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  1. We better be all over this kid, looking to be early 20s pick. Would be [censored] if we pass on him for another Vanilla mid like Sparrow/Spargo/Jordan ect WWT Eagles/South Australia | Small Forward 02/06/2001 | 170cm | 68kg Arguably the most naturally gifted player in the draft, the nephew of Port Adelaide and North Melbourne premiership player Byron, is small in stature but big on X-factor and his ability to do the impossible. He is clean at ground level, has high-level goal sense, and despite being so lightly built, was able to force his way into the Woodville-West Torrens League side courtesy of a massive six-goal game against North Adelaide in the first round of the SANFL Reserves competition. Adds an extra dimension to the South Australian forward line and will be one that could light up the big stage over the next month.
  2. This would land us Anderson which works for me.
  3. How is it stupid? It’s a fact mate, we are 2nd worse at utilising our cap right now to deliver on-field performance. Labelling something as ‘stupid’ because you don’t get it or don’t agree is just lazy posting. Our cap is there to provide us with the most best performing list possible, right now we are 2nd last which means we are right down there when it comes to list management. Lever and May injury prone defenders, Vandenberg on a 3 year deal, Preuss on a 4 year deal, trying to give Jones a farewell year when we know he is past it, the poor decisions go on, yet some people on here think that calling this out is ‘stupid’. Yeah ok mate, no [censored] someone has to use there cap and finish 17th, that’s just hard evidence of how badly we are using it and managing our list.
  4. We gave Vanderberg 3 years and he can’t even get on the field.
  5. We need to get other players, who else is going to replace delisting/players traded out if we don’t trade players in? Also using our cap on a list that gets us to 17th on the ladder obviously isn’t good use of the cap. It means we are overpaying underperforming players.
  6. Have we really signed up all the players we wanted? I recall Hill only last week saying he doesn’t want to come to the Dees so I wouldn’t pat ourself on the back in that regard. Also being able to recruit further players to the list is a mandatory requirement of his job, I wouldn’t go having parties about someone doing the bare minimum of their job. Jesus imagine he couldn’t even do that aspect of it, we wouldn’t even have players to field a team. Recruiting injury prone players who struggle to even get on the field but consume a chunk of our cap is NOT good list management. Our forward line is now desolate with Jones our clubs leading goal kicker.
  7. Some posters here think we did, wait until they break out the ‘We were going to draft Billing’s argument’. Personally right now, I would even prefer Billing’s over Salem.
  8. We should do to Freo what they did to us last year with Hogan and downgrade our pick 20 and force them to take a later pick for Langdon. Let’s trade pick 20 and 38 to Essendon for pick 29 and 31. Then force them to take 29.
  9. You really think if we had a pick in the teens from the split Freo wouldn’t bend Mahoney over for it like they did last year? Also Liam Henry is exactly the type of player we need, a small forward who kicks goals and pressures, right now Jones is our leading goal-kicker at the club after Garlett is now gone. An AA small forward who is part of another clubs academy will cost us. As will Langdon if we split. If you go back to the Oliver thread, I got shot down for suggesting we take him at pick 4, when Carlton were looking at him around pick 12-13. Look how that turned out, but yeah that doesn’t suit your narrative. Anyway continue pot shotting and insulting those whose opinions you don’t agree with over the internet, must make you feel tough mate.
  10. One will go to Langdon if we split it.
  11. Wow, Mahoney rolls over again at the negotiating table. Guess Jones is our leading goal scorer at the club now after all.
  12. Mate I’m sure even Jones would see how comical it is that his our leading goal kicker.
  13. Salem Tyson Kelly all over again. Just take the damn pic rather then trying to get smart and dilute our talent.
  14. Lol keep it coming mate, must be proud of yourself shooting off personal insults on the internet. Good one. Do you go up to randoms in the street and insult them for pointing out facts or do you only do it on the internet? Jones is our highest goal scorer on our list now, not sure why you need to go down the path of personal insults over me highlighting this but ok mate.
  15. Oooooh nice one, personal attack. It hurts bro. Well done *Golf Clap*
  16. Wow, now Nathan Jones is the clubs highest goal kicker. What a sad state of affairs we have been reduced to.
  17. We should Lobby to receive the suns pick 17 as part of being pushed back by them receiving pick 2.
  18. Really? Where did I state that? Oh wait! I didn’t. Nice attempt at putting words in my mouth. What I did state is a fact that Collingwood jumped up the ladder after doing an external review, most likely from finding out where the issues lay and actually remediating them.
  19. Or let’s have none and not find out where the real issues are....oh wait
  20. Collingwood had one in 2017 and jumped from 11th to 3rd.
  21. I have no idea who Sorry Kids is but whoever it is, they are a champ of a poster willing to ask the tough questions of the club
  22. Interesting that Adelaide are doing both internal and external review after finishing 11th. Meanwhile Dees don’t need an external review sitting at 17th.
  23. Classic wiseblood, always turning to personal insults when he doesn’t agree with an opinion. Good thing your not in charge of anything at the Dees. Love to hear why you feel Richo is better then Malthouse. If it’s experience Malthouse has him covered, if it’s win/loss ratio Malthouse has him covered. If it’s premiership winning credentials, again Malthouse has him covered.
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