  12. I think this is also undersold when people say we didnt adapt to the differing tactics. Geelong is super experienced team and have played under Scott for 10 years. They had 50 games ave and 2 years ave on us. They also had 10 players with 150 plus games. we had 2.
  13. you may be right but Scott did say that he didn't want Gee to kick to contest or get in a shoot out because they are both a strength of ours hence the slow chip kick style they played.
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