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  1. Which ones are incorrect? The only one which you could argue is speculation would be the tanking and that would probably be because the afl didn't charge us on it. If you take your rose coloured glasses off it's pretty clear we tanked. I don't think anyone has straight up said the club have not invited Bennell because the truth is none of us know. I think this thread has spiralled into two sides of the fence.
  2. Your blind faith in the club is just as bad as always assuming the worst. I just thought it was strange that Bennell was not part of the group. There could be a valid reason or the club might not have invited him. To assume the powers to be are always right leads to situations like the essendon drug saga. This is a club that tanked, had associations with Dank, didn't review a massive finals loss that led to a miserable season, sent out finals guide before we had even made the finals and some examples of stuff ups. I don't believe in unwaivering belief and I think it's healthy to ask questions instead of assuming the best.
  3. Oversight is a probably the wrong word. I would hope he was invited if he could be. Your speculating as much as I am expect you are claiming it as fact. Wasn't there someone on one of our camps in nt on our permission to train list who got picked up by Fremantle as a rookie and had to awkwardly say goodbye?
  4. Hopefully it was an oversight but I would be disappointed to learn if Bennell wasn't invited to go
  5. GWS can't trade their second round as they've traded their first round. They also need some form of points for the pick matching. The rest of your post is about as likely to happen as gc trading picks 1+2 for 3
  6. Never going to happen. They still need points to match the bid. 97 is not going to give them any
  7. Pretty poor deal for gws considering they traded 12, 18 And next years first round for 4
  8. Wait didn't we spend a whole year complaining that our boys weren't fit enough because they were rehabbing till christmas
  9. If you listen to the interviews he gave in the final week and on the inside melbourne podcast he pretty much hinted as such. He was non committal saying he had a contract with fox and needed a break from the club side of footy. Something must've changed between then and now.
  10. Yep let's do some draft tampering after our history of tanking... FMD
  11. Wait can't Geelong still select him in the drafts before the SSP comes into play?
  12. But if you think about it from a Bennell perspective surely you'd rather the guarantee of at least a contracted year through DFA/draft than going preseason with the chance of being picked up. I think if any club offers him a 1 year contract he'll take it over what has been reported to be what we have on offer.
  13. You cant rookie list a DFA before the draft, but you can select a SPP (anyone who nominates for the draft) player to be on your rookie list after the draft.
  14. Oh please... save the poor us speech. What do you expect when you finish second last on the ladder? Do well and you'll be rewarded with a good fixture like we were this year. We only have ourselves to blame for this one.
  15. <----- the point You The point of these statements is you shouldn't be judging a football clubs performance on one person. It's fine to not be excited by this appointment but how about having a look at what he has done and basing your arguments on what he has or hasn't done rather than the football club as a whole.
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