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  1. isnt Missons job to make sure our injury list is reduced? to be honest it dosn't look any shorter then last year...
  2. Any better suggestions? besides waiting and hoping one develops into one? because there's no guarantee there
  3. I would actually do a Watts for Dustin I would trade Watts, Morton and assorted crap for a Dustin Martin in a heartbeat.
  4. Let me requote. Everyone is willing to trade, though nobody is willing to trade anything of value. Right now i would say our teams highest disposable currency is 'potential' if a trade were to take place. Watts is probably the most realistic one that would get it across the line and no-one on this forum seems to know where he should even play. Any position he can currently play, can be covered by someone else. (Clark, Martin, Howe, Jurrah ect) If our team is taking a backbone approach to things now then why would they not have a backbone to get what they need and hold back from trading a player who is yet to reach there potential and does not have a position that he actually owns in the first 18.
  5. No one seems to want to trade for a good mid to fill the obvious gap, nobody wants to wait for one to be drafted and developed into this mid we need. I would not be holding my horses on enough of the current guys to fill this gap to be honest. I think something big needs to be traded to get something big in return. I was suggesting the Watts/Pendlebury trade as it would be along the lines of the Kennedy/Judd trade, which has done wonders for Carlton.
  6. Lets just throw in half a dozen picks from the next draft as well, should do the trick
  7. How about a number 1 for a number 1 Watts for Gibbs? or even Murphy
  8. Would you prefer to keep waiting and hoping a player like Nicholson or Bail becomes Elite, or that we actually do find a position that Watts can excel in? Or get lucky in the draft and wait another 3- 4 years for them to become elite? A lot of teams out there would value potential and make a trade. Unfortunately I don't value potential anymore as I think we have had enough of it over these last few years.
  9. Other clubs would have an answer to 'Where should Watts play' We don't
  10. How is it the worst post possible? A: Watts is still just potential, which nobody on this forum seems to even know where he should play. Forward line dosnt really need him with Clarke, Jurrah, Howe, Green, Sylvia, Tmac ect nor does he really fit into the midfield. B: Everybody knows we need an elite mid fielder and to get one you need currency, in this trade the currency is potential. I would take a guarantee over potential anyday. C: The Dees don't owe him anything, and by holding onto him his currency could go down as years pass. If the dees want something they need to offer something and a hardline approach is needed. Theoretically would you decline a Watts for Pendlebury trade?
  11. Trade Watts for an Elite mid Feasible and will solve 2 problems at once
  12. Wonder why Cook, Sheahan, Lawrence and Taggart have been left out. Wouldnt this be a good opportunity for them?
  13. i think a list of who isnt playing would be more interesting
  14. Wonder why Taggert did not play in the intraclub or in this NAB team, possible injury?
  15. Does any1 have a list who isnt playing in this game? Quite a few players i havnt heard anything from like Gysberts, Jurrah, Trengove, Sylvia, Rivers ect
  16. sounds like Tynan is doing a really good job. i think the kid was a real good pickup
  17. Havn't heard anything about Trengove , Sylvia, Rivers or Taggart yet
  18. 4:06 Bartram lining up for goal - 4:06 behind. ^ that made me chuckle
  19. goal from howe, pack mark from clark. another goal from blease
  20. Well i hope we don't have another T$ who says things that aren't true. I don't see how he could be happy with something that is a grievance to him.
  21. Jack said that he was happy with the challenge however. If he was unhappy he may have said nothing at all. If Jack came out and said that he took it on board (When he was really upset/not happy about it) would suggest he was pulling a T$ and not telling the truth
  22. Is it me or does this guy have some Tony Modra in him
  23. because its grimes, when isnt he in the rehab group
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