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  1. and Lewis more importantly. What was he doing to change things or did he just let it happen. He'd at least seen it and lived it before while the 2 captains where new to it.
  2. Petty had never played forward until last month. He will go back to defense next year and take Frost spot and we will be 2-4 goals better off without Frost.
  3. There's no doubt that Gus rolled the dice and started to leave the contest early. Some stay that's cheating some say that's summing up the situation and reading of the play. Unfortunately for Gus the out numbers lost the contest and Pendles was left to receive an easy ball. Who knows if Gus was actually on Pendles at the time or just closest to him at the start of the clip. You could say Pendles should have gone with Gus as Melb had the numbers or even gone to the contest to even the numbers up. Or was he just lazy or did he roll the dice hoping the pies would win the contest even when out numbered. Anyone who runs forward and gets the ball its great reading of the play. Anyone who runs forwards and doesn't get the ball its cheating and lazy.
  4. The main thing to take out of that article is the line right at the top. OPINION
  5. You dont need stats to tell you a young still developing key forward will struggled against seasoned good experienced key defenders.
  6. He be great for Lewis then teaching him the finer points in slipping over
  7. I have been keen on Bolton as a trade target for about 12 months but hes getting games now so will be harder to move. You would think one of the Rich smalls could be squeezed out with Butler the one currently not getting game time and OOC.
  8. funny that Hunt had an injury interrupted year in 2018 and his from dropped. He has been injury free in 2019 and his from is back to 2018 levels?????
  9. In reality we are extremely unlucky not to be in the bottom part of the eight. Have lost 5 games by 3 goals and under. Coulda shounda won any of these. With a fit squad, some confidence next year we win these games. Its never as good as it seems and its never as bad as it seems
  10. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-07-16/stats-files-where-has-it-all-gone-wrong-for-the-demons
  11. I noticed yesterday at the jnr clinic that they have added an extra set of posts about 1m inside the normal goals posts I assume to help with goal kicking. Not sure how long they have been there as I haven't been to training since preseason. Just thought it was an interesting tool.
  12. Another factor to consider is the fact that we are still a very inexperienced side week to week. Take last week for eg. Ave games round 14 GC 72.1 Syd 73.9 Melb 76.0 - Carl 93.5 - Bris 101 GWS 101 Rich 107.0 Adel 112.0 Haw 119.0 Gee 123.0 WCE 134.0 The top 6 teams on the ladder are 6 of the 7 most experienced teams last weekend. Plus Haw who are looking at a massive drop off IMO
  13. Id like to know what changed from not being picked by us us a rookie to be added to the list a couple weeks before round 1 and playing seniors a couple weeks later. Was it just a simple matter of next CAB off the list to fill the vacant list spot or something changed??
  14. Not that it matters now, but Carlton would have picked Weed before Curnow as well FWIW
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