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  1. Surely Harley Bennell deserves a wild card if he’s training with the club?
  2. How very comforting to know that every time in the past that the Summer Olympics have been held in Tokyo, the Demons have saluted. Could someone get the 2020 premiership flag pole ready? ... and 1900, 1940 (Olympic Year but cancelled due to war), 1948, 1956, 1960 and of course 1964. And we also made our last two grand finals in Olympic years.
  3. If Dangerfield was able to play a role in getting a former teammate in Jenkins to join the Cats then May and Kolo should be in touch with Martin tomorrow morning.
  4. We have picks 3 and 8. That puts us in a strong position when we go to the draft.
  5. Good point. The whole trade discussion shebang is so repetitive and boring.
  6. The Demons are struggling. Of this three is no doubt because our expectations were so high as we went into the preseason before things fell away so badly. But I wonder if we’re really that bad. We know the club is running at about ⅔ rat power due to our disastrous injury and fitness injuries but I was bemused by an article in the Herald Sun which waxed eloquent about Carlton’s future after its 24 point loss against the West Coast Eagles who took their feet off the accelerator from at least as early as the start of the final quarter on Sunday. The critics were nowhere near as friendly to Melbourne which lost by 13 points two weeks earlier in a game that could have gone either way. “Off with Goodwin’s head!” they wail. As for the Magpies, they’ve been up and down in the past month or so while suffering from an injury list that compares with that of the Demons if you believe their supporters. But according to a stat that came up on my Twitter feed that said, “Collingwood averaging 3.7 first 22 players missing per game, Dees 6.9.” Never let it be said that Collingwood folk understand the word “perspective”. Their team looked pathetic a fortnight ago against the Tigers and they were gorn by half time before their opponents virtually hung up their boots midway through the final term and allowed them to get to within 32 points of their tormentors. Melbourne, on the other hand, stayed up with Richmond for a half and fell away with the coming of the rain in third quarter to lose by 33 points. On that basis, the teams are pretty evenly matched and if the Demons can kick straight for goal, they win. I think they will do it this week - they have absolutely nothing to lose.
  7. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Max Gawn 4. Angus Brayshaw 3. Jack Viney 2. Christian Salem 1. Jay Lockhart
  8. Just been watching the last 20 minutes - is Hogan on the ground?
  9. Wow, where did North get that Dom Tyson from?
  10. Watching parts of last night’s game where North Melbourne gave last year’s premiers a whipping, I can’t see anyone else getting near them. How did they get to assemble such a strong side in no time?
  11. AFLW Round 2 – Collingwood v Melbourne: Mum v Daughter and other rivalries
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