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  1. For someone playing for a contract Jones is a [censored] joke of a captain. And his quabbling over 260k
  2. Jones and Viney need to wear as much blame as Goodwin. [censored] pathetic captains.
  3. Cut our losses and trade
  4. Only demons could go a half without a goal against a bottom 4 team
  5. His decision making is deplorable, don’t think a pre season is going to help that.
  6. Mate, how can anyone be positive watching this?
  7. And people shot down my thread about needing a rebuild. Love for those people to tell us now where our improvement is going to come from.
  8. Did I just hear mcavaney announce Lewis’s retirement before Lewis has retired?
  9. We should’ve drafted a small forward or tall but classic Taylor couldn’t look past the inside mid with poor decision making
  10. Jones and Viney r done. Game has gone past them
  11. Do we have any Free agents we can offline to score pick 3
  12. Shortest Selection Stats. Melbourne have selected one of the shortest sides ever to contest an AFL game in recent times. They have named their three shortest players in Charlie Spargo , Jay Kennedy-Harris and newcomer Kyle Chandler all 173cm on the bench - believed to be the first time a club has ever named its three shortest players there. The average height of the Melbourne team is just 184.8cm.
  13. Is there anything in action here or is this more of a ‘I like this guy so I will make a thread about him’ thread?
  14. If you checked the time stamp you would notice that was said before he was injured... Unless your suggesting that he was already injured when I posted that, in which you have come to the right thread my friend.
  15. Based on that criteria our whole team should be omitted.
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