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  1. An outside mid who can’t kick? So what exactly are we getting here?
  2. Rated his presser today, was borderline having a stab at Misson when he was talking about needing to stay in games longer and always still being in it
  3. For Mahoney it won’t be. That’s one thing you can bet on.
  4. Just like his uncle Byron? Oh wait...
  5. Small player to play as a small forward 🤔
  6. This kid is exactly what we need up forward.
  7. We need to look at this kid as a 2nd round pick up. Exactly what we need WWT Eagles/South Australia | Small Forward 02/06/2001 | 170cm | 68kg Arguably the most naturally gifted player in the draft, the nephew of Port Adelaide and North Melbourne premiership player Byron, is small in stature but big on X-factor and his ability to do the impossible. He is clean at ground level, has high-level goal sense, and despite being so lightly built, was able to force his way into the Woodville-West Torrens League side courtesy of a massive six-goal game against North Adelaide in the first round of the SANFL Reserves competition. Adds an extra dimension to the South Australian forward line and will be one that could light up the big stage over the next month.
  8. When Oliver drops off = Dees drop off
  9. Today was good, issue is they are not consistent hence why they rotate in and out of the team every 2 weeks
  10. The player who we traded away Josh Kelly for?
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