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  1. WE've all seen Jack win the ball becasue he's more skilled than his opponent, becasue he's faster than his opponent and even smarter than his opponent. The leap to him becoming the player we'd all like is to win the ball consistently becasue he wants it more than his opponent
  2. I aslo arrived part the way through the match practice. One piece of play in particular stood out - Morton outmarked Dunn (again), baulked the man on the mark and delivered a perfect 50m pass to Clarke who took a strong mark over the pack 30m out (the sort of mark only Jamar could take in recent years). It was a passage of play we haven't seen since Neitz retired. One other thing that stood out to me was how good/soft Lucas Cooks hands were. The forwards did a drill later in the session where they led to the coaches who speared a pass at them When the ball hit Cooks hands they were much softer and cleaner than either Clarke's or Watts'. Let's hope he can find another 15kgs
  3. Beat me to the punch on Glenn Swann - he kicked a couple of bags one season in the early/mid 70s then nothing. Chris Connolly (pre knee) Sean Charles and Lally Bamblett also stand out
  4. The guy walking with McKenzie and Spencer was Taggert. He's quite solid - already bigger than Jordie in the legs
  5. Last week Silvia was walking up the Anderson street hill with a trainer, so I suspect they are still rehabbing him. It was also good to see Grimes doing the 200 reps with the main group - this is the first time he's been with them. And Sellar looked quite good in the full ground circle work - certainly more polished than many others
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