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  1. For those who are trekking to my home town of Shepparton for the game.... I’ll be going back to my old ground of Deakin Reserve the day after my daughters wedding here in Ballarat. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to post some pics on the long drive home Sunday night.
  2. Just an article that caught my eye this morning about the father of Lynden Dunn entering the coaching ranks... http://www.thecourier.com.au/story/3723139/chfls-girls-set-for-2016-season/?cs=63
  3. I wouldn't worry about it mate....get here early with your membership card and you'll get in easy.
  4. North Ballarat are expecting 4000-7000 crowd.....last years game North v Blues was 7850
  5. North Ballarat sports club will be open but it'll be packed.... the other should be the 'bar' under the scoreboard on the 'hill' ... that's where all the action will be!
  6. For those visiting our grand city of Ballarat for the game the weather will be changeable. An expected top temperature of 27 degrees before a cool, windy, showery change. Bring a jacket as the ground is quite open to the elements and there is no cover at all. Fingers crossed the change holds off till after the match ends.
  7. North Ballarat Roosters chief executive officer Mark Patterson said preparations had gone smoothly for the match, with expectations of a crowd size between the 4000-7000 mark – slightly lower than that for the North Melbourne v Carlton encounter last year, which drew about 8000. Patterson said the AFL had already distributed about 2200 tickets, with 700 more already pre-sold. Quote from today's Ballarat Courier....
  8. Certainly will be a big day. Last year I was at the North v Blues game and official crowd was 7850 give or take a couple. Certainly room for a few more but then viewing options become limited. They won't have 8000 'booked' tickets so if you get there early you'd be safe. I'm local so it's like 10 mins to the ground so 2.30 I'll be there to soak up the build up.
  9. Guys, Just some more info for those attending on Saturday. If travelling by car take the 3rd turn off to Ballarat from the Freeway. You need to turn off towards the A300 and then will have an intersection which is Creswick turn right and Ballarat turn left. Obviously here you turn left and just follow this road and the ground is only 5 mins drive. For those thinking of staying over...GOOD LUCK! Most of the City is booked out due to The Red Hot Summer Tour on Saturday night...best I can offer is a link to wotif.com http://www.wotif.com/search/Simple?region=1436&cid=SEM-3330&s_kwcid=AL!1912!3!38114402299!e!!g!!ballarat%20accomadation&gclid=Cj0KEQjwifWnBRCB5PT57KSVw-kBEiQASV7aRHkBlm7Nu0wCBXWxj5jfu08lZldOqYMTVJyqbt2U51UaAoLL8P8HAQ&ef_id=UntGyQAABTjSz07z:20150310051539:s/
  10. I'd be looking at The Western Hotel in Sturt St. http://www.westernhotel.com.au/
  11. Guys, as being a local Ballarat Dees supporter I'm just giving you the heads up if you are attending the NAB Cup game v Doggies Saturday 4.10pm start in Ballarat. If travel by train check the VLine site for times etc then a short Taxi ride from the station. By car, turn off the freeway at North Ballarat and the ground is 5 mins away. Parking? They will try to slug you $5 to park next door at the Showgrounds...cheaper to turn East at the Subway/Servo and park down a side street then it's a short walk to the ground. Show this years membership card to get in for free. Last years game here Blues v North had 7850 crowd and I would think max would be mabye 9000? You will be standing! The small grandstand will be full of players families and officials etc. If you can't stand all day you would have to take a chair and get there EARLY! If disabled I'd assume contact the AFL as would be normal practice. The only tiered viewing is the Northern end near the scoreboard behind the goals. If watching from the east (highway side) expect the setting sun to be in your eyes. The ground will have a great atmosphere and the surface is exceptional, if the weather is nice pop into town early have some lunch and make your way to the match. Alternatively arrange to have a catch up for a bbq with friends at Lake Wendouree then off to the game pumped up for a Dees win! Enjoy the day! EDIT BY DEMONLAND: The Game will be LIVE on http://melbournefc.com.au
  12. Actually N.Jones was head down getting his breath and Dunn turned to him and told him to get over to Salem!
  13. Went to training when MN was coach about 3 or 4 times... never saw him! How refreshing to see a coach work 'with' the players and be a part of it. Certainly not rocket science to do that but that should've been a priority when appointing a new coach you'd think? How poor we've been in employing the right people...scary almost .
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