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  1. I honestly think this is why Lewis won’t go around another year. And why ANB and Stretch will be captain next year.
  2. No worse then Weeds who injures himself 3-4 times a year
  3. If our option is between Goodwin and Chaplin we really are up [censored] creek
  4. I felt the footage of Petracca on the phone to the coaches was more damning. One thing is players frustrated at each other, another is the players frustrated at the coaches.
  5. Where would Viney play when his rotated out of the guts? Honestly I think if Coniglio leaves GWS they would be interested in Viney.
  6. Why not? If we bring in Anderson someone needs to make room for him. Who do you suggest is the one to be pushed out?
  7. We played Petracca in the ruck? Jeez that’s another one for the tanking thread
  8. I said this at the start of the year. He probably has KPIs he needs to hit so he plays players injured without giving a [censored] beyond this year. Who here gives a [censored] about a job after they quit
  9. Make no mistake we are set for a couple year stint at the bottom again.
  10. Is it me or does Goodwin constantly looks like his smirking?
  11. Hope Goodwin does a Neeld and brings Jones to the presser. He escapes all the scrutiny as captain
  12. That’s our depth, all we draft is one speed players like spargo dunkley sparrow ect
  13. Not with Jones and Viney there. Look at Cripps, bottom of ladder for years and always punches through in games regardless on how the team is going. Viney and Jones just go to [censored] when the teams down
  14. Petraccas looking disgruntled when on the phone to the coaches said it all. They have lost the players.
  15. Look who we can trade and hit the draft for next 2-3 years. Our list is cooked
  16. Dropping Hunt our 2nd highest goal scorer for the year for Spargo...
  17. See the ‘Sack everyone’ thread. 3/4 of the way there.
  18. Chinese protesters may have something to do with this
  19. Sydney have over taken us with the youngest team in AFL. Indictment
  20. Goodwins always has his arms crossed. Defensive body language.
  21. Petracca looking disgruntled on the phone with the coaches. Obviously not agreeing with the direction
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