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  1. Pickett getting into some VERY dangerous positions. For a bloke in his first practice match it looks good to my eyes
  2. God I love seeing these topics I'll be playing cricket (fresh if a man of the match 2/3, 2 clutch catches and a 13* to steer the innings home) but can't wait to watch the replay
  3. I believe Pidge opened the bowling for a while and Jones may of course to refer to the most famous Jones in Australia, Nathan... the wrestler
  4. And it's 80% ball work, they are getting fitter using footballs. Crazy idea...
  5. Gus Brayshaw play in the middle. Not the wing, not the flanks, on the ball. He (and he's mate Petracca for that matter) were drafted as the best midfielders in their draft, play them there.
  6. I live in North East Victoria and have been breathing nothing but smoke for the last 3 weeks, you get used to it. Although at one point I couldn't see the end of 50m long pig shed so I guess you wouldn't see a footy coming.
  7. Got me too... Didn't green have a promising career with cricket Australia and Manchester United?
  8. At one point half the Sydney starting 11 were co captains Edit: Starting 18, bloody cricket season
  9. I think I remember Goodwin wanted Viney AND Jones as he thought the younger players connected with Viney better, he felt Viney would represent the views of the younger generation a bit better? In terms of game day I think most sides have forward mid and back leaders. Captain to me is more about setting the standard outside the 2 hours on a Saturday. First to training, last to leave. At the end of the day for 5 days a week these football clubs are work places. Some live for it, some can't wait to get out.
  10. Melbourne finish 3rd Gawn Oliver Petracca May Lever AA Gawn Oliver tie BnF Weideman 50+ goals Oliver top 3 Brownlow GWS premiers Lachie Neale Brownlow Tom Lynch Coleman Ken Hinkley first coach sacked Gold Coast don't win a game
  11. Hahah me too, I could think of nothing worse than trying to play in someone else's shadow. I grew up in the same town as a young man who was drafted to the Hawks last year by the name of Matthew Walker. Fantastic young indigenous man who has worked his [censored] off and sacrificed an enormous amount compared to other young men from the country and he was given Cyril Rioli's number 33. I've always felt that was the the biggest vote of confidence you can be given as a player, given the number of a newly retired champion, but you can't sense it comes with a certain amount of pressure? I guess at the end of the day every number has a history when your club goes back over 150 years, but I would certainly prefer to make my own number famous.
  12. This is valid, admin feel like it needs it's own thread/poll???
  13. Yeah we should definitely go after blokes like Sam Blease who had a fantastic burst of speed and measures well. Unlike silly Hawthorn who took that Sam Mitchell guy who couldn't test well in anything and had to play VFL. I get that for every 1 Sam Mitchell there is 100 that don't make it but it's not all about testing. There is 100's of examples of this
  14. [censored] the draft, I finished off selecting a sweet young 18 yr old known as Ron Zacappa. On the rocks. Bring on 2020
  15. As much as I don't like it it makes sense, he will peak as Maxy starts to wain, can offer something in the interim. And will be injury insurance. It's a no brainer really, not withstanding his enormous ceiling. As for go home factor, it's a load of [censored]. If you don't back yourself in to convincing someone to stay your [censored] before you start. We let Jesse go, and for good reason.
  16. That will sort the Watts' out from the Wines'
  17. Was thinking of trading down from a top 5 sauce to two first round sauces and hoping to just fill the gap. Already have some beer battered chips and a salad that I'm not gonna touch, feel like this sauce is the finishing touch. Hoping for a Clayton Oliver type bolter as apposed to a Lucas Cook that's gonna finish in the 2nds. Edit: Have said before and will say again Lucas Cook has more talent than one of me post steak stools (sorry for the visual) all respect to the man
  18. Ah yes, one of those old school in an under types. Classic sauce, real "you know what your gonna get" type operator
  19. This is the hard part. Best available sauce or most X factor. I feel like this sauce could make or break my meal
  20. Ok guys, massive choice coming up in the next half hour. Sitting at a restaurant on the Gold Coast and can't decide... Amatriciana or Bearnaise sauce for my steak, I've never heard of either. Don't even start me on the wine Haha jokes, admins can delete when they find. Good luck to whom ever we draft, I hope you are scrutinized less then my choice of steak sauce
  21. Ladies and gentlemen, post if the year. Well done
  22. Not from home, that's 2 long necks
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