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  1. Yes discarding Hibberd. Not sure why he was delivering the ball inside so often anyway. Again our structures, set up and game plan were really flawed on the weekend. Outclassed if every aspect.
  2. Wait so one good game and we're saying he should be captain? Max has been outperforming him in that respect consistently for seasons. Also not sure if others watched the postgame interview. Was so refreshing to hear from an articulate, honest and mature captain who was really clear and realistic with his understanding of where we're at and expressed this well. Jack was never able to do this.
  3. I watched our forward entries really closely yesterday. Very rarely were short options available. Westcoast do an incredible job of running back defensively and their midfield fill the space just inside 50. This is where they also spring their attack and movement from half back. It wouldn't be the players defying orders at all. It was obvious we went with a smaller side with the aim of trying to bring the ball to ground for guys like Spargo, Kozzy, Bedford and ANB. I'm sure I'm probably giving to much benifit of the doubt here but I felt like the (ineffective) plan was to bomb it in but try to take advantage of 2 on 1 situations by bringing the ball to ground for smalls. A clear and rare example was when the spare back came across to help on one occasion leaving Kozzy wide open for the drop of the ball and easy goal.
  4. Also jesus christ how about Kozzy's ability to cover ground with pace! I cannot wait to eventually watch him sprinting around the MCG. The kid is going to be something special.
  5. I'll start by saying while Max's postgame interview was nothing special but I just thought it was so refreshing to have a captain who articulates himself well, shows maturity, honesty and some genuineness. You can see how much he cares and how much it all means to him. He really backs everyone at the club and his level of support and understanding is obvious. My takes from the game: - WC were very very clean and efficient with their ball use. Their game plan and structure were sound and so hard to combat. - We were fumbly with the ball and second guessed often. I thought we did a better job in the second half with composure at times. - I felt the effort and general play wasn't the main factor. Structurally we were not put in a position to win this game. - Definitely some positives with solid performances from Viney, Langdon, Pickett, Lockhart and May. - Was really disappointing with Brown. His lack of intensity was evident. I would have much preferred Weid.
  6. I remember the first night game we had against WC last year over there. From memory we were really undermanned and went over with a smaller side. I remember thinking we looked unrecognizable for three quarters, we took the game on literally every time running the ball through the corridor with link handball (also forward handball from contests) and we really had them for three quarters. But we tired and their experience wore us down late. Will be interesting to see if we take some things from that game into this one with the small lineup. Fitter and quicker then last year.
  7. Just to clarify for people who are just looking at the team sheet and aren't up to date. - Bedford and Kozzy are in as announced - Jackson was not announced to debut so will be an emergency - Two bench players will be picked from Weid, Brown, Hore, Lockhart and Sparrow. So it will be one of the two tall forwards and one of those backs I would imagine. Sparrow being emergency mid. I'd say Lockhart and Weid will round out the team. Weid being the backup ruck.
  8. Yeah sorry I did realise this. Just getting a bit tired of the guessing. Within minutes of hearing injury news its been either 'well thats his career done' or 'well thats him out for a month'. I guess its the MFC way to go straight to doom scenario.
  9. Where did you read he was out for month? As of yesterday he was listed as 'test' so I'd imagine he will be in line for next week.
  10. I reckon Hore will come in for Salem
  11. It's hard to imagine us picking Spargo, Bedford and Kozzy all in the same team. Along with Viney they're all under 180cm (Spargo ninth shortest and Kozzy third shortest in the league). Would mean we'd go in very small. That being said stranger things have happened.
  12. I'd imagine the biggest impact this will have especially from a coaching perspective is the rotations. Also agree with others that this doesn't bode too well for us. Definitely gives us less opportunity to grind out games by out running and contesting late in longer games. Will benefit the cleaner sides for sure of which we haven't been the best of late.
  13. Haha easy mistake. Rivers is another one who will be interesting to watch develop, could be called upon if we find ourselves with injuries down back.
  14. Same 5 as I would have had on the mfc site. Maybe add Brayshaw who I'm predicting to quietly get back on the upward trajectory to be one of the best mids in the comp. The other one being Weid. Last year the pressure was off a bit being thrown into the fire as the second key forward, then injuries finished his season. This year he needs to really put the foot down and try to find consistency with Jackson and Brown there for his spot. I think with Bayley being our second marking option now it might give Weid more freedom to play as a true CHF getting touches further up the ground to bring him into games more.
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