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  1. ET, I'm a big fan of Blake Caracella. Was a smart footballer and has had great success as an assistant with Geelong (Prems) and Richmond (Prems). Now at Essendon and, as much as I hate them, they appear to have a game plan that works to their limitations. As someone just mentioned, we need people who are strategically sound.
  2. Could be priority pick time again my friends...and I'm fully on board. And I think we need to make a play for Blake Caracella as an assistant coach. Had success at wherever he's gone. I really like the idea of having a game plan and, at a stretch, a back up plan
  3. Am I right in hearing our first draft pick goes to Norf this year? Say it ain't so.
  4. Hunt does not have the nouse to be a forward, let alone the kicking skills. I'm not sure he's good enough full stop. If we are going to struggle up forward, at least get games into Jackson and Bedford. And as for Tomlinson, I suspect my initial thoughts were right. Weak as pi55.
  5. Vandenberg - rugged suburban footballer Hunt - skinny suburban footballer Viney - pack busting suburban footballer Smith - promising suburban footballer
  6. Be interesting to see how we get outcoached this week. So many options.
  7. I really hope not. Felt he was a player with significant upside. That's a long time for a groin injury is it not?
  8. When's Petty ready to go? Was starting to look like a real player before set back.
  9. And I'm calling you out (the go to phrase for the right-on set) for being overly whiney and precious on a football forum.
  10. I'm calling for the coach to be sacked. More often than not he's outcoached and we're perpetually on the back foot. And this is an opinion forum last time I looked.
  11. We seem bereft of any real system. I cannot believe the entire playing group has a significantly lower footy IQ than other clubs. It comes back to the coach having no plan B. As for Lever, what did we pay for him? Whatever it was, we've lost that one. And I know Mc Donlad was injured but he should not be in our starting 22. Simply not good enough.
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