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  1. If Lever is playing for Casey this weekend (like I believe Goody said in his presser) why is he listed as 1-2 still? disclaimer: I was "working" while listening to Goodwin speak so I may have misheard.
  2. well I was disinterested before but this new unveiling of the logos has me all fired up. I can't wait for this now. The logos look great, and the AFL executive clearly knows what they are doing tapping into the youth market. Seriously - who am I kidding? The whole concept is a disgrace and totally unnecessary. Imagine if Danger actually plays in his team and goes down with an injury. Geelong will sue the AFL. I hope no dees players get the call up and actually play.
  3. Apologies if I missed it in this thread but does anyone know whom Wayne is referring to in this tweet?
  4. Probably for the same reason that the AFL have been floating the three match GF series, the 18m goal "square" and the ridiculous situation where even if the club with the current pick cannot make that selection until their allotted 5 minutes is up.
  5. I think they were wallet's predictions at the start of this season
  6. Definitely leave it. Don’t worry if it’s staining your favourite hat. After we’ve six-peated you can buy a new Rams one (or better yet upgrade to a Cowboys one)
  7. If the dees one was written by the same scribe as the Geelong one they are a little flexible. I saw comments on twitter and followed the link. People were complaining that Dangerfield was given a 7. By the time I looked he had been downgraded to a 6. (Still reckon he was a 3 or 4 though.)
  8. As others have said above - Absolutely no way does omac get looked at for that tackle. Text book. No malice and no undue care. vanders will be looked at and may be lucky and only get a fine.
  9. I’m just concerned this post is a play for a link to “Nuffies on AFL Pages”
  10. Noel Leary. Only played about 20 senior games. Still more than me though. 😉
  11. My father is in the team list that day. I just tried to call him to confirm if he played on the momentous occasion and to see if he remembers it but he’s still on the golf course so I’ll have to wait a little I guess.
  12. Yep - that’s the one. Hibberd = comedy gold!
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