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  1. Saw the photo of McDonald and Silvagni, wonder if T$ took the effort to head down with them.
  2. Or again at senior level. His 2 year rookie stint expires at the end of this year.
  3. Thats not as bad as LJ being 4 weeks for the last 4 months. Typical Demon injury recovery progression
  4. Thats quite optimistic, honestly with months in the off season you think that there would be a deadline for this and that it would be the start of the season. What hope of a club do we have if we cant even stick to dead-lines. Next people will be saying 'if it takes only a few extra weeks and we sign midway through the season, then thats ok. Honestly, its not....
  5. Nup, he is just into his 4th year and yet to deliver
  6. Alot of people here are saying 'His only had 40 games', well how many games does he need? If his going to be a 200 game player then thats already 1/5th of that 200 gone. What return in terms of % of games played is an acceptable amount to be developing? Another season and thats almost 1/3rd of his 200 game career gone to 'developing' What is the acceptable % which a player can be in the 'developing' mode for. No point having a 200 game player if 100 of those are spent developing. If that were the case then half our team would always be developing and we would never win a flag.
  7. i can i cant read the article without signing in and i refuse to make an account to pay for the herald sun online when we are already being flooded with advertising
  8. Seems like alot of people on this forum want to just elevate players for the sake of filling our list. If there is not a need to elevate a player then they shouldn't do it as I am pretty sure non rookies get paid more. Not just that but it would also mean one extra player to de-list at the end of the season. I would much rather keep a spot or 2 on the list free to if say alot of our back men end up injured, we have space to bring in someone much more appropriate to fill the gap.
  9. Lawrence hasn't even played one game in the seniors, even in the NAB cup. I still have no idea why so many people rate him and suggest for him to be elevated. I am not even sure if he has even ever gotten multiple goals for Casey in a game before.
  10. Hope we see Vineys Vacuum again this year.
  11. looks like his comment is working as intended by the amount of posts in this thread already.
  12. being positive and mentioning something is not being taken by it. It is simply adding to the thread. Have some respect and dont be so rude please.
  13. Sylvia has shown he has the goods, look at the Richmond game last year for example, he just hasn't shown he has the goods on a consistent basis. The point of this thread was to suggest solutions for the future of the senior group. Are you suggesting to just hang onto them regardless because there trade value wont be good? Because its either that or de-list them and get nothing if you don't want to trade them. The team will need to make space at the end of the year, so i would prefer to get something as little as it be then hang onto a player who has had 8 years experience and can't find consistency or to de-list players and get nothing.
  14. Sylvia has the goods, just not the attitude. He can be turned around but possibly not at the Dees. Other teams may see this and be prepared to take him on as part of a trade package. He is in the Dees best 22, he wouldn't be considered a fringe player at the trade table.
  15. That was not the best analogy, that analogy would be suggesting for Emma to nominate for the draft herself. Michelle Grattan would probably make a decent beuracrat working behind the scenes of politics to put specific politicians in there place. Which is the political version of Emma working to put players in there place (Demons list). Regardless if she becomes recruitment manager or just part of the team, i feel her contacts and knowledge would benefit the Dees with recruiting young players. Not that Viney dosn't have a few cards up his sleeve however, I am sure his been to quite alot of junior matches watching his son play. Young Jack can tell his old man which team mates are d$@kheads and which ones make good leaders on field. If only young Jack was running around on the field with T$ to give the recruiting team the heads up.
  16. she could possibly make a good beuracrat. im not suggesting Emma Quayle to pick up a footy and get drafted herself.
  17. Dane Swan 2.0 Fills a massive massive gap, and for the price we paid. I think this guy will actually be elite, i cant believe he drifted so far back in the draft after being overlooked for 6 odd years.
  18. Emma has had a decades experience in analyzing youngsters and draft prospects and has a good track record of predicting the draft opposed to Todd who acts as a fill in guy for whatever role is needed?
  19. I think she may also have built relationships with alot of the TAC coaches over the years and be able to get more info then what may be first provided. I am sure alot of TAC coaches may hold back on negative information in relation to players personality and character as they wouldnt want to reduce there players chance of being drafted
  20. I have been reading through some posts and there are quite alot on recruitment, super drafts, compensation picks, who should be interviewed ect and most of these seem to all mention the name Emma Quayle. She seems to know the up coming players inside out, strengths and weaknesses as well as have good knowledge of how all other recruiters in the competition work and there tendencies. With all this, wouldn't she be a good candidate to be a recruitment manager? She obviously knows how to do her homework.
  21. This kid reminds me of Guy Rigoni when he got drafted. Rigoni went on to play every game in the year he was drafted.
  22. Is there any reason why Melb shouldn't try to recruit Emma Quale as a recruiting Manager?
  23. I will never forget that game where he tripped over when he was running with the ball and he just lay there and didn't get up to help out his team mates at the contest
  24. I think a Sylvia for Caddy trade would work a charm. Would benefit us as Sylvia dosn't have the motivation at the Dees and has 2 or 3 decent games per season. Would benefit the Gold Coast with Sylvia in the midfield with Ablett and Swollow. Would benefit Caddy as he would get to come home.
  25. i personally think that the demons is not the right place for alot of our current seniors, the way theyve grown and developed over the years hasn't been right in most situations. I think most would play alot better at other clubs and that the demons should focus on bringing through a whole crop together with a new culture then to have the old culture lingering around with these players.
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