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  1. They should lose there second rounder if they get it so draft returns to normal after first round.
  2. After having Misson for how many years? A broken clock is still right twice a day. Can’t believe people are backing this guy where we are at. His the only person at the club probably remaining since 186. That said it seems his role now encompasses leading reviews on himself and his mates. This guy is master at dodging scrutiny and is getting an armchair ride to the top despite mediocre performance. We all have one of those in our workplace
  3. So his a good bloke to people in the industry and signs players like Preuss to 4 years or Vandenberg to 3 years? Any GM can get players on long term contracts because it’s what the player managers push for.
  4. How is he highly rated? His only done the job for one place which is failing miserably, not sure that constitutes ‘excellent job’. Considering the amount of debacles that have occurred in his time at the club.
  5. Seems to be at the centre of it all
  6. Outside of 2018, his complete time/career at MFC has been an utter failure yet he consistently seems to avoid/evade responsibility for it.
  7. Already kicked more then our whole team did last night
  8. Came to our club as an assistance coach and has somehow moved his way into operations and seems to often evade the scrutiny despite being at the center of a lot of the clubs decisions and now being the one to lead the internal review. Known to be a poor negotiator come trade period and an ex team mate of Chaplin who also seems to be escaping scrutiny despite the defence Roos installing being wiped. Should Mahoney be under more heat? His post playing career so far • Forward Coach at Demons 2008-2011 (No prior experience). •Football Administration at Demons 2011-2013 (On Mark Neelds appointment) (No Prior experience) •Promoter to general manager of operations 2013-Present.(No prior experience) In his time at Demons we have only made finals once yet this is the man who is in charge of our internal review. He has no experience at all outside of the experience Demons have given him. •He was present for tanking debarcle •Present for Mark Neeld debarcle •Present for Mitch Clark debarcle •Present for Toumpas/Watts/Blease/Tapscott/Cook/Morton/Gysberts/Scully/Strauss/Trengove debarcle •Present for 2019 debarcle •Present for Lever/May debarcle. Yet has always avoided responsibility and seems to have gotten a free ride up the ranks.
  9. Wouldn’t write our 2020 first rounder being off the table for 2 reasons 1. Clubs may value it highly due to our 2019 performance and not rate our chances to rise on the ladder hence giving us good value for it 2.Goodwin and co cannot risk another season like 2019 and would rather front load any talent income possible which our 2020 future rounder can provide. I would look to trade it for a pick between 4-7 and see if any clubs bite. if we can do that could look at both Anderson and Ash.
  10. I think In general a captain needs to come across as intelligent. As harsh as it sounds both of our current captains don’t seem to fit that bill.
  11. Trading Viney is our best way to get 3 picks inside top 20 of the draft. We need a Rozee/Dursma/Butters esque draft.
  12. I’m not calling for him to be traded however I would like to see him played in a different position (wing, center, forward)
  13. I think his foot speed is too slow and opposition coaches are exposing it, his always oftenly struggling to keep up with his opponent.
  14. The video in this article is damning and shows Salem costing us a good 3-4 goals https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/david-king-criticises-christian-salem-for-his-defensive-efforts-against-sydney/news-story/524659fc9754edfa5e758bc3e7edf311 We have all been looking at him through goggles due to his good disposal earlier in the year however this is not acceptable.
  15. This! Poor guy looks defeated by coaching decisions. Not the best way to retain talent. Imagine Trac in a Hawthorn or Richmond outfit. I think blame for his slow development should rest on the coaches.
  16. My biggest issue with Pert is that he keeps Chaplin in the job.
  17. I find it interesting the media has so much talk around Lewis retirement and none about Jones. From my perspective Jones should be the first one to retire.
  18. Quote by Gawn “With our footy last year a lot of stuff was covered by our contest. We might not have been great offensively or defensively at times, but our defence covered it — and that’s been just wiped out of our game this year.” If Chaplin keeps his job then we are in big trouble, he has single handedly wiped out what Roos installed in the teams defensive side
  19. Surely we are due for a crisis meeting. Surely after last night.
  20. I can’t find it, in a nut-shell it was Petracca looking very upset at what was being said to him by the coaches. Commentators said ‘He Is biting his tongue there’ as it was obvious Petracca wasn’t agreeing at all with what he was being told and was deflated because of it. Almost looked in tears.
  21. Dunkley was absolutely deplorable last night, every disposal he had he turned it over or took the wrong decision or got caught himself. When he doesn’t have the ball he does half assed floppy arm tackle attempts. I know his new but we have all seen new players before and they either have it or they don’t. Also his another inside mid which beggars belief that that’s what we chose to draft mid-season. When that draft is about filling gaps for injured players. Would’ve thought we woulda looked to draft Lowsen as a small forward or a tall backmen as priority but nupp, another inside mid.
  22. I honestly think this is why Lewis won’t go around another year. And why ANB and Stretch will be captain next year.
  23. No worse then Weeds who injures himself 3-4 times a year
  24. If our option is between Goodwin and Chaplin we really are up [censored] creek
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