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  1. Should be in conversation for trading. Unfortunately he is one inside midfielder from being made redundant like Tyson was. Get value while we can as Viney can’t play any other position. Will be Wines 2.0 come next year and need to rely on injuries to make the team
  2. Since you understand Goodwins logic and it makes so much sense, can you share with the class why he didn’t tag Sidebottom? Can you also explain why Hore was left in VFL? And before you answer that our backline is too tall, ask yourself do you consider Hore best 22 or not. Personally I think he is regardless of whose fit in our backline. He should be a walk up. Most would have him ahead of turnover Hibberd right now you would think. But not Goodwin.
  3. Quote From last tanking scandal “From a coach’s perspective, and I wasn’t privy to the conversations, the positions that players were played in didn’t give us the best opportunity to win games of footy.” This is why seeing OMac up forward, or slow players on wings concerns me.
  4. Why wouldn’t you put May forward and Hore in backline?
  5. But GCS has the nice beach...
  6. We can trade them Weeds and OMac. Mature ages book-ends for the next 10 years.
  7. Commentator commentating. It can’t be! Article hits the nail on the head.
  8. Our late fades in almost every close game could also be considered suspicious
  9. We got Ben Kennedy in return. We also lost Toumpas in that same trade.
  10. Let’s address the Elephant in the room here, The question has to be asked. -Playing OMac as full forward. -No manning up on Sidebottom -Playing Hore in the VFL These are the types of moves which raise eyebrows With the difference between pick 2 and pick 3 this year, have we gone into our old ways.
  11. I meant we would have had pick 2 and 3 this year. The pick we gave to Adelaide was traded to Carlton for Stocker (Trade initiated by Carlton so they would’ve initiated it with us instead). In return, Adelaide got Carlton’s 2019 first rounder (Pick 3). Adelaide now hold Pick 3 in this years draft instead of us due to the Lever trade.
  12. Big question is will Goodwin push to trade out our first rounders for established players? I can see him wanting to trade pick #2 away for a Hill as it will help him sustain his role as senior coach. No point drafting a kid who will take time to develop in Goodwins eyes.
  13. I would take Kelly, 2019 Pick 3 and Lynch over Lever in a heartbeat. Cost was more then just the 800K mate.
  14. Jackson Trengove is having a solid year and was a FA
  15. We could’ve drafted Stocker (or traded it for Pick 3 this year), with our 2018 pick, Tim Kelly with 2017 pick and made a play for Lynch with the 800K cap space.
  16. Should we start also looking at all the Free Agents who have been taken for less then 800K in the past 2 years as well? We could have snared them also with the 800K we are paying Lever. It isn’t only draft picks this costed us.
  17. That’s if we drafted those players. Was plenty of other available players such as Tim Kelly, Liam Ryan, Petrucelli ect available in the draft when these selections were made.
  18. https://m.afl.com.au/news/2019-08-09/suns-priority-pick-call-sees-rivals-question-value-of-trading-draft-selections Seems Gill is already telling clubs that GC have a strong case with clubs like Adelaide kicking up a stink already. Sounds like typical Dees are staying silent on this as usual.
  19. Good pickup, bad pickup for pick 2
  20. Watch Goodwin trade away pick 2 for unders in an attempt to save his career. Brad Hill will give Goodwin a much better chance at retaining his job then Anderson or Young will in the short term.
  21. We need to look at our list and decide who is going to be part of our next premiership and who isn’t. If they are not that standard we must trade them.
  22. It’s a catch 22. Try pay 1.6m or continue with OMac down back. Lose/lose situation
  23. Yep, when Mihocek ran in to mark in front of Salem, with Lever just watching and not making a contest. Lever also had 0 tackles.
  24. Mihocek kicked 4 on him before he was moved off him. I would almost put my money that OMac would have fared better. Almost
  25. Lever looked like OMac today, got towelled by a player picked from the VFL. I have big concerns that this trade will really set us back a long way.
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