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  1. Melbourne players to learn the numbers on the backs of their oppos cos’ that’s what they’ll be looking at for the second half of the game.
  2. Woohoo - been so long since I’ve caught a Dees game at the SCG. Just up the road for me.... Getting my complimentary (interstate member) tickets as soon I know who else in my family is coming. Otherwise if I go to a swans game I go to the alcohol free zone which is a smallish section - then you don’t get peeps squeezing past every 5 minutes to get beers.
  3. Let me guess what the coaches will say: Goodwin: it was a good hit out and good to come away with a strong win without having to overstretch ourselves. Buckley: the score doesn’t matter, we were able to test players out of position
  4. Personally, I’m going to blame the bucket hat.
  5. I, for one, am completely and totally disinterested in AFLW, though I do get that many people are invested. I have no worry with how much or little others want to get into AFLW, but as I am so disinterested I do find it a tad annoying that the AFL official site and the Fox Sports AFL pages, for example, intermix the AFL with AFLW so readily and very much prefer they were totally separate pages so that those that are passionate can easily read to their hearts content and those like me don’t have to sort though to find the AFL. Mind you, I get equally annoyed to have to sift through so called ‘news’ items like Dermott Bretton losing weight on a reality show or Dane Swan going to some wrestling match with guys from Hollywood...... Of course I do get the those web sites are a strong marketing tool for them. Anyway, I don’t intend this to be an AFLW bashing exercise as they have every right to do their thing and enjoy playing, being watched etc., but my vote would be ‘no’, don’t merge AFLW with the main page.
  6. He’s going to be in the queue to get on the park in Dees backline?
  7. He should be good for some memorable quotes and philosophy.
  8. He’s not being offered another contract - so delisted
  9. That and Trac taunting Sicily after Melksham’s mark...
  10. So what is the difference between a listed player and a rookie? Is it just the type of contract and $$? Can they play an unlimited number of games in a season? From what I understand there is no need for a long term injury to play them now? So that means from a selection point of view there is no difference??
  11. Interesting to my non doctor mind that despite (several?) operations and presumedly other club testing / monitoring that this congenital defect wasn’t detected?? Was he a ticking bomb whilst playing?
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