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  1. They said same about Richo and Riewoldt at tigers re attitude.....
  2. If we could've kicked for goal better, we would have won.....all those missed shots killed us. As it did in the Cats game
  3. I believe McCarthy missed the ball, fresh air kick. There should've been a score review. Instead of going the bump, should've dived on the ball, to spoil any chance of goal. Too many times our players (I do love them all) go the man, not the ball
  4. We lost Salem (thanks Williamstown) they got Lin Jong....could've been different if reversed The Dog supporters will be booing Jong next year, when he's at Collingwood In 2000, our 2nds won GF, but we know what happened at AFL GF........hope for their sake it's a different result for the doggies
  5. And they can do no wrong in the umpires eyes. Same things Casey are penalised for, dogs can get away with, countless times
  6. At Bulldogs home ground....... Go Casey hope Salem is good for next week
  7. Gutless Gulls! And the umps loving them. Commentators, esp Campbell Brown barracking for them. Cmon Casey!!!!!!!
  8. Jones should've approached umpires to query this. He never does....
  9. Had to laugh when heard on radio, Selwood complained bc Brisbane kid, Matheson, ducked his head and got a free
  10. To not get 1 free in a quarter and a half.... i don't know how the boys playing think, but if a couple went our way, well, might've given a bit of confidence. Meanwhile, blues knew they could do no wrong....played with a lot of confidence. Must've been laughing on the inside. A lot of Carlton supporters certainly were in the crowd. If we were first at the ball, holding the ball. If second, holding the man or too high, on a head ducker...
  11. I think the umps have money on them.....0 in the first qtr. 2 up to half time ?
  12. Just saw on afl tonight, Mitchell punched Watts while watts was on the ground. He better get cited and given WEEKS. Talk about snipers. Last time ceglar thumped Hogan behind play and he didn't get cited. Tim Watson said on 7 news he'll be reported and get a week. Hawks are untouchable by the looks of it
  13. know. Just watching Fox. Rioli kicked four goals they say, yeah with help of umps for at least two of them. He didn't get pinged for hit on Clayton Oliver then gets free himself. Fair's fair. Dees won, but it's all Clarkson and Hawks rooms, being interviewed.
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