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  1. Be interesting to see how the club handles this.
  2. and how well has the MFC handled everything. Couldn't have been any better in my opinion
  3. I dont know about you guys but honestly with all the crap thats gone on this year in the media, I dont think i have been prouder before to be a demon supporter. The way everything has been handled i think has been extremely well and they deserve alot of credit for it, it wouldn't have been easy. Sure the players havn't performed on the park YET, but we know they will turn that part around. The roots are there now so the onfield performance has only one way to go. Just want to say well done to the Administration team, coaching staff and players for how they have progressed through the last few months.
  4. I was keen to know that to and thought they may have been holding this out of respect for Jim. Imagine this had all popped up 2 or 3 weeks ago...
  5. Imagine the Dees come out and Win. Would shut the f up for how many people? and then next week would be West Coasts fun week in the media.
  6. Keep EW and he'll do it again. Club has no choice here.
  7. Cant the media focus on footy? I am sure almost the whole footy community from all clubs far and wide dont want to be reading this type of crap in the media. They want to be reading player reviews, stats, analysis, tactics and predictions for the weekend. Next thing you know it will be grand final week and the media will be crapping on about an ex players brothers cousins uncles wife having an abortion.
  8. Honestly, I think loose the sponsor. Chances are there would be alot of other potential sponsors out there watching this closely to see how MFC react. And if MFC do the right thing here, there could be other sponsors who will jump in, partially as a charity sponsor and to also have there logo on a club which has shown its integrity. Long term investment ditching energy watch. Keep them on boards and watch how bad our future sponsorships look once this one expires. Club would be tainted.
  9. 2 Things i got to say here. 1. Do you guys think that possibly the media already had all this juice and may have been polite in relations to Jim and held out until now to throw it all out on the table.......I dont think so but I thght its a possibility. and 2. Dosnt Energy Watch also sponsor the Melbourne Victory and Vixens? If so why is the media have there hands so high in the air about MFC and there is nothing damning towards the Victory or Vixens on this? The question here shouldnt be 'What will MFC do?" It should be "What will MFC, Victory and the Vixens do"
  10. most importantly, how did the seniors look?
  11. Are they still doing alot of running? How was the vibe/feel of the place amongst the players?
  12. How is it rubbishing a player by saying i hope we don't have any further players who have a reason, fact, mention, whatever trivial word people want to use that injury stunts there development? It seems to be a big issue at MFC, if people are positive about everything then why are we struggling for so many years? issues need to be identified for them to be fixed. If some of the posters here knew gamblers they would be saying "oh his only lost $5000 this week, down from losing $10 000 last week, must be giving it up' The issue here is MFC seem to have alot of young players spending alot of time injured which seems to be that it is stunting there development. Which results in poor performance later on in there career. Maybe there bodies are being pushed to hard while they are still maturing? Maybe our recruiters dont read medical reports prior to recruiting Maybe the recruiters dont know how to keep an eye out for players with injury prone game styles Imagine if Blease, Strause, Jurrah, Grimes, Petterd, Gysberts, Cook, Gawn, Evans ect were fit for 80% of there careers so far. I am sure the list would be looking a hell of a look stronger right now.
  13. Read and think before posting. My next post mentioned that i thought Grimes was exceptional. Not allowed to talk about injuries in an injury thread now? If your going to make attacks without looking into things properly then you bugger off. Its exactly what a certain fella at the AFL just did and look at the stir he kicked up.
  14. this thread keeps popping to the top of the list, i don't know why as the issue is done and dusted.
  15. End of the day it is a 'reason' for slower development both mentally and physically. Whether people want to call it an 'excuse' or a 'fact' or watever it is, its still the same thing and i hope that other players dont bring this up later on in there careers, guys like Grimes (who i dont think will as he is already exceptional), Gysberts (Could possibly), Petterd (Dont think he would either), Gawn, Taggart, Jurrah, Tapscott, Blease, Strause, Cook, Bail, Jetta, ect. How are we constantly having a majority of our recruits off the park for so long when they are still infants in there career. Only ones off the top of my head who i think have not had these issues are Trengove, Watts, Frawley, Jones, Howe and Bartram and look how far ahead of the pack they look already.
  16. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/afl/more-news/colin-sylvia-confronts-his-demons/story-e6frf9jf-1225902505679
  17. I hope none of these players use all these early career injuries as an excuse for poor performances later on in there career (Sylvia). If it is an acceptable excuse then we should not be drafting players who may be prone to injury. I would hate to see a 25 yr old Gysberts running around whinging about his poor possession count because he wasn't fully developed yet due to allot of injuries early in his career. It feels like every year our injury list is quite substantial which then turn into excuses.
  18. I really like Neeld and feel quite sorry for him that he has had to endure what he has had to since his tenure began. He has done everything he thinks is right for the MFC, i have no idea why people criticize him when he is obviously busting his a#$ to get things in line. Imagine how DB would react with all this crap going on? I am not expecting any big results from Neeld this week due to the amount of time he has had with the guys, the amount of crap thats gone on, but come next year, once he has had a full off season to fix up this list, we will see changes start to happen.
  19. If someone is saying this is Davey who started the rumours, then shouldn't Davey be demanding an apology from the person who accused him of this? I find it interesting that he isn't
  20. sack davey, I still remember when he threatened to leave MFC now he is getting paid ridiculous overs when he cant even have a decent game in the forward pocket. Draining the club of its energy and money. If its not done now, he ll become the T$ of 2012 at MFC.
  21. Cant believe Davey is one of the highest paid MFC players. He had maybe 2 good seasons, i think he is a drain on the team, a drain on the energy of the place, a drain on the budget and membership fees. I remember when he was threatening to leave the MFC, all he seems to care about is himself. I don't think i have ever seen him even congratulate a team mate for a good play, even when he was VC. Waste of the rumored 500-600k per year.
  22. Is it me or am I the only one who thinks that this kid is heavily over-rated. Sure he does something that alot of players dont do and thats lay alot of tackles, but besides that what does he do? As a mid-fielder in the AFL he needs to rack up and dominate with posessions alot more then what he does now to ever be even close to a premiership player. His performance is never in the lime light but I have always found him to simply not be good enough to become a premiership player yet he keeps getting games. What are your thoughts on him? He really needs to improve the attacking side of his game. Out of all the youngsters I think that this fella has the most improvement to do.
  23. I know most people think the odds are against the Dees but I get the feeling that this weekend could be the turning point. Having read a few articles from the players like Grimes talking about the game-plan and Bartram itching to go it has given me some confidence in the guys this weekend. Last week was round 1, the lions were probably under-rated and the game plan was still fresh. Now they have seen there mistakes and know what must be done, not only that but West Coast would be underrating the dees this week also. With all the crap in the media as well going on I think that there could be a really good upset this weekend. We all know inside that the guys have the ability, and I think going in as big under dogs that it could be unleashed this weekend as they have no big expectations besides keeping a spot in the first 22 so they will all come out hard. With guys like Petterd to come in who can tackle like a machine i think it should be a good match with a few suprises.
  24. olisik


    Was wandering if anyone has had the chance to head down to training this week? I am keen to know how Neeld is treating them after last Saturday and what the Vibe and the feel of the place is. Also if they are attempting any different types of structures or game-plans off last week.
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