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  1. I just hope we draft 2 inside mid competitive beasts
  2. Agree, kid is a [censored] jet and will be long gone before pick 8. I think we should split 3 for 6 and GWS 2020 first rounder. Stephens at 6, Weightman at 8
  3. Stephens will be gone before 8. Freo just lost a pair of wingers and have pick 7
  4. Goodwin needs us to go all in this year. First rounders next year won’t save his job. Willing to sell the farm to get in talent.
  5. I didn’t propose that, it’s what Deodoro rejected.
  6. What is this thread all about? We need more inside mids, not a key forward. Can’t have enough of those.
  7. Who would Caldwell push out of the midfielder? With Trac also wanting to move in there.
  8. Nothing wrong with more inside mids at all. Can’t have enough.
  9. Wouldn’t hold your horses on Mahoney balancing out our list. We are now lacking small forwards, small defenders, tall forwards, tall defenders. Hell, we will even be short on the wing if Tomlinson or Langdon get injured or fail to perform. We are all watching to see if Essendon get more for Daniher then we did for Hogan. Right now it’s looking even at picks 5/25 for Daniher against 6/23 for Hogan. If injury plagued 2 year older and only 1 year away from FA goes for more then Hogan it will tell us a lot about Mahoneys negotiating ability. Watch us draft more inside mids this draft.
  10. No I’m deadset serious....😐
  11. Lol settle down mate, just taking the [censored].
  12. Maybe 6,11 and Mitchell. It is Mahoney so most likely we l end up taking unders for Frost.
  13. Bonar and Patton for 11 (and change) 6 and 11 to Dees for 3 (and 2020 2nd rounder)
  14. Could we be angling for pick 10 here somehow? 22 + Frost for 10? 12 pick downgrade for a KPP for them. Especially if they are paying him 500k+ They get book-end KPPs and go to the draft with 22.
  15. This guy isn’t gonna play for us but thank [censored] for Tom Green bringing value back to our pick 3 after the AFL reamed us
  16. Has Goodwins name all over this
  17. 6 and 12 would be perfect to land us a Dylan Stephens and Weightman
  18. Would be tough to do since GWS have 6 and St Kilda have 12...
  19. Would you do Pick 3 for Pick 4+28 (Adelaide/GWS) or Pick 5 + 25 (Sydney)
  20. Whose to say they won’t ontrade pick 4 to us with interest for pick 3?
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