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  1. Yes but will be cancelling the gf guarantee. Times like these makes moments like last year that little bit sweeter.
  2. I have no problems with you not liking the story but attack the story then, don't make subtle attacks on the name. There are multitude of other ways you could've gone about it. Would you be saying the same thing if Tom Morris or Damien Barrett had wrote the story? I don't want to make any assumptions here but I think you an "white" male with a normal name. You didn't cop people making fun of your name throughout your life and have no idea what it's like to be racially abused yet i can't call this racism because I can't a small joke. Can I take you back to the Adam Goodes doco? People were justifying the incessant booing of him because he dives, but no other player got booed like that for a whole season. He came out and said he was being racially vilified, yet everyone brushed it off. You're brushing what you did off in a similar way. I don't want to pick on you individually because many other posters liked your comment and I think it's more of a cultural issue than an individual one. But what you are doing is unconscious racism and you should be aware of that. As I said before I don't want to turn this into a [censored] fight. So this will be the last I am posting on then issue.
  3. I'm going to assume that you don't know how bad this looks. But I went to school with Dinny and it's pretty obvious from his last name that he doesn't come from an anglo saxon background. You're making fun of someone because of their name is not your traditional anglo name. His name reflects his culture and his background. Now it might seem something small to you and the others who liked the post, but on the back of the Adam Goodes documentary I think you should realise there is still a lot of unconscious racism in AFL. It's habits like these that we need to stamp out to make everyone feel welcome. Yes his name is not a common name, there is no need to literally laugh at someone's culture and background just because it's different. I don't want to turn this into a [censored] fight, but I want you to realise what you are doing.
  4. There's an idea 1 dart for every goal he kicks.
  5. Never seen Buddy or Josh Gibson play?
  6. I kinda get what you are saying but don't think any clubs would do this in practice. If you dont retire them early you're effectively a list spot down with a player who you dont think will contribute much to the team in the next season.
  7. Doubt it. Collingwood left Victoria Park in disrepair and Yarra council spent a lot of money to get it to be a community area. Cant see Yarra giving it back to Collingwood to close off again.
  8. Not sure if you read my post but it was less about his play involvments and more about his experience. Brayshaw spoke really highly about his work in teaching younger players last year. The maths I have done is without him in organising us we have been a shambles in defence and look like a bottom team. Not sure we can blame him for being so reliant on him or we blame other players/coaches for being unable to take the step up.
  9. I know he cops a lot on here because he's slow and goes to ground at every opportunity but I think he has been the biggest difference between our defence this year and last year. It feels like we are really lacking a leader to tell others what where to position and man up. We end up with two players marking space while the opposition gets an easy mark between the two players/2 players going up and no one staying down/not covering the overlap. What are your thoughts? He's still out for a couple so will need either hibberd or Jetta to step up on field.
  10. Gotta feel for the lad as it seemed like he was in contention for a rd 1 spot. It's going to be really hard for him to work his back into the team halfway through the season but best of luck to him.
  11. I'd add the Richmond game and the Essendon game. In the richmond game we played one good quarter in the third quarter where they still managed to match us. In the essendon game the first half was a battle of who was less worse. I think we definitely improved last year in terms of consistency and even the best teams will have some consistency issues but there is still room for us.
  12. Care to elaborate on this anymore? Link on that article doesn't work. Lol...
  13. Pretty ordinary post. Loyalty works both ways! We weren't willing to offer what the saints were. The life of an afl footballer is short and security of three years is a much better option of possibly without a job next year.
  14. I think it would be remiss of any medical department to blame it completely on rotten luck. Although luck may play a small component, the current recurrence of acl's seems to be particularly high. Especially with acls that seem to be innocuous (simple change of direction) rather than a heavy knock on the knee. From the reports it seems like docherty's knee was innocuous and I would be disappointed if the Carlton medical department went through the exact same recovery program as the first time with acl's. I would be looking at increasing recovery time, building up more strength in other parts of the knee, taking mandatory breaks. This is from a completely uneducated opinion. And west coast took am extra long approach to the recovery with niknat but he still did his. Although they did say that they were planning to him breaks throughout the year which didnt seem to happen.
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