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  1. Yeah just saying they had similar style of football. Didn't mention who I thought was better. Clearly Bennell when fit you're right.
  2. You have to take the low risk high reward with him for sure. Hasn't played consistent football for a long time. But gee we haven't have a player with such balance, poise and skill for a longtime. I don't imagine we will get 2015 Harley but even two thirds of that player would be so useful to this team He and Marlion Pickets games are so similar. Both have that confidence when running with the long strides and balance with ball in hand, they don't go to ground. Interesting they both same/similar age.
  3. Both Preuss and Clayton are the most noticeable ones who look a lot leaner. Other then Petracca they were the other two I thought often looked fatigued at times and for those three losing some weight (not muscle of course) can only help. Clayton's main knock is his decision making and ball use under pressure and needs to be more damaging with ball in hand. I actually think a lot of it for him is being at his limit aerobic capacity wise hence why he often just takes the first (often short handball) option. Hopefully a fitter Clayton can be more composed around the contest. I feel like the game hasn't quite slowed down for him yet like it has with someone like Brayshaw. Hopefully it does next season, if so it will be scary how good he can be.
  4. Yep agree with all of the above. Also seems a super tough competitor. Definitely reminds me of Hibberd. He's got the aggression and attack on the ball with a bit of dash and confidence when he wins it. Would be another great signing. Langdon, Tomlinson, Murray, Bennell and picks 3 and 8. Gave up very little in return for quality and potential. Starting to look like more then a solid off season of recruiting.
  5. Gee I don't know about Lever and May as our only talls to take on their two bigs. Is everyone convinced Petty will play predominantly forward? I think unless Weid is injured it will be Petty playing back to fill in the Frost role. Lever is just too damaging as an intercept defender to have him play on a tall all game.
  6. LOVE THIS STUFF! Any cheap media hits like this from guys who get headlines is good for us. Especially targeted at particular players. AFL players shouldn't need any further motivation but its nice to have little things like this to stir a little bit. Harmes is arguably our most competitive player (along with Jetta and Viney probably) and anything that will fuel the fire is welcome. Thanks Chad.
  7. Sounds like unless he suddenly swings and decides he would be happy at Melbourne he will end up at the Blues. Pretty rare after a player nominates a club that he doesn't end up there. Sounds like he will ensure we can't afford him so he ends up where he nominated.
  8. Other then being a bit of a draft bolter due to late season form and good combine results I don't know much about him. Looks to have a more mature body then most guys his age. Have you seen much of him WB? Good speed and skills?
  9. I don't know about others but I feel so much more comfortable seeing this sort of press as apposed to last year. The overhype of this team and supposed 'Best List' leading up to season 2019 was way overboard. We had a decent season and were able to knock of two weaker top 8 sides at the G before crumbling out west to a legitimate premiership team. The jump from young developing list with nice pieces that can make the 8 and challenge top 4 sides to then being considered to have best list in the AFL and a premiership favourite was such a reach IMO. It made me super anxious as it set us up for disappointment. Not that I thought we would fall this far. Bring on more articles like this I say. Give the good old Melbourne faithful something to whinge about and continue to doubt a team so they can prove muppets like Ralph wrong.
  10. Definitely. His upside based on his already consistent start is really exciting. He joins a long list of players of similar same age who still have so much upside: all 23/24: Langdon, Harmes, Salem, Trac, Brayshaw, Lever, Fritsch.
  11. I'd be interested to know Freo supporters thoughts on Ed. Clearly his career trajectory is pretty impressive for his age. Has genuine speed and endurance, numbers are good as a wing with marks and inside 50's. Certainly accumulates a lot of the ball. His ability to run and spread is what we're desperate for. I know his disposal is still the biggest question mark. He has a similar kicking style to Hunt and Frost which lacks a controlled ball drop. He was obviously a steal at pick 54 in 2014 due to not playing much footy with injuries. Freo would be gutted to lose him.
  12. He had his best year and maybe was our best backman (behind Salem) but it wasn't like he had much competition with May, Lever, Hibberd and Jetta in and out of the side all year with injuries. Petty was swung up forward towards the back half of the year too so didn't get to see him much in his proper position. From the 10 or so games I watched of Petty at Casey and by reports he had a very consistent year and is building nicely. I think he was effective and most definitely improved this year but I think people are over rating him also. Sure he takes the game on and his speed and intensity help him in one on one situations but he absolutely kills you with his turnovers. 1/5 times when he does something exciting with the ball does it actually come off. He's not a natural kick and his decision making hasn't improved. I don't think this will change at Hawthorn. Now I was an advocate for holding onto him for depth even if it meant playing behind Petty. But clearly doesn't fit into our long term plans and there's a reason.
  13. Yeah its possible but we've been after Tomlinson for a few years I still think we would have looked at Hill regardless. I agree re cost for him I imagine that would have been a deal breaker. Regardless he will either stay at a stubborn Freo or most likely end up at St Kilda who will probably end up having to pay overs for him. I've said it many times on here but how many times has a player not ended up at their nominated club?
  14. Meh. If I had played the best season of my career and hadn't been offered a contract (or decent one) and knew I was leaving I'd probably be pretty [censored] off with the club.
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