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  1. So if i read you correctly Chook, you're not a fan.
  2. Absolutely. Good luck to him because they have been directionless for a while.. And Ben King's Dad Brook is a massive Saints fan. I would think they're in the box seat to get him next year.
  3. Just about to post same. What do you reckon Dazzle? Can't help but think this one may have legs. And if he was to go, what's the compo?
  4. Macca, for what it's worth I think Toby Bedford (drafted last year and with a season at Casey under his belt) is a good chance to make an impact this year. Clearly not a key forward but will give that added dimension of genuine forward pressure.
  5. Finds the side exit locked, having to backtrack across stage again. Spies a cheese platter on a front table, snatches it. Vintage cheddar filling gob, sings Grand Old Flag, does the panning out money gesture, moves to front entrance. 'FU Buckley'
  6. Out of the Tomlinson, Elliot and Langdon, for mine, Langdon will end up the best get. I'm a little ambivalent about Tomlinson and Elliot will need to get on the park more. Happy enough if two out of the three do well. Then we aim to do well with the kids at the pointy end. I'd love MFC to take a punt on Kemp and they may if they have those three in the bag.
  7. Is he any relation to John Rantall, South?
  8. He's got Elliot staying in a multi
  9. Kane Cornes' musings have always been incredibly, vitally important to me.
  10. The one that will step up for us significantly (and we started to see a bit late in the year) will be Petty imo. Remember, he's very young and another pre-season should make a world of difference.
  11. The argument for keeping pick 3 is that we control our own destiny. Splitting it may mean we pick up a gem who went lower than expected but it also may mean that we end up missing out on who we're after.
  12. Look, I still like Kemp. I know the ACL impacted his season (obviously) but I think he's one that a number of clubs may end up saying 'why didn't we...'. If we were able to split the pick and somehow grab him and a Sharp or Bergman I'd be wrapped. I don't think so though. Very easy to overthink here. At least i do.
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