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  1. We have 2 third rounders this year don’t we? Maybe we can package one up with OMac for a late second round pick back.
  2. I hope we draft Will Gould. Best KPP in the draft by a long shot. Would prefer 12 years from him then say 4-5 years from a player like May.
  3. Now that we are winning again it is unlikely we will finish bottom 2 which removes any chance we have at drafting Rowell and Anderson. With that in mind, and with the lack of outside mids and key forwards available, I really hope we take a look at this kid. Jeremy McGovern type key backman who will setup our defence for the next 12 years and ready made replacement once May ages. Expected to go between picks 5-8
  4. No strong Key Forwards or Outside Mids in top 20 by the look of it. Between pick 5-8 best pick for us would be Will Gould. 190cm key Defender in the mould of Steven May.
  5. Am I the only one underwhelmed by this years draft crop after pick 2? Almost nothing in the top 20 in outside midfielders or key forwards. The 2 type of players we need.
  6. Wow can we get anymore Melbourne. Injury prone player who now has an injured foot. Talk about déjà Vu
  7. Looks like some of the suggestions from this thread are starting to take place. Good to see action taken on Rooke Misson and McCartney.
  8. No for me. Viney I would trade however.
  9. Picked Weiderman over Curnow. Enough said
  10. Steven May says hi We can play the same card with Free Agents now and let them walk for max compo unless teams are willing to pay overs for a guaranteed trade.
  11. It’s no surprise since our forward coach didn’t even play as a Forward. Which genius appointed an assistant coach who didn’t even play the role his meant to coach?
  12. Forward pocket to me like Gary Ablett. His weekend was poor however he did have a run with job on Sidebottom so he did sacrifice his own game for the team
  13. No review and we openly say we will continue to play injured players? Jesus [censored] how is this guy in charge?
  14. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/melbourne-boss-glenn-bartlett-backs-coach-simon-goodwin-to-turn-around-disastrous-season/news-story/9138467e4a1a085fa1fe5c567e8ecdb4 Melbourne boss Glenn Bartlett backs coach Simon Goodwin to turn around disastrous season Glenn Bartlett has backed in his football department to turn around a disastrous season, adamant the club will push for finals until all hope is lost. The Melbourne president said today there would be no thought given to shutting down injured players with early surgeries, adamant the season was not yet lost. He said the club did not need a review of its operations or football department despite the deeply disappointing 3-9 start to the year.
  15. I would put Viney on the trade table and try to get a first rounder back. He doesn’t add much that other players don’t do, and is injured the rest of the time. Rare species to be seen inside a 50m arc as well.
  16. Our medical staff sent Frost back on today when he had concussion, so wouldn’t be surprised.
  17. Interesting we have used only 34 interchanges opposed to Collingwoods 44 rotations. Wonder what that’s about?
  18. TMac isn’t even VFL standard right now.
  19. I laughed when OMac went for a spoil when he was 1 on 1 with Betts. Could you imagine any other full back going for a spoil if 1 on 1 with Spargo?
  20. Sounds like NT crowd don’t want us their with the way they boo’ed Weeds. We should leave them with nothing, [censored] the crowd.
  21. 12.14 to 14.6 would do that to you yet we still don’t hire a goal kicking coach
  22. Wow Oscar mac slides in n takes out all the demons players so Eddie can run in for a goal. He can’t be out of the team soon enough
  23. Get Fritcsch out of defence, he is deplorable
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