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  1. Hawks fans are suggesting Smith + 11 for Trac. Would you take it? Would give us picks 11,12,14 and Smith if we traded Trac+ pick 3
  2. As a paying member I find this offensive. Culture on field will bring culture off field.
  3. Not sure how sharing information about Trac in a Trac thread is ‘attacking’ the club. Was simply notifying people who want to have a read as I found some interesting conversations regarding Trac on said board. It’s been great but will enjoy not having you unnessarily quote me all the time with personal attack and accusations when you don’t agree on my opinion going forward as well. Cya mate.
  4. Don’t shoot the messenger, only discussing Petracca in the Petracca thread. Some interesting conversation around Trac going on for those who care. For those who don’t think there is substance then don’t look, is not my problem.
  5. There’s over 200 pages. It took me 1 minute to find just the below quote. No need to shoot the messenger. ”Well it obviously has substance the dees are just playing hard ball as I expected. Happy to proclaim there pi**ed off with Christian publicly yet seem unwilling to compromise.”
  6. Anyone read Hawks BF board? They are dead-set convinced Trac will be in Brown and Gold next year.
  7. Agree, however doubt he will. He wouldn’t even sign for 260K. Then comes out to the media to talk about how he considered leaving the Dees...
  8. Some valid discussions around the trading of certain players in these threads and the value and talent which can be obtained through these specific trades.
  9. His free agent next year so he can walk for [censored] if not traded this year.
  10. I’m a fan of Harmes so I hope there is nothing to it. Can see him being part of our next premiership.
  11. There is merit to this trade. Basically Tmac for Ben King so we get a forward for next 12 years. Secondly we clean up pick 40 for OMac which gives us an overs return for him. We have all seen Tmac struggle being the #1 forward for a season now so his value will further drop if he is proven to be consistently bad as the main focus point.
  12. You make some good points mate. We need wholesale changes to our list that’s only getting us to 17th right now. Lazy team.
  13. Lol every time I look your randomly posting complaining about me and not discussing footy or the Dees. Very boring life indeed. Your Obsessed about me mate. Im sure most people would find discussions about trading Viney more interesting then discussing me
  14. Agree with this except benefit of the doubt point. Personally I feel wholesale changes are required and to get talent you need to give up talent. Usually best place to give up talent is where you can afford to. Agree on starting mids. Would also like to see Salem given a run through the inside.
  15. This thread has more merit then the Brayshaw thread. Brayshaw has bigger upside, kicks goals and has more potential in other positions. But let’s not let the facts get in the way.
  16. We should look into this for a few reasons 1. Our plethora of inside midfielders which are pushing others out (eg Tyson, Brayshaw). This will continue to happen 2. List balance, we need more outside midfielders and currency to bring them in. Viney will help us get there 3. Vineys inability to play on other positions, he is 1 inside mid recruit away from being pushed out and made redundant like Ollie Wines has 4. He is a free agent next year, we should try get value for him while we can 5. Rumours circulating of him being favourited by Goodwin and possibly causing a rift 6. His ability to stay on the park. We struggle to even get half a season out of him. 7. Jones re-signing- surely we only have enough room for one player bombing inside 50 8. Doesn’t defend If there ever was a time to trade him it is now, and if we draft an Anderson or Rowell, someone will need to make room.
  17. Steven May says hi We could’ve drafted King, then taken May as a FA this year.
  18. You love to talk [censored] don’t you. There were 9 Adelaide players rated ahead of him on the GF day based on champion data. That’s almost half the team. But yeah continue embarrassing yourself mate with factless posts. Lol
  19. Concept of tongue in cheek must be unknown to you it seems...and nice attempt at trying to cherry pick something from weeks ago for the sole purpose of trying to insult a fellow supporter, plenty of time on your hands it seems. Nice work.
  20. Not sure about you but I don’t want anyone with Scullys morals around at the Dees.
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