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  1. Well done with AFL life membership, not sure about his future career after the last 2 Seasons and with a healthy list pre season 2020 I can’t see him in the best 22, pace is a issue and seems lost from his mid in and under, has failed in set positions, fwd line position he would find it hard to play defensive, team injury’s might allow him to get to 300 games
  2. B: Lockhart - May - J Smith HB: Lever - OMac - Salem Mid: Langdon - Petracca - Tomlinson HF: Vanders - Petty - Harmes F: Weideman - TMac - Pickett Foll: Gawn - Clarry - Viney I/c: Fritsch - Brayshaw - Jetta - Melksham
  3. I barrack for Melbourne not the players,,, Free agency has done that, 2 picks under 10 would be handy again and glad the club said 4 he is 27 next month so 33 years old end of 4....
  4. Dom Tyson the best draft in 6 years..Thanks Paul..will be part of our drive for top 8
  5. If he was Nathan Fyfe, Gary Ablett or even Selwood I would agree with most of you but he ain't, Jones is our best in a bottom side, hopefully Dom Tyson knocks him off for the B&F in 2015 and that may show us we are on the way up the ladder.. Poor recruiting over the 6 years prior to Roos arrival has kept Jones at the top, we now have the Roos led recruiting with Petracca, Brayshaw and Stretch etc on the way...they will need contracts and don't forget Jesse Hogan, that will require attention... Nathan Jones is not a top 20 player so ideally 4th best at the Dees and a contract to suit would be ideal...
  6. N Jones contract We have a good group of youngsters and we must keep them unlike GWS and GC losing players that have been there for 2 years. Jesse Hogan, Viney, Tyson, Stretch, Bullen, Petracca, Brayshaw, JKH, Gawn, Frost, Oscar & Tom, Toumpas, Salem, Newton etc, there will be A grade in this lot,, Hogan when he fires will be the player looking at a million..Petracca, Brayshaw and Tyson likely A grade 1/2 a mill..only time will tell This lot will need looking after in the next 2 to 3 years ....Jones at best is B + grade, we need to pay him as such and no overs
  7. Jetta already on the players list (elevated) Lumumba, Garlett, Frost and Stretch to be added =38 please tell me i am wrong We need another 2 delisted ?? Jigsaw is right
  8. With only Tapscott out of contract and deadline looming 31st Oct, i can only see him moving on and that will allow us 3 picks at the draft 2, 3. and 40, was hoping we could use pick 53 as well..
  9. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-10-14/jack-trengove-staying-in-melbourne/5811866?section=sport Trenners will stay a Demon..."This is obviously devastating news for Jack and we will seek further advice from surgeons for a plan moving forward so he can return to playing football. Josh Mahoney
  10. Will change my name to.. 1 jack left....all on the table
  11. Sorry but i agree with side selected, next year watch the youngsters from last 2 years swamp the top 50..Tyson has a chance, he is class
  12. Watts was selected in the middle and i thought at last he will be used, the best kick to position in the team and yes it happened once and then to my disgust i seen several/continual leads ignored...disgusted...watch the game..
  13. http://www.sen.com.au/display-article-2013/Roos-not-feeling-pressure-on-decision/70810 Interview on link Roos and KB
  14. Yes Ling assistant to George Stone and Kirk under Paul Roos would be great
  15. Yes would like to see both at the club.. Kirk and Ling a little bit of Geelong won't hurt
  16. Thanks rjay .... fixed Incoming 4, 5 drafts and 3-5 trades ?
  17. Paul Roos says senior players will be scrutinised in Melbourne's remaining games http://t.co/SUkwjtKGZx ..I think as many as 10 could be moved on...and not All the Jacks
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