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  1. He seems to have all the time in the world. He has speed and good balance. For some reason he reminds me of Keith Greig when he first played.
  2. You can add Fritsch, Salem, Lewis, Hibberd, ANB and J Wagner to that list. It can be a momentum killer especially when there is a run-on and there are players creating options downfield only for that player to stop and change direction because he can't kick on the other foot. A lot of times on Friday you saw players either get caught with ball, handball it to a teammate that is covered or turned it over because that player ignored a lead because he would have to use his wrong foot. And yes they are predictable and the opposition know exactly what the player is going to do.
  3. Misson is retiring at the end of the season. Have they found a replacement yet?
  4. So our next pick will be Bedford or have we gone cold on him?
  5. So far they have interviewed 18 Brownlow medalists.
  6. No, we have dropped down to p25.
  7. Agree. Think Jimmy Toumpas. He was a very good outside mid at junior footy but couldn't get his own ball.
  8. Just as important, what's he like as a footballer?
  9. djr

    Jordan Clark

    What are his stats...height, weight, position etc
  10. Didn't we do the same with Jetta some years back?
  11. Does Sturt fall into the same category as Bedford as being one of our academy picks. They are both Dandenong Stingrays boys.
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