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  1. Just hope we don’t go near Lachlan Ash with a stick. His highlights look like Jayden Hunt mark 2. Grab ball, sprint into trouble and boot it into no mans land.
  2. olisik

    Jack Martin

    Time for Steven May to get into his old buddy’s ear.
  3. Agree. If we trade pick 3 then Stephens and Weightman.
  4. Does GWS have any players out of contract they can delist for us to pick up as delisted free agents after a pick swap? Is it possible for players and clubs to agree to cancel contracts?
  5. His there for the after party
  6. It also moves our pick 8 one spot if we bid on Green.
  7. Need to agree to disagree. Hunt has spent years and still does it. i am in the Stephens camp for pick 6. Dead-set gun. His highlight reel is up there with Oliver’s.
  8. Have you seen his highlight reel? Almost all his kicks are OOTF/to an opposition player or smothered. Just ran and booted it Into no mans land like Jayden Hunt does. Not a player I would want to spend a top 10 on.
  9. Lachie Ash is Jayden Hunt 2.0. Runs away and boots it to no one . Would be a shocking choice at 6.
  10. Don’t forget Gold Coast PP and any others the AFL decide to dish out as well.
  11. Would hope pick 6 is still part of this.
  12. His overcome the challenge around risk of being delisted now with Frosty gone
  13. olisik

    Tom Papley

    How much is he asking for? How much space do we have? Surely you don’t know either of these to have come to the above conclusion...
  14. You don’t respond but you randomly talk about me all the time instead? The girls who had a crush on me in highschool used to do the exact same thing 😘
  15. Lol, you must be fun at bbqs mate. Pull the pole outta that [censored] of yours, surely it’s getting sore by now. Hopefully we can pick up some outside stars with good kicks like Toumpas and Strauss with these picks. Truely can set us up for the next decade.
  16. Would need someone to take Flanders in between for that to work.
  17. Think we are all out of trash picks unfortunately.
  18. Hope we offer Pick 3 for a Papley and 9. Help Sydney get Daniher.
  19. Hope we are offering up Pick 3 for Papley and 9. Pick 3 can go to Essendon for Dani Dees take Papley with 8/9 for the draft.
  20. When were the rules changed so that bidding now happens after trade period? I remember we had bidding on Viney before we could trade away that pick.
  21. Like trading away the rights to Ben King for Steven May-esque trades?
  22. Not sure I am keen on this. We will miss our on Young Serong and Stephens. Kemp won’t play in 2020 so would defeat purpose drafting forward a year to take him and Ash plays like Jayden Hunt. Who else could be in the frame for 6?
  23. No point not bidding on Green as bidding will move our pick 8 up one rung. GWS are going to have to trade there 2020 first rounder and 6 to us for 3. No brainer for them as well as there 2020 first rounder will be 10+ anyway. So essentially it’s Young/Serong and Green or Green + 2020 pick 10+
  24. Goodwin going all in on his job. 2020 picks are useless to him if he can’t get some wins on the board in 2017.
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