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  1. Who coaches tackling? We are tackling like Julian Clary with a bad hangover. This is the major issue behind our inability to kick the ball between the two central posts. The marking is so so. The handball is fair
  2. Roos is starting to make John Farnham look like a relevant artist.
  3. How does it feel to be the greatest living player in the history of the game of AFL Rodney and what would you say to the tribunal that robbed you of the Brownlow in the late ‘80’s?
  4. Totally agree. All nimby inner city greens are more concerned with sounding and appearing morally perfect than actually admitting the bleeding obvious. Polynesians and Maori bros once dominated the security industry but now it appears to be Indian students for at least the last 2 or 3 years. Shock horror- most of the inverted comma statements you made are actually true. Why are you concerned about the truth?
  5. No. You’ve extrapolated yourself into idiocy.
  6. My cleaning lady was listening to the radio as she was scrubbing the floor clean from the last little smug know all I had to murder and dissect before feeding the crocs in my moat.
  7. Kennett pointed out that the afl is so pi55weak it used a security company that employs gentlemen almost exclusively from the subcontinent who have little or no understanding of Australian football crowds, customs and behaviours.Wring your hands, pat yourselves on the back and go get your prize if you managed to use the R word today and made yourself feel good. The whole thing is pathetic. The AFL is a farce run by dunces. When the Romans have to be silent at the circus to please the Emperor then he should be thrown to the lions.
  8. Good for you. I respect the perhaps 3 or 4 journalists in the entire English language.I trust none of them to report the facts objectively. I trust none of them to propose solutions to societal problems. Journalism is a low grade scam . It’s an incredulous hustle and your great respect is obviously given fairly easily.
  9. At least you are speaking about subjects you know.
  10. Mensa will be playing close attention to this concept in anticipation of some new arrivals. I’m pleased for Tony Shaw that he is no longer eligible for ranking as this subject might have upset him had he been capable of reading. Mazer seems to have sewn together a few pertinent ideas but but others will get crotchety about the fabric in the thread. I felt it has some merit but others may feel he is desperate for new material and is simply trying to pull the wool. Kasparov was probably not exposed to AFL much but I’m sure if he was to make changes from the coaches box then 4 hours per move might have seen him ranked alongside Goodwin for dynamic strategy implementation.
  11. Nice after some blown pheasant.
  12. Or you could just let people express themselves however they wish .
  13. I’ve tried to explain to you all that the western world is/ has been manipulated by thought policing morons who are indoctrinated by a neo Marxist platform that has been running since The ‘70’s, no I’m not joking. They will attempt to control your morality, speech and personal beliefs. You must resist at every opportunity and tell these maggit to eat [censored] wherever you see them, be it AFL, schools, media or the workplace. I expect this comment may even be deleted as some people find individual expression too confronting.
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