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  1. I have been an avid reader of Demonland.com since its inception (I think). We should always praise contributors to the site, providing their contributions are legible and not bullying. I enjoy reading all contributions and always had a giggle at Yzemagic's wonderful sense of mischief and imagination. He/she did get a few readers quite excited. We should all be great full for everyone who contributes to the site whether it is on the mark or not. We are humans, that have passions, emotions and varying forms of skill. Some not so good and some that are masterful. personally I dislike reading a training report ( of which this is the topic) and noting "Trump" like responses which are divisive and ruin what should be an optimistic conversation. I praise the wonderful contributors as we all should by being respectful to how they contribute to this forum. If you are not sure what this means, "Play the ball not the contributor'.
  2. I introduced myself to Peter, when the Dee's played the Lion's this year. My desire was and is to say thankyou for what he has achieved for the club, coaches, players and supporters. A good man and and should one day be awared legend status once the team wins its next flag. Well done Peter Jackson!
  3. Sean Wight was one of the very best half backs I had seen. Amazing leap, so he would often be third man up and punch the ball thirty meters in the correct direction. Speed to burn. Great vision and always correctly placed placed his body to block oposition. A true club man, absolute shame that he left us to soon. I am still sad to this day, that such a good bloke was taken to soon.
  4. I have to admit that the beautiful girl who quoted "infinity" as a number is a budding Eienstien, No way I would have had that consept at that age. In fact I am struggling with your common mutiplication. Brilliant video.
  5. I am lost as to why any a game last year is mentioned at the start of the new season. Learn form the past but move forward. This is a young and skilled team. There are players that are injured and I believe should be walk up starts, however such is our depth now that we can cover them. Secondly the most important aspect of the style that we are trying to develop is that the midfield must look to leading forwards and deliver it appropriately. The team clealy has the learnt its defensive tactics, but it is the number of times that it tries to find a leading forward or correct option, and then misses the target, that is frustrating.
  6. Hi Guys, you left out Warren Dean. He was fantastic. Fast, prodigious kick and a great mark. Truely a shame, that he had a degenerative knee problem.
  7. I only have one thought on Toumpas and that is that under pressure or not he struggled to hit the correct target under pressure or not that would open up the game for the team. I was at the game in Darwin last year and I had to tell my son that the team will be off if they did not give him the ball at all. I am sure he is a great person but would not cut it under Paul and style of play the coaches are developing.
  8. Thanks for the updates guys. I was hoping to pop up there this morning from Brisbane, however the kids and wife stole the cars! Keep it going.
  9. Thanks for the images. I hope I can help out next week. I intend to go and check out the training at Mooloolabah on Saturday. Cheers!
  10. I think the new look is great. Much easier to read and navigate. Well done!
  11. Thanks for the welcome. I agree, I have been reading the Demonland for approximately seven to eight years and I can definetly agree that there have been some very strange post and threads. Cheers!
  12. Great picks. This is my first post. I hope it works!
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