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  1. Classic wiseblood, always turning to personal insults when he doesn’t agree with an opinion. Good thing your not in charge of anything at the Dees. Love to hear why you feel Richo is better then Malthouse. If it’s experience Malthouse has him covered, if it’s win/loss ratio Malthouse has him covered. If it’s premiership winning credentials, again Malthouse has him covered.
  2. Scattergun approach mate, it’s what happens when you have people without no prior experience in the job.
  3. Why wouldn’t they if Mahoney is as good as some are sprouting he is? Some posters here have some very low standards which is comedy gold. No wonder we sit 17th mate, it starts from celebrating mediocre outcomes such as the Richo appointment, but continue doing so. That’s why the dees are the laughing stock of the competition and will continue to be when the supporters celebrate the recruitment of a coach who has never finished higher then 5th in a decade and was just sacked for underperforming, by the Saints of all teams. Some people here think we are on our way to our next premiership by taking St Kildas sloppy seconds. You know it’s bad when St Kilda are laughing at us
  4. If we lose Hogan and Petracca in the space of 2 years we may as well just shut up shop. We are well and truly a feeder team.
  5. Has a better win % then Richo, so hope your in histerics about that.
  6. Lyon, Clarko, Roos, Simpson,Choco, Malthouse. Plenty of others who have a better track record then Richo 33% win rate. But yeh absolute master stroke by Mahoney, the guy at the helm as we dropped from preliminary finalists to 17th.
  7. Misson leaving. Not much else after this year unfortunately.
  8. I havnt read this whole thread but am I the only one not excited by this appointment? Richo had a win percentage of around 33% when he was coach at St Kilda and highest finish as an assistant coach in 10 years is 5th. He was out of the job so we didn’t even need him to leave another club to join us, he was looking for work. The way some people are going on here you would think we just re-signed Roos or secured Hardwick or Clarko.
  9. Hardly consider finishing 5th once in a decade ‘success’, but each to there own. Personally I hope Demons perform better then that but I guess to some people 5th once in a decade would be enough.
  10. Or people with a track record of success.
  11. Misson was also ‘highly regarded’. Let that sink in. Most over-used term ever being used on Demonland right now.
  12. Finishing 5th once in a decade is hardly anything worth raving to home about. You would think the way people are going on we just landed Roos, Simpson or Clarko. We just landed a coach with a mediocre track record who was sacked and looking for a new job, he didn’t even need to leave another club to come to us. But yeah, master stroke by Mahoney
  13. Enlighten me, where has Richo been previously successful playing the role as head coach support.
  14. This coming from the guy who was calling other posters Harry hindsight the other day. That said Richo Won 43 games from 126 and the ladder positions while in charge during completed seasons with St Kilda were 18th, 14th, 9th, 11th and 16th. They were 11th when he left this year. St Kilda's list isn't the greatest, but he certainly didn't do much with them. This isn’t a Clarko we are talking about here.
  15. Lewis as midfield coach, Roughy as forward coach, Rawlings back in defence, [censored] off chaplin
  16. Will be as big of a loss as Losing Vince was. Hope we pickup some seasoned players this off season
  17. Would cost them pick 5 to match.
  18. Agree, much easier to adjudicate and less grey areas. That’s what kills afl internationally, it’s too grey and people don’t get it. Cricket, soccer and basketball are clear cut and that’s why they are so successful on international scene. AFL needs to urgently simplify the game or be at risk of dying, can start by removing ‘touched off the boot’ rule when players kick goals. If it goes through just call it a goal, no need to [censored] around with 50 slow mo cameras to still get it wrong.
  19. When we got it, it was due to us having won less then 4 games. A pre defined / measurable amount which was in place before the season had started. Not the same in this instance, this is just being made up on the fly.
  20. Just how he took responsibility for being a coach of 186 by getting promoted?
  21. Yep. And he was a coach during 186
  22. Sounds like Tyson Kelly trade. Can bet your money Anderson and Ash go on to become super stars while we are left with players who don’t defend or can’t hit targets
  23. I want to know how this guy has not only avoided scrutiny but also been given an armchair ride from the coach who threw Watts on during Queens Bday to get massacred through to CEO without any prior experience.
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