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  1. That’s our depth, all we draft is one speed players like spargo dunkley sparrow ect
  2. Not with Jones and Viney there. Look at Cripps, bottom of ladder for years and always punches through in games regardless on how the team is going. Viney and Jones just go to [censored] when the teams down
  3. Petraccas looking disgruntled when on the phone to the coaches said it all. They have lost the players.
  4. Look who we can trade and hit the draft for next 2-3 years. Our list is cooked
  5. Dropping Hunt our 2nd highest goal scorer for the year for Spargo...
  6. See the ‘Sack everyone’ thread. 3/4 of the way there.
  7. Chinese protesters may have something to do with this
  8. Sydney have over taken us with the youngest team in AFL. Indictment
  9. Goodwins always has his arms crossed. Defensive body language.
  10. Petracca looking disgruntled on the phone with the coaches. Obviously not agreeing with the direction
  11. For someone playing for a contract Jones is a [censored] joke of a captain. And his quabbling over 260k
  12. Jones and Viney need to wear as much blame as Goodwin. [censored] pathetic captains.
  13. Cut our losses and trade
  14. Only demons could go a half without a goal against a bottom 4 team
  15. His decision making is deplorable, don’t think a pre season is going to help that.
  16. Mate, how can anyone be positive watching this?
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