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  1. Watts = Goodes Trengove =Bartel Gysberts = Pendlebury my tip is the above 3 will be playing like there respective model players
  2. i think malthouse will get bored since his not coaching and live vicariously through neeld
  3. Do you guys think that Malthouse may assist Neeld and be a background mentor and provide him with ideas/game plans/tips ect this year?
  4. The guy is trying to model his game off pendlebury, I can see him being as good.
  5. wow just realized how pro collingwood the herald sun are, they have 'shaw being elevated to leadership group' as there main AFL story and no mention of the Demons announcement
  6. Do you guys think that maybe Moloney didn't want to be in the leadership group? Always the outside chance that he was offered it and rejected it? Maybe he bleeds red and blue that much that he sacrificed the role thinking that there were better candidates
  7. wonder what cale mortons leadership abilities are like, leadership group contender?
  8. im just worried coz we didnt hear how his operation went
  9. yeah, my guess is that its just the leadership group today, with the captain to be announced from that group just before the NAB cup
  10. I think clark may become the moloney and the frawley of the forward line
  11. think it would be trivial to say that a *football* club making an announcement about an ex *football* player who was president of a *football* club is not a *football* announcement.
  12. I am yet to take a punt though, i will say C - Green and Trengove VC - Frawley, Moloney LG - Clark, Watts, Grimes
  13. im thinking more likely the announcement of the teams new medical staff
  14. Mark Neeld: "We've got a specific role for Mitch to play." think it could mean more then just playing in the forward line?
  15. dos for putting in a good word for JCB. He'd love that I'm sure. Thanks for the update. how could this team not have Howe?
  16. How is Sylvia looking? I have not heard to much about him this pre-season. I hope he isn't taking it too easy.
  17. I can actually see the forward line looking something like this Petterd Watts Howe Jurrah Clark Davey/Jetta I really think Petterd and Davey/Jetta are needed for the defensive pressure. I really cant see guys like Green and Sylvia keeping the ball in the forward 50. Jetta has shown he has good defensive pressure, so his place may depend on how Davey goes at this.
  18. Trengove did say in an interview he was willing to play in any position the club required of him. Maybe im over analyzing it but perhaps he was suggesting also that he would be willing to play any role (captain) the club required of him. dosnt seem like the type of guy who would overthink it and let it bring down his game to be honest.
  19. who would u remove for sylvia in round 2?
  20. This wasn't tweeted by Mitch Clark, it was by Jay Clark, the journalist. This has already been established in this thread.
  21. im gonna say green will be named captain with grimes and trengove as vice to give them a year more experience before stepping up. then Neeld will decide between Trengove and Grimes in a year once he knows them better and once he sees if Grimes can stay in the park.
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