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  1. It’s a catch 22. Try pay 1.6m or continue with OMac down back. Lose/lose situation
  2. Yep, when Mihocek ran in to mark in front of Salem, with Lever just watching and not making a contest. Lever also had 0 tackles.
  3. Mihocek kicked 4 on him before he was moved off him. I would almost put my money that OMac would have fared better. Almost
  4. Lever looked like OMac today, got towelled by a player picked from the VFL. I have big concerns that this trade will really set us back a long way.
  5. Agree, not sure where half a team doesn’t get a tackle in the first half can be considered a game plan.
  6. We arnt even in ‘contention’ which would only require us to be in the top 12
  7. I think Ando will go pick 1
  8. We messed up the Lever trade. Injury prone player who can’t kick.
  9. Hill isn’t worth pick 1
  10. It most likely will be. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to see us get 2 and draft Rowell with it. Not that hard to understand is it
  11. Plays unaccountable footy, 1 tackle in 2 matches is unacceptable. I have watched him at a few matches and all he does is peel off his wingman (ie Sidebottom) to hang off the back of packs trying to get cheap kicks.
  12. Is that you Billy?
  13. Watch Goodwin talk about how good it was us responding in the 4th and how it’s a step in the right direction
  14. Trying to get those last KPIs before he departs. He will bring Anyone back early to hit them.
  15. Hunt, Viney Jones OMac JKH are done. Dunkleys decision making is looking a bust to.
  16. Sound like you don’t like hearing harsh truths. It’s his job to commentate, we are playing bad. What do you want him to say?
  17. Players celebrating Omacs goal like we just won the premiership.
  18. Watch Goodwin come out in the presser saying he was happy with how the boys responded in the 4th
  19. Misson strikes again, May comes back too early and does hammy.
  20. Personally I would like to see us draft Rowell at pick 2. Trade out Viney and try use what we get for him as leverage to get Hill in.
  21. Jones plays unaccountable football.wants easy touches to up his stats to get another contract,
  22. Surely we are just trying to raise value of some players in hope to get a 3rd rounder in a trade Omac, Hunt, Hibberd ect. We are surely taking the [censored] playing them otherwise.
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