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  1. My kneejerk reaction is that Brayshaw is tradeable and ANB certainly is. FFS play Bedford and see what he can do and Petty had a break out game.
  2. We're singing from the same hymn book here Napster.
  3. I've watched the Bummers last four matches and no other team has got a better run with the umps this year than them (I don't include West Coast with umpire Dean Margetts as that's the gold standard)
  4. I occasionally listen to SEN, or at least try, and it's hard going. There's a group of them (nights) who sound exactly the same as each other.
  5. I preferred it when SEN had Finey and Stephen J Peake. It was babble, sure, but at least it was occasionally funny babble. I'm pretty sure North Korea played half an hour of Kane Cornes to Alex Sigley. All it took.
  6. Jones - some disastrous turnovers Petty - showing positive signs
  7. Thanks Clintosaurus. I did forget about that. Started with Spotless Catering and the old Ron Evans connection.
  8. Hasn't the AFL bent over backwards to push the druggies redemption story. Started off with an incredibly soft draw and, being a conspiracy theorist, I'm bemused by the free kicks they receive weekly when looking out of a contest. I'm sure someone will suggest I'm being paranoid and they would be right.
  9. Bingers, it's not that far away except that Carlton wants to win but Adelaide want them to lose. Maybe I'm reading to much into it.
  10. This really is the Noah Anderson Cup.
  11. I actually regret posting that PF as I didn't mean it to be a 'click bait' comment. I think Cale had his moments.
  12. Really PF. I can think of a past Melbourne player who may have him beat.
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