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  1. Its Hibberd. Not wearing his usual #14
  2. Also thanks again so much for all the photos @Six6Six I'm unable to get down to training due to work so the training reports along with these incredible prolific shots are really great to scroll through. Amazing work
  3. what? 😂 are you going by that one still photo? I think you'll find that he does the same as everybody else. Lifting the non drop hand to provide balance.
  4. @Six6Six These are terrific. Hope you can get along to shoot some more!
  5. I must be one of the ones who is 'truly stupid'. Last I checked Weid is a 22 yr old developing key forward who has had a fairly injury interrupted career so far. Talls always take longer to develop as we all know. Assuming the club has little to know faith in young Weid does seem a little rash don't you think? We lost Hogan who left a fairly sizable hole in our key forward stocks. We struggled for depth at the position last year (predominately due to injury) hence why Petty was swung forward. I think its more about adding to forward depth. We no longer have guys like Tim Smith and Keilty so adding the likes of Mitch Brown, Jackson and the potential of others makes sense for insurance sake doesn't it? I apologise if in fact you have inside knowledge that the club does indeed have little to no faith that Weid will work out.
  6. Loved seeing Viney and Bernie just lay into him. Dog act. But yes agree with others here. While I never loved his smugness and arrogance in the media he was a prolific backman. Hope he finds fulfillment with the god squad.
  7. I'm going with a conservative 22 to start with B: Jetta May Hibberd HB: Salem Lever Jones C Viney Harmes Langdon HF AVB Tmac Petracca F: Pickett Weid Fritsch Foll: Gawn Oliver Brayshaw I/C: Petty ANB Tomlinson Emerg: Brown, Rivers, Jackson After a full preseason, community cup experiments and reserve games at Casey this is my what if wish list for those I havent included in best 22: - Rivers potentially taking over Jones' probable HB position - Joel Smith gaining fitness and continuity to keep developing and maybe look at Petty's swingman position as a marking option both ends - Jackson continuing to develop and get a few games in the seniors to show off the raw talent he has. I'd love for him to really push Weid into form but also interested to see him play the second tall forward to give Gawn more rest in the ruck, - The battle for the small forward spot Lockhart, Chandler, Hannan, Hunt etc. - Obviously Bennel finding form and fitness would be the ultimate bonus for this team. Could be anything.
  8. It might just be the photo's but Gus seems to have put on some significant bulk in the upper body. Shoulders arms and chest looking strong for those midfield battles.
  9. I'm sorry no one is answering your question properly. I think you're right though I feel like Great Expectations would have the answer!
  10. Yeah mindless babble is much more entertaining. But is Pickett worth 10??? Is he?? But is he though?
  11. I don't really understand why its such a big deal taking Pickett so early. If the club absolutely has their sights set on him and the options to pick him up later (with or without pick swaps) are just not feasible then you grab him before anyone else does. Everyone using the word risk are absolutely right its totally a risk which can be said for most players beyond the first 5 picks in drafts, especially this year as its been well documented that this draft drops away or is at least even pickings (more unknown) after the first couple of picks. I think the mentality around drafts has changed. Players like picket who are true X factor players with natural skill, awareness, intensity and physicality only pop up every now and then. They're game winners. There's so many examples the most obvious one being the current small forwards for Richmond. I'm not saying its going to work out that way with Pickett. But he's worth the risk. His ceiling is higher then most at this points of the draft IMO. Every year there's a draft bolter and this one happens to be exactly what this club needs. He even has the physical traits to give himself every chance of playing AFL next year if he finds the form.
  12. Not a bad idea. He's never settled well into a position. Always played his junior footy and at Casey through the midfield as he's actually quite strong at contested ball. He would be one of the better tackling players as well, could really do a number on opposition midfielders his size.
  13. This is really promising. I thought every game he played last season he just looked off. Wasn't moving freely at all. He's never been an overly agile player, not the best lateral mover, prefers to run in straight lines but if he can get to contests quickly that's what matters for him. Promising.
  14. https://www.perthnow.com.au/sport/afl-draft/afl-draft-2020-was-five-best-draft-prospects-ng-b881385267z In this video Jackson stating he's been told he's likely going to Melbourne, Adelaide, Freo or Giants. With Giants latest move trading up for Green you can rule them out. It would be unreal if Sydney, Adelaide and Freo passed on him so we could get Young and Jackson. Just ignore Nic Nat making light of his past draft experience. Welp....
  15. Arguably our most natural footballer. Reads the ball better then his opponent most of the time, marking and kicking is already of really high level. Moves smoothly and with confidence. I have no doubt he will go up another level. Love Fritta.
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