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  1. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/more-news/afl-draft-profiles-kysaiah-pickett-likened-to-former-hawthorn-miracle-man-cyril-rioli/news-story/b1d40fde31e3eac032a695ef21bb46c7 Compared to Cyril Rioli and also is a Cousin to our own Nev Jetta which should squash any go-home factor fears. If we split for pick 17, we must pull the trigger.
  2. Switching into incognito mode also works a charm. Article sounds like a lack of commitment from our end. Surely you would take the risk over keeping an ANB, Spargo or Wagner on the list.
  3. Also an inside mid so no doubt would be in the frame here. Completely agree.
  4. No day in lieu buddy. Extra 2 days of work next year for us with it also being a leap year.
  5. If we pick up Bennell and Martin I will be comfortable to maybe, just maybe to contemplate draftIng 1 inside mid.
  6. His comment about his excitement to play on the ‘G’ is promising. Doubt he would say that if he were favouring Swans or Cats.
  7. Then we are running tired for the rest of the season while everyone else is still fresh
  8. Probably cop a Thursday night against Geelong at the Cattery in round 2.
  9. AFL: How can we burn any of the teams confidence going into 2020, cause as many cramps as possible and invoke dehydration and injuries? Gill: Give them Sunday afternoon in Perth against the premiership favorites AFL: done
  10. We desperately need to get someone under Jetta to learn down there
  11. Is that you Simon? 2 more inside mids please
  12. This is reminiscent of Hogan in the Freo scarf
  13. Fremantle are bracing for a top-10 bid on academy prospect Liam Henry as the exciting forward prepares for follow-up interviews ahead of next month’s national draft. The Dockers yesterday finished a three-day conference on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula to debrief on the trade period and prepare for the draft, with the Henry bid shaping as a key to their fortunes. Henry, who met all clubs at the AFL combine earlier this month, is due to meet Carlton again next month and has completed follow-up meetings with most other clubs with top-10 selections. The Dockers hold selections seven and 10 in next month’s national draft and want to snare Henry with later picks, given they have the right to match any rival bids on their Next Generation Academy player. But industry sources suggested the Dockers were expecting an early bid on the forward. A rival recruiting manager said most clubs rated Henry in the eight-to-12 range, with multiple clubs in the top 10 considering calling Henry’s name early at the November 27-28 draft. Melbourne (picks three and eight) and Carlton (pick nine) are the clubs considered most likely to bid on Henry. Henry, who was born in Derby, sustained a dislocated knee cap in August, preventing him from making his senior debut for Claremont. He recovered from a minor knee setback early in the season to star for WA in their championship-winning under-18 team. Football manager Peter Bell said this month that the Dockers were already fielding calls to swap draft picks as clubs position themselves around academy bids. “We’ll look at everything,” he said. “We’ve got the flexibility to do that with the draft picks we have.” The Dockers also have a future first-round pick and two 2020 second-round selections they can use in swapping picks ahead of, or during, the November draft
  14. https://thewest.com.au/sport/afl/fremantle-poised-to-pay-high-price-for-hot-draft-prospect-liam-henry-ng-b881363646z Interesting
  15. A lot of attention is being given to Wingers and small forwards however we are also fairly bereft in strong small backmen. Outside of Nev, I can’t think of anyone on our list who is a specialist in shutting down opposition small forwards. With teams now giving there small forward stocks more attention, we should be also looking to beef up our small backmen stocks to combat this. Does anyone have any idea on who we may potentially use to superseed Nev as he continues to age for for him to pass on his wisdom to?
  16. So no one should share opinions unless they have watched more then 1 game of any player? Would be a very quiet forum if that rule applied
  17. olisik

    Jack Martin

    Agree, I have no response to this.
  18. Saw him play at the TAC cup. Also you missed the point of my post. Are we here to judge each other’s opinion now? What’s your opinion? When have you seen him play? What do you think? Do you love him? Didnt know you had to see every game a player has played to share your thoughts now.
  19. Lol yeah ok mate. Can you stop talking about me or trying to antoganise me? Let me share my opinions without accusing me of being a troll? Give it a break buddy. Different opinion = Make false allegations, personal attacks and call for them to be banned Truth is Goodwin continues to talk about contested ball and we continue to draft players like Sparrow and Spargo while playing inside mids like Jones and Brayshaw on the wing and flank positions. Taking Serong would be a disaster. We went from prelims to 17th. Let’s that soak in.
  20. Do you call people at work trolls when you also have differing opinions? Lol, weak argument mate. We time and time again opt to draft inside mids over outside players but your heads stuck in the sand buddy. Yeah let’s draft more and give North pick 1 on a silver platter next year.
  21. olisik

    Jack Martin

    Source? Quite the speculation buddy. Where is this rumour stemming from?
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