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  1. Think your on the wrong forum mate. Www.olisik.com is for talking about me, this forum is for talking about the dees. Note: Your obsession with me is starting to get creepy. That said, we played like [censored] today, seeing the coaches celebrate like we just won the premiership was embarrassing. When have you ever seen the great coaches like Clarkson n co do that?
  2. My guess is that his being forced to run defensively and is stuffed.
  3. It’s ironic how Gold Coast are getting more out of Sam Collins then we are from Lever, May and Omac combined.
  4. Chris Dawes called, he wants his hands back.
  5. 1 contested mark in 3 quarters of footy. Has to be some sort of record, our boys really hate the physicality of going for contested grabs.
  6. 12 to 1 contested marks now in gold coasts favor. Our boys are scared of physicality.
  7. 1 Contested mark in almost 3 Quarters of footy to Gold Coasts 11. Well played trading away our best contested marker
  8. It’s a story because we are paying 750K a year and gave up our leading goal scorer forward for a player who has been injured twice, suspended once, turned up unfit and is yet to play a full game for us.
  9. Connor Rozee would be handy about now. May is damaged goods, has a Mitch Clark smell-esque going on.
  10. Lol we get a win and you come into an online forum to say this? Nothing about the game or anything, higher priority is to comment about random people you don’t know. Since your so obsessed with me and my actions, I was out on this [censored] last night and just woke up to have a quick read of DL.
  11. Rohan Bail and Sam Blease used to also try. At this rate the Mac brothers are done. Wouldnt even get a trade for them these days.
  12. If a 5 disposal half with one of those being a shonker kick at goal his best all year then we well and truely are up [censored] creek.
  13. Yeah I disappeared because we were winning. Nothing to do with personal things in my life or anything. Nice one genius, gold star.
  14. Fritta isn’t setting the world on fire. Petrucelle on the other hand.... My point being that we seem to be unnessarily prioritising players from Casey when their is better talent available. Comes across as lazy recruiting/scouting. Let’s just take whoever is on our backdoor and call it a day. Smith - Overaged forward who keeps getting injured and isn’t best 22 Keity- Can’t make the team after 3 years, despite coming in as a mature age player who should have an immediate impact. Wagner - Good VFL player Lockhart - Too early to say Fritta - Had one decent year and now wouldn’t make 22 of any other team. Thats 0 for 5 at the moment with Casey players. 1/8 of the list is from Casey How much of the list is from WA, NT and Tasmania combined?
  15. We are too busy looking far and wide for the best talent available down at Casey most likely.
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