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  1. i wouldn't say half a dozen to a dozen contested marks for a season is a fair share...
  2. honestly, I think Jack Watts is one of the biggest Keys to MFCs future going forward. I can see with him dominating games, he could push the dees forward and play an Adam Goodes or Franklin type role. If he never does dominate, i can see the Demons struggling for another decade.
  3. I know it is early in the year and most demonlanders will probably disagree or throw in the usual 'Its just the start of the season' comments but i wanted to ask what peoples opinions would be of trying to trade off some senior players at seasons end if they dont pull there weight this year. Players like Sylvia, Davey maybe Rivers can be a class acts if they are motivated right with the right game-plan and team mates who protect them. I have always felt that the reason that they possibly do struggle is because there are not many/enough senior players for them to work together and protect each other, and that there never will be for these boys at the MFC. It seems evident that these players careers are on the balance at the moment at the MFC when they could be flourishing elsewhere, and that they could have some good trade value seasons end. Possibly pick up some 2nd round draft picks in the super draft, or pick up a player who could grow with the rest of the crop who are coming through. I saw on bigfooty someone suggested a Sylvia for Caddy trade for example. Long term I think it would be better as I can't see any of the current senior players becoming a premiership player at the MFC at the moment sadly.
  4. If they both miss the game how much is it costing the league? Isn't Scully costing around 80k per game this year on the 2 million his earning this year.
  5. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a session today and if there was and someone made it down could you let us know how it was? I am keen to know how Neeld treats the fellas on the training track after the weekends performance.
  6. i say f$%k positives, we been trying to look at positives for the last decade to make ourselves feel better. End of the day we got thumped with almost our best 22 in. I hope the team nominates to use both its picks coz if the rest of the year is like tonight, our list will have plenty of space
  7. tonights loss reminds me of what happened last year when we beat Essendon. 1 good win, followed by a sht*tload of ass thumpings.
  8. Back in 2010 Jamie got Mark and Goal of the year nominations and I also remembering getting 4 goals as a small forward against Port Adelaide. I would love to see this guy play as a small crumbing forward this year, I think he would be dangerous.
  9. If Watts is on par with Frawley and Riewoldt then lets hope he makes AA this year. I don't think he should have any excuses about being a KPP developing after this season, his 4th season.
  10. Blease got a few goals in the intra-club practice match. I think we have quite a few players to play in HFF and HBF already and I am not quite sure if Blease has the tank for it yet. I agree in the future he'll be a gun, though he may need to take the same route that Davey took by starting in the Forward pocket and working his way to one of the flanks or the midfield as he develops. I remember one game a few years back Bennell got 4 goals playing as a small forward, I would like to see him play up there. I think he would give the defender his on a run for there money.
  11. Jetta would be my choice if he wasn't injured all the time. Couch not too sure about as I don't think he is yet to score any goals for the dees yet. Never know though, he could apply some good defensive pressure in the forward line. I am still yet to be convinced by this fella.
  12. Alot of people here seem to rate Lawrence, yet i am to hear of him ever having a good game with more then 2 goals at either the AFL level or in the VFL. He is a small forward so the classic Demonland excuse of 'he needs to develop' isn't sufficient for him either. Did he even get any NAB game time? Is there something I am not seeing with Lawrence that everyone else is? At the moment i think only blease or davey could fill the gap though there isnt much depth there.
  13. I disagree, i think there are many MFC players who could tackle an oncoming Franklin. Moloney, Jones, Magner, Sylvia, Tapscott would all give him a run for his money. Trengove and Mckenzie would put up a solid contest and not be flicked off either. Some of these players are the same age as Gysberts, so the 'his only 20' remark doesn't do it for me. The whole point of this though is that i do not think Neeld will give the Gys much gametime until otherwise. Personally I wouldn't want to see opposition midfielders running around flicking our mid fielders off the ball or running right past them. Gys has alot of skill but until he has the urgency, body and improves the defensive side of his game, i think he will see alot of time at casey. And yes, i know there are bigger issues, but its nice to talk about other things sometimes that arn't being spammed all over the newspapers.
  14. i honestly think that he would've been a good small forward. I hope keeping Jetta over Maric pays dividends
  15. There is a lot of argument that Jacks development is taking its time as he is a KPP. Let me ask how many years Frawley took to shine?
  16. I love it how Trengove got quoted today in the herald sun as saying that Jack Watts has to earn his spot in the team. Hard line approach from the cap to (Y)
  17. thats the exact reason why Gysberts won't get much if any game time this year under Mark Neeld in my opinion. Mark wants results, not to develop players who can't even tackle opposition mid fielders. He will need to develop at casey while his body and technique matures. I like Gys but this is just my 2c into why he didn't get to much NAB game time. I don't mean to put the guy down as i hope he turns out really well but i honestly don't think that this year we will see to much of the Gys.
  18. do u see him being able to tackle an oncoming Franklin in the future?
  19. good article, really looks like none of the other picks should interfere with ours to much besides maybe the Bulldogs. Geelongs should be after ours as they ll finish above us on the ladder and GWS may bank theirs.
  20. Sorry if there is already an existing thread about this, i wasn't able to find one. Does anyone know what the cut off date exactly is to nominate to use these? Just i havn't heard of any teams mentioning these yet and the start of the season is just around the corner.
  21. I think that if the Gys dosn't change the way he plays and his intensity then he will turn out to be only an average player. I am really hoping that he gets a bit of grunt into him. Right now, could you imagine him in the midfield against Buddy Franklin? His going to need to get to the point where he needs to be able to contest top line midfielders in marking contests, tackle them hard and chase them down otherwise there is no point having him in the first 22 if he can't do this. Gys would get flicked off like a fly trying to tackle an oncoming Buddy. Fortunately I think players such as Moloney, Magner, Jones and Sylvia wouldn't.
  22. I know this is off topic but does any1 else think that Tom Hawkins looks like the Jock from Grease? http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRQfWWttJf-0eetAoRFUS7dOC1jcFCoDpmjT0C-Kmtqq8ARSt_zSe5Gr_Y2RA
  23. I wouldn't say that Neeld had a set on players, although I would say that he has a 'set' of attributes that he likes players to have. Attributes that I dont think Gysberts has.
  24. the big question here is does he have the urgency needed? can this kid run down an opponent and cause a turn over? can he follow up on his disposals for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th effort? can he smother the ball as an opponent tries to kick it? at the moment, i dont think he does
  25. 25 man squad. neeld indicated that this week would be pretty much the best 22. Guess his going with that + 3 emergencies.
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