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  1. I differed from a position in La Trobe Melbourne's space science course for 12 months to earn some money at the local pig farm. That was 13 years ago. My god I have lost some money and bragging rights over those years. Although I do remember one year I was given 5 goals in against Collingwood for us to lose by a point on Queens birthday and then because of that result only given 3 points in later in the year and we drew. 2 boxes of Tom Scully's (because MELBOURNE were BITTER) Maybe I should have differed my decision to barrack for Melbourne, even thought twice about the enormous (and painful) chest tattoo. It's hard to justify "Every heart beats true" can mean anything else, can't change now. What's the youngest you can get a kid tattooed in Thailand...🤔🤔🤔
  2. I went to use this excuse last week when quizzed on our poor season but truth is that accounted for the first 5 or 6 rounds not now We miss Vandenberg and Melksham, where's the mongrel
  3. Taking the second born to his first MCG encounter today. Weather back home is perfect for chasing meter plus Murray Cod and they seem to be landed every night at Mulwala so I'm sacrificing a lot for this weekend. Please just make it happen...
  4. Surely we can see it's the wing/outside mid that needs to be filled. Hill was at both end of the ground all day on Saturday. Jones and Brayshaw on the wing are to slow. Baker gets lost to easily in the early stages of his career. We need speed. Polecc, Saad, Milera, something like that... Jayden Hunt onto a wing?
  5. I love the 3 word player analysis, without a word of a lie it and the changes thread I actively look for but I think these are the wrong way around
  6. Couldn't be prouder. Would rather lose and show some heart. Get angry, show something. Fly the flag. Hunt is now forever a demon regardless
  7. If your as bitter as you are optimistic then I pity your friendship circle
  8. Spot on about being out of position, and Petracca. The bloke was drafted as the best midfielder in his year then developed as a power forward, then we wonder why he has "no tank" Put Gus in the middle and develop Petracca as the mid he was destined to be. Send Viney into the forward line to apply ground pressure.
  9. It's a bit like watching Collingwood and Carlton, you are thrilled that one has to lose but unfortunately one has to win for that to happen
  10. Kind of ironic, last time we went over there our season was on the line, circumstances couldn't have been any more different. Not sure what I honestly expected back then but I think we were all shocked at the result. Things have gone down hill since then. Not sure what to expect tonight. I am taking my son for his first AusKick tonight. Alot has changed since my first kick of the footy through to his; 8 (unfortunately I think that's about to be 9) Prime Minister's 10 Melbourne coaches (even sadder) 5 different names for Kardinia park 34 players on our list were born 4 clubs were invented 13~ John Farnham tours (difficult to quantify) 22 Marvel movies 14 Professional Darts Corporation world titles for Phil Taylor 7 F1 titles for Michael Schumacher 7 V8 super car championships for Jamie Wincup (1 for Mark Winterbottom, go Frosty) 23 confirmed nuclear detonations Pluto was officially dropped as a planet 0 Melbourne premierships The sun will come up tomorrow regardless, we will have our time in it again, would be nice to have a win to accompany my inevitable hangover though
  11. Has anyone seen the movie Haggard, you need to get a hold of Falcone he invented a reverse microwave
  12. Harsh on ANB in my opinion
  13. It's frightening how hard this hits home
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