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  1. Bit of a concern that two players from Casey (Jeffy & Billy) were held over for the game tomorrow. Are there still doubts on Brayshaw and Hannan or is the club playing funny business?
  2. It's not hard to mistake Keilty and Petty. People were talking about it last week and I made the mistake a few times yesterday & only realized when I watched some of the replay afterwards. You're right about Weideman - he moved well around the ground and wasn't being used primarily as a FF which was the case in previous games he played at Casey.
  3. If you can follow this then you will understand the meaning of life and be able to work out the exact position of the sun, moon and planets at the precise moment when Melbourne wins its next flag
  4. Listen up boychick. If you or Redleg touch that pig, I'll make you pay big time. Kapish?
  5. What a blessing it was to see so many Carlton supporters leaving this game at ¾ time and even earlier.
  6. I would suggest that the severity of the alleged offence is not relevant when we're referring to wrongdoing and classifying them by creed or colour.
  7. Not the only one in that disgraceful rag with the same affliction. One of their once celebrated cartoonists is completely unhinged.
  8. And on that note I will shortly commence the usual prayers and blessings to the recruiting staff wishing them wisdom in their work this evening. May their choices bring us Melbourne faithful joy and happiness in the years to come. Amen
  9. We've been under investigation for three months and look at what happened? Fevola is just the start.
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