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  1. I was wondering why I was bombarded with life size Allen Jackovich doll adds, I swear I only googled it once...
  2. Got a couple of bone on 2 inch thick ribeyes to smoke and a bottle a Bobbie burns. Gonna be a nice arvo. Time to sack up let's get a win
  3. I think you may have missed my point. Normally in fantasy circles people get some mail or some whispers about who's shaping up to play early and who isn't. I was merely pointing out that he was hot property for supercoachers early which would indicate that someone, somewhere along the line, was of the understanding that he was in line for early games. Not often they are wrong. I found it interesting that despite this mail, and taking kick ins in intra club, that there was no marsh series games and even with Salem and Jones (who is now a forward/back flanker) there wasn't even a mention. Didn't think he would come in as a surprise just asked if any of the obviously very heavily connected people on this forum had heard anything. Would hardly consider that an over reaction.
  4. Just spoke to a Geelong friend, he said Col Hutchinson (afl statistician) hasn't missed any Geelong game for premiership points since 1963 or any Geelong home game at all since 1958.
  5. That is amazing, I wonder if there is anyone from any other club who can beat that.
  6. Has anyone got an insight on Rivers? Slot of supercoahers (myself included) thought he was going to get early games but nothing. Is he not meeting some standard at training? With Salem and Jones out and still no spot on the HBF it's hard to see him cracking onto the side this year?
  7. Who says sue is a man? Don't you listen to Johnny Cash?
  8. What will we do until it starts to snow? I have already ordered 2 dozen cheese boards...
  9. Disagree, I think the way he can most to the team is like Hawkins. Lead, mark, kick, goal, repeat.
  10. You are both wrong and right Weideman has to nothing to deserve it in the tuck, but he isn't a ruckman. Max will ruck the majority of the game on his own. I think the role we are filling is a forward who can attend maybe 8-10 centre bounces a game. Who is the better forward? For what it's worth I'd be happy to play all of Weideman as a stay at home forward and have McDonald and Jackson push up and run back, which is what I think will happen
  11. 1 might not be enough anymore either but I agree. Need a genuine undisputed top 3 in the comp player. THEN add Gawn, Oliver, Petracca, May, Lever et cetera We need a Brownlow medalist ON TOP of what we have to be considered anything more than just a finals team. A bit humbling actually
  12. I think this is his predicted top 50 for the year, then at the end he does he's actual top 50. So he is predicting the Bont to be number 1. I would argue he won't even be the best Footscray player
  13. Patton is a sook, every little touch he carried on. I reckon you could get in his head so easy
  14. It's not too late to call them back. We need all the help we can get
  15. This actually seems legit to me. Someone forgot to carry the "y" and it didn't add up. Maybe I'm to young and naive?
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