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  1. Seriously, another thread bagging Lyon FFS, some people cant deal with the truth
  2. In: Weideman, Hore, Preuss, Lockhart, Stretch, Melksham, Bradtke, D.Collis, Gent, Lual * Out: T.Smith, Baker, Hannan, Spargo, Maynard, Buxton-Wales, Gahan *
  3. Not as tiresome as the people who continually blame and bag Garry Lyon for everything that has gone wrong with the club whenever his name is mentioned
  4. 6. Viney 5. T.McDonald 4. Lockhart 3. Gawn 2. Oliver 1. Frost
  5. @7AFL "I hated Nathan Vardy doing that. Gawn has turned him inside out all night. He has destroyed him!" - Bruce McAvaney 10:45 PM · May 17, 2019 · SnappyTV.com
  6. Thought we were terrific apart from our kicking for goal, so disappointed
  7. mot the umps fault, our own for missing far too many easy goals
  8. Fritsch and Lockhart cost us huge this last quarter, back to Casey for them
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