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  1. Predicting Greene will get a close tag and get reported this week. Due for some stupidity.
  2. Lucifer, you've made the mistake (I do the same) of thinking the competition is fair. Honestly, the Ablett decisions suggest to me that it may as well be headed up by Vince McMahon. The AFL has a vested interest in GWS doing well and when you consider what Preuss was rubbed out for, it's a real cause for concern imo.
  3. Deliverance Park is probably the only other ground that comes close in providing blatant partiality.
  4. I've been noting the impressive body of work of Dean Margetts for some time now and I thought he was just terrific last night. With almost cat-like reflexes he saw an opportunity to halt Melbourne's momentum (yes, we weren't helping ourselves) and he did so with bewitching guile. Couldn't blow the whistle fast enough to give WC the advantage. It wasn't just the free kicks paid to West Coke, it was the missed throws and blocks, and, by the end, an absolute failure to show any impartiality whatsoever. He may as well have put on a WC Guernsey and punched the sky when the final siren sounded. Is the AFL so tight arsed that it can't, in a National competition, use an umpire who didn't grow up barracking for the team he's officiating (and by officiating I mean kissing on the dock). Razor Ray may be a [censored] but he's an impartial one. Actually, take that back and leave it at '[censored]'.
  5. The best part will be when he wins the Brownlow for best and fairest.
  6. Player has a few drinks on a Sunday arvo, leaves before 6pm and isn't drunk. Clearly May is more Forest Gump than Albert Einstein 9given his circumstances) but this is ambulance chasing [censored] of the highest order by who ever he is.
  7. Few pints on a Sunday afternoon? Stand to be corrected but this has got over-the-top outrage written all over it.
  8. Stormy, can you get your dad to the phone? Is your dad ok? Is he breathing? Yes, Casey is a VFL side, yes, they lost, thank you for that Stormy.. Now listen carefully, is dad in the house Stormy? He's not? Ok then.
  9. Thanks dl4e. Probably overly fixated with Baker's development because he does have a presence about him. Any chance you could expand upon the good and the bad?
  10. Well don't give them a choice. 'You're barracking for the Demons. Here, have a donut'. Not that hard.
  11. Bedford is the one I was originally excited about but forgot about him amongst all the doom and gloom. I have no idea of his form in Casey (has he played) but he certainly does have the capacity to make things happen. Right now he'd need to have the abilities of Mandrake the Magician to be of assistance but would love to see him get a run in the ones later in the year.
  12. Buckley was brilliant in reminding bogan scum not to be bogan scum. But they won't get it.
  13. Unless this is Melbourne's version of rope-a-dope I reckon we're in trouble.
  14. Fair cop. I want what you're having. I actually thought of your post after the match. I'm like the Fonz though. I was w w w wrong
  15. Drove from Mt Eliza to Caulfield. No trains running so one of the slowest tram journeys of all time from there to Flinders to Richmond and back again....to watch an absolute rabble. And so many flaws. But what was pretty glaring to me was the complete lack of nous on the forward line. Say what we like about Garlett, at least he doesn't telegraph to the opposition what he intends to do. We appear to seriously lack footy IQ. Petracca has skills as does Melksham but I can't remember when we last had someone with the smarts of a Gunston or a Breust. Probably Aaron Davey.
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