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  1. I have an infectious personality.
  2. The first game energy is contagious.
  3. Sadomasochistic behaviours know no bounds.
  4. in the word of the Great Charlie Sheen-"JUST WINNING"
  5. Despite the modern "knowledge" , I like to win every game, every time. I am almost optimistic for the season ahead.
  6. Whoever you are referring to , what he does in the bedroom is his business.
  7. Ethically sourced, macrobiotic and artisanal food served by men with long, well groomed beards ,no doubt , if you frequent this establishment.
  8. I’m told old Dee would be pleased about having Bonar and thinks Walker would be useful in combination. Mrs Old was not sold on the idea.
  9. Anyway, this thread was supposed to be about a Melbourne player in Bedford, not a Carlton player in commodore.
  10. The Flasher in my local park was considering retirement but he decided to stick it out for another year.
  11. I've met a few Jaydens in my time.
  12. I remember at the time I had been travelling in India and I was without funds. I found a rotten Durian fruit ,that was hidden under a dog that had been dead for several days in the hot sun.The Durian asked me about Melbourne under Mark Neeld and how we reached such a place in our journey.I explained to the durian that karma had visited us since the sacking of our great guru Norm Smith and that all attempts at re-incarnation since that time had failed.The Durian looked upon me sorrowfully and said with a kind and sincere expression-"You guys stink so bad that all you have left to talk about is the Flower with the enormous heart". The Durian then boarded a very overcrowded bus. "Where are you heading Durian ,with your fecund knowledge?" "To Hawthorn Biff-the reality bus journeys to all places in time".
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