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  1. Biffen


    Old Dee has a few heartbeats left.
  2. How about target shut your stupid mouth and put your energy into what you can control? Pert you idiot.
  3. I agree. The VFL were far better at it. Freddy Cook is still my mentor.
  4. Leigh Matthews knows how to get the job done where Christian doesn’t.
  5. You’re most welcome La Dee. I shall count you amongst my many grateful acolytes.
  6. Lewis is as good as his last game. Which was worse than terrible.
  7. Property in and of the Gat was and is always a nebulous concept. As recent travesties articulate.
  8. In his case, Goon sack under the verandah. The hips are already unsightly enough. Not to mention the boat race.
  9. Gil looks like a Melbourne supporter. Those lame rural pants and the clean shiny RM Williams cowboy boots type punchable Melbourne supporters. Though I’m now a country member- I still hate us. But our 15- 30 year old female fans are a cut and several incisors above their Collingwood counterparts.
  10. When has that ever had any effect on the commentary? Did you know Scully left us for the Giants after publicly stating he was enjoying his time getting flogged every week at Melbourne?
  11. Stick with the caterpillar and the white man twerk. Why change now.
  12. Robbos top 50. Carlton Draught,VB,Fosters,Hahn,Coopers,Xxxx,Bud,Becks,Tooheys,Cascade,D-ale,Reschs,Castle,Invalid Stout ,Guinness ,Schlitz,Singha,Tiger,Sapporo,555,333,Bests , Grolsch,Ballarat Bitter, Mountain Goat,Furphys, Heineken, East End, Swan Lager, Nastro Azzurro, NT lager, Little Creatures, Urquel, Miller’s, Mickeys,Steinlager,White Rabbit, Stella,Peroni, Schofferhoffer, Pabst, Newcastle, Tooth’s, IPA , Porter, Home brew , whatever’s leftover.
  13. It’s not really a journey. Life is not really a journey either. It’s actually a process and should be viewed as such. People who say “life’s a journey” rely on astrology, tarot cards and other esoteric nonsense too much. Life is a process and success is a series of correct and often difficult decisions.
  14. May should’ve used white male privilege as his defence.Works like a charm .
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