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  1. Only need to have an opinion to get banned these days so shouldn’t be an issue. I got a warning point for calling Stretch and JKH champs. Go figure.
  2. And a bad knee. It would be demonesque to draft another inside mid in top 10 with a bad knee when we are crying out for small classy forwards who can kick and outside mids who can stay on the park.
  3. He can be another inside contested beast. Goodwin can’t get enough of those.
  4. That’s fine is they don’t match. We get best small forward in the draft and our pick 8 moves up one place to help us balance it out with Kemp or Stephens. Net result is we get the best small forward instead of Weightman.
  5. Elliot budget isn’t going to be used. We may as well use it on Martin.
  6. You probably couldn’t see him as he was surrounded by 4 other demon players all flying for the same mark.
  7. I’m not convinced by Weightman at all. The way they talk about him being able to jump high reminds me of Neville Jetta going up for screamers in the backline only for the opposition to mop up uncontested.
  8. Even if it isn’t matched, we get best small forward in the draft and can take a Stephens or Kemp at 8 to balance it out. Need to look at it holisticly and not just the pick in isolation.
  9. He can request a trade after a year and we can ignore his request or demand a first rounder for him.
  10. We must bid on Henry at 3 to ensure that doesn’t happen.
  11. In isolation: No As part of an overall package after both picks: Yes
  12. Only MFC would take a player expected to go around 15 at pick 8
  13. https://m.fremantlefc.com.au/video/2019-06-13/nga-talented-youngster-liam-henry
  14. Henry > Weightman Best small forward in the draft, think Sonny Walters.
  15. We should bid pick 3 on this kid. As we rate picks 3-7 equally it makes sense to. A. Henry is better then Weightman B. It could force Freo to chew up pick 7 on a match which would bring our pick 8 forward by 1 (Possibly resulting in a pick 7 for Serong instead of Weightman) C. A Henry/Stephens combo looks juicer then a Young/Weightman Combo D. Will stop risk of Freo and GWS pick parking around us E. Freo May [censored] themselves when we start giving Henry attention and offer 7/10 for 3 and 2020 2nd rounder. If we see the talent difference between Henry to Weightman as being greater then the difference between Young and Stephens then it’s a no brainer. Best Small forward and Winger in the draft to the Dees, yes please.
  16. If we are considering 8 for Weightman, wouldn’t it make sense to just bid pick 3 on Henry to [censored] up freo. We consider 3-8 being of the same quality anyway. Pick 3 Henry (Best small forward in the draft) and 8 on Stephens or Kemp. I prefer Henry/Stephens over Weightman/Young. Worse case it will chew up Freos pick 7.
  17. Devon Roberton and Caleb Serong are the 2 closest to inside mids in top 10, so you can get Goodwin is all over these 2. Got to win the contested ball with inside contested beasts.0
  18. It’s either Hibbo replacement with young or Spargo replacement with Serong. Take your pick.
  19. Hands down we need to take this kid, he has the X factor we have lacked for years. We already have the money available, let’s do it. Let’s not be pussys and take a risk.
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