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  1. 25 minutes ago, Sydee said:

    Has some nice attributes but he reminded me a bit of a short Sam Frost TBH. The other players he reminds me of is Daniel Bell for some reason

    Likes to run and carry but sometimes didn't look like it was to his or the teams advantage - also disposal was a bit hit and miss

    Small sample so I'm sure the recruiters know a hell of a lot more - personally would think he is a better option than Serong 

    Too Jayden Hunt Esque for me

  2. 1 hour ago, The Chazz said:

    Propose something Oli, because how I see the draft order/what clubs have, nothing looks appealing to me at all.

    And please don't give me anything to do with next year's first round.  It's so highly compromised that we are either playing with teams that need their top selections for academy/father-son picks, or are going to finish higher up the ladder meaning their first round pick will blow out significantly.

    We must go in to this year with Pick 3 and 8.  Convince me otherwise.

    8 to cats for 14 and 17. We are looking at over drafting a player at 8 who could potentially be available at 14.

  3. 9 minutes ago, The Chazz said:

    Now that the dust has settled somewhat on the trade period (especially the ability mouse players in potential movements), I'm firmly in the camp of no f-ing way should we split Pick 3.  There is nothing that GWS could realistically offer us that would make me want to give them a Top 3 player as well as Green.  And if this Green bloke is so good, then I'd be happy for him to be playing for us than them.  Then we still get to add some cream on top at 8.

    We are crying out for more top end talent.  We've got more of a chance of getting that at Pick 3, than having two cracks at it in the Pick 8-15 range.

    We could look at alternative splits like with Freo or Gold Coast. We could also look to split pick 8 instead. Fair few options still.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Rocky said:

    i like young at 3, and kemp, stephens or weightman at 8. although young seems a bit vanilla, he’s class. hard to ignore. kemp and stephens highlights look salivating. for some reason i feel like weightman would be a good fit.. driven, aggressive and quick between the ears.

    Young has been compared to Christian Salem. Flanders to Petracca 


  5. 3 minutes ago, Go the Biff said:

    I think we'll take 3 & 8 to the draft. GWS don't have the currency for a deal that's enticing enough without offering a player. That ship has sailed.

    Would expect Sydney to bid on Green with 5. Give him a couple of years apprenticed to Joey Kennedy before replacing him

    I’m sure we will also bid on him as his an inside midfield contested beast. Goodwin would be all over this one thankfully.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Wiseblood said:

    Here are the grades the Herald Sun gave every club for their trade period.  Interested to read what people think - we all know how biased they can be:

    Adelaide:  B-

    Brisbane:  B

    Carlton:  B

    Collingwood:  B-

    Essendon:  B+

    Fremantle:  C

    Geelong:  A

    Gold Coast:  B+

    GWS:  B

    Hawthorn:  B+

    Melbourne:  C+

    North:  C

    Port:  C+

    Richmond:  C

    Saints:  A+

    Sydney:  C

    West Coast:  A

    Dogs:  B+

    Carlton did better then us? Jesus 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, GoingGoingGawn said:

    I would expect us to have a very close look at kemp with 3, Him Rowell and Anderson are a clear top 3 in terms of talent in my opinion and I think we’d back ourselves in to get his knee right.

    We’re eyeing weightman with 8 by all reports which may be a slight reach but he certainly fills a very big need for us as we have very few small forward options.

    Taking Kemp who can’t play next year will defeat the purpose of buying into this draft. We could’ve just kept our 2020 first rounder for the 2020 version of Kemp.


  8. Just now, Mach5 said:

    They need the points themselves for Green.

    I think we’re now in the realm of accepting 6 and their 1st rounder in 2020 plus shrapnel, or trading with someone else who has more assets & wants pick 3.

    GWS might have to look at dealing with Sydney & Adelaide, and hoping we don’t bid on Green.

    Deal was essentially us going from 3&8 to 7&9 with a pick in the 20s (2020 first rounder) coming back our way.

    No team would take that deal.

  9. 7 minutes ago, spirit of norm smith said:

    Absolutely.  We should nominate Green at pick 3 if the Giants don’t offer a good deal.  Why not! He’s worth it. 
    Dees should squeeze the Giants.  
    Trade deal allows Giants to get a top youngster Plus Tom Green.  They would also be big winners.  

    It also moves our pick 8 one spot if we bid on Green.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Patches O’houlihan said:

    It's because he tries to kick when running at full speed under pressure. a very easy thing to address and fix up. if that's the worst problem he has he's in a very good position.

    Need to agree to disagree. Hunt has spent years and still does it.

    i am in the Stephens camp for pick 6. Dead-set gun. His highlight reel is up there with Oliver’s.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Patches O’houlihan said:

    Rubbish. he's a good kick, shown great leadership, reads the play well and is consistent in his position. you should probably know what you're talking about before you plot players because you clearly have not seen him play. 

    Have you seen his highlight reel? Almost all his kicks are OOTF/to an opposition player or smothered. Just ran and booted it Into no mans land like Jayden Hunt does.

    Not a player I would want to spend a top 10 on.

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