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  1. Would be tough to do since GWS have 6 and St Kilda have 12...
  2. Would you do Pick 3 for Pick 4+28 (Adelaide/GWS) or Pick 5 + 25 (Sydney)
  3. Whose to say they won’t ontrade pick 4 to us with interest for pick 3?
  4. Well we did just fall from preliminary finalists to 17th. Not exactly the scenario worth holding hands and skipping in a circle over.
  5. Evidence = no trades to capitalise on the points system in past 3 years. I asked you to give solid evidence on the counter. Put up or shut up.
  6. Watch Goody try play him as an inside mid. Tomlinson would have fond memories of the Dees going 0-18 to start his career, his first win of his career coming against the Dees.
  7. Good post, I agree. Only problem here is Goodwins job is on the line so he won’t be thinking long-term this trade period. He will be putting on the pressure for another Tyson/Salem for Kelly trade rather then opt for the long term gun who may take a bit of time to develop.
  8. Because there is no evidence to suggest we are ahead of the pack for the last 3 years? We have made no trades to capitalise on the teams looking to trade away high picks for a bunch of lower picks to maximise points for academy/FS players. Other teams have. Do you have any evidence to suggest we are ahead of the pack in capitalising on new AFL systems?
  9. How’s his marking and leaping? Most good small forwards have an uncanny ability to jump high for a grab. Eg Elliott, Ryan, Cameron
  10. Classic Moonshadow, spending all his time pot shotting other posters. Well done mate. Well done.
  11. For Jack? As a FA, I think 2nd round compo. If we trade now we could try pry a mid to late first rounder. Clubs like Essendon are desperate for inside mids.
  12. I would put trading Viney in the strategy bucket. It’s thinking long term from a list perspective.
  13. People asked the same at my suggestion to trade Watts or Toumpas or to draft Oliver at pick 4.
  14. Watch Jack Viney walk next year as a FA.
  15. With Viney senior out the door you would almost bet Viney Junior will walk for the right offer come his a FA next year. We should 100% look to trade him this year. Even if it’s Viney out, Wines in.
  16. This is a classic case of Josh Mahoney handballing blame again. Been doing it for a decade. Heads around him continue to fall while he gets off scot free. Astounding how many have left the club in his time at the Dees yet he continues to stay receiving his armchair ride to the top.
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