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  1. Wow now AFL is rushing teams to get out of the state all while scheduling this game on a Sunday afternoon. So people really think the players focus will be on the game or thinking about the next 32 days away from home and packing to adhere to AFL trying to rush them off. What a farce of a season this is really turning into.
  2. All our players have gone backwards under Goodwin. It’s a coaching disgrace Oliver - Backwards Tmac - Backwards Lever - Backwards Fritsch - Backwards Jetta - Backwards Would struggle to find the name of a player who is improving under this regime.
  3. A marking key forward is the difference today.
  4. Viney adds nothing. Plods around like Jones picking up cheap handballs and doing no damage.
  5. Today re-affirms Goodwin isn’t a match day coach. Our rolls-Royce list ran circles around Carlton at the start, as soon as Teague made some changes to mitigate our team, Goodwin didn’t do a thing to re-turn things around again and sat on his hands.
  6. Draft order decided on one game
  7. They paused the clock when they were negotiating with West Coast. That fell through and then they got to negotiate with Sydney. Find it hard to believe they managed to negotiate that with Sydney in the 1 second they had left
  8. Why did they get more then 5 minutes? New rules on the fly?
  9. Would be MFC thing to do to re draft Shannon Byrnes
  10. We had 3,10,28 and some in the 60s. Same amount of picks as most other teams.
  11. So many teams trading and here we are sitting on our hands. Classic Goodwin game day performance
  12. It’s great reading first few pages of this thread Welcome Kozzy
  13. Watch Hawks and Geelong take Robertson and Kemp
  14. Robertson Flanders and Kemp left in first group
  15. Just our luck an inside mid in Flanders is the drifter
  16. Clubs should probably hide there monitors like the Dees do, could see Stephens plastered all over it before it was announced
  17. Am I the only one who thought he didn’t look nearly as excited as Rowell and Anderson when waking on stage
  18. Not sure the angst at Pickett at 10. Only 16 players are going to the draft night with Pickett as one of them. Hawks looked at him at 11, Port 12 and Bulldogs at 13. Obviously other clubs rate him around the mark and he fits a huge need for us also. Sounds about right to me.
  19. Dogs will take Weightman at 13 if we dont
  20. Port has best option 12 and 18 for 10 and 28
  21. I will throw up in my mouth if we take Weightman over Kemp and Stephens. Would be Prendagast all over again
  22. If that happens then Freo will take Ash. They need wingmen after losing Hill and Langdon
  23. Can’t see Stephens passing Adelaide and Freo who just traded all there wingmen
  24. 1. GC - Rowell 2. GC - Anderson 3. Melb - Jackson 4. GWS - Young 5. GWS - Green (Syd bid) 6. Syd - Flanders 7. Ade - McAsey 8. Freo - Stephens 9. Freo - Robertson 10. Carl - Serong 11. Melb - Kemp/Weightman/Ash
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