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  1. Precisely. If players can be suspended for breaching Covid19 rules, then clubs have to go if they can’t produce a team clean of the virus.
  2. Second time during the season when both reserves sat out the entire game on the bench.
  3. Surprised that nobody’s commented on Heritier Lumumba’s attack on Collingwood for what he claims to be the culture of systemic racism at the club while he was there. He left the Magpies after a decorated career of 199 games including a premiership and came to Melbourne where he played another 24 games. He hasn’t been critical of his time with the Dees. He was also backed up by other indigenous players at CFC but rubbished by Peter Helier and Walid Aly on the Project.
  5. A Minton-Connell in the Under 19’s. Any relation?
  6. Who were the best players by number? 1. Dennis Cordner 2. Robert Flower 3. Gary Lyon 4. Norman Smith 5. David Schwarz 6. Frank “Bluey” Adams 7. Brian Wilson 8. R “Tassie” Johnson 9. David Neitz (apologies to Brian Dixon) 10. Carl Ditterich
  7. Surely Harley Bennell deserves a wild card if he’s training with the club?
  8. How very comforting to know that every time in the past that the Summer Olympics have been held in Tokyo, the Demons have saluted. Could someone get the 2020 premiership flag pole ready? ... and 1900, 1940 (Olympic Year but cancelled due to war), 1948, 1956, 1960 and of course 1964. And we also made our last two grand finals in Olympic years.
  9. If Dangerfield was able to play a role in getting a former teammate in Jenkins to join the Cats then May and Kolo should be in touch with Martin tomorrow morning.
  10. We have picks 3 and 8. That puts us in a strong position when we go to the draft.
  11. Good point. The whole trade discussion shebang is so repetitive and boring.
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