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  1. Can anyone confirm if the boys are skiing down the hill after the jog up? The Pomma was broken at Buller once and I know the climb can be agonising.
  2. Just a few errant handbags and some name calling. The emotional damage could be the main issue.
  3. This confirms what was evident at the start of the year. Totally dysfunctional club. Sackings needed across all levels. Deadwood/parasites and time servers everywhere .
  4. Derm is wrong about The downhill skiing. I myself am a moguls man as are many of us who don’t suffer knee problems. Ive spoken to Dermie about this in the chalet but he was more concerned about trying to appear intelligent to take the message in.
  5. Lewis shouldn’t be watching the game without a blanket.
  6. Makes The Bee Gees look tough.
  7. Spill all board positions. Keep it fresh.
  8. Yep. We were all talking about making finals not being good enough in the pre-season Last year, the conversation was about keeping the players heads “in the moment” and enjoying each contest/game. Since Peter Jackson left the club has gone from taking it week by week to patting itself on the back and bathing in undeserved accolades. We are back to being an irrelevant, self congratulating, weak willed, over rated bunch of very mentally soft individuals trying to run a business . The focus has gone off the on field application of dogged competitiveness. The writing was on the wall in the pre-season. Big names mean nothing. Reputation means nothing. Its simply about what they put out each week that counts for everything. At the moment we are putting out about 20-30 minutes of half decent football a week. Supporters deserve more. The whole club is a disgrace and should be stripped back from top to bottom. Bartlett,Pert,Goodwin all need to take the blame. Terrible decisions allowed this to be a wasted year instead of being another chance to gain finals experience.
  9. Such a crap actor I’ve decided to call him Denis from now on.
  10. I’m always right. Monnshadow- I expect your sincere and humble apology to follow shortly. Never let moral superiority and virtue signaling stand in front of the bleeding and painfully obvious truth.
  11. Who coaches tackling? We are tackling like Julian Clary with a bad hangover. This is the major issue behind our inability to kick the ball between the two central posts. The marking is so so. The handball is fair
  12. Roos is starting to make John Farnham look like a relevant artist.
  13. How does it feel to be the greatest living player in the history of the game of AFL Rodney and what would you say to the tribunal that robbed you of the Brownlow in the late ‘80’s?
  14. Totally agree. All nimby inner city greens are more concerned with sounding and appearing morally perfect than actually admitting the bleeding obvious. Polynesians and Maori bros once dominated the security industry but now it appears to be Indian students for at least the last 2 or 3 years. Shock horror- most of the inverted comma statements you made are actually true. Why are you concerned about the truth?
  15. No. You’ve extrapolated yourself into idiocy.
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