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  1. Just my opinion but as a weaker Victorian club i see it as crazy to draft an interstate kid with a top end pick. We are destined to go through the 'go home' chatter at every contract. Why not just cut that out with a gun Vic kid? We don't have a Collingwood or a Hawthorn culture to wrap these kids into.
  2. I don't know mate...I reckon 9 or 10 wins would have been a real bad year but it might have still given people some belief that this club was in the process of changing its ways. As it stands, we looked like a club that was pretty lost but even worse we didn't even look like we were fighting to right the ship. The performance late in the season against Sydney looked like a group who gives no $hits about the direction of the club. Very hard to sell it to potential recruits on the back of that.
  3. Difference is that there's a general expectation to compete at those clubs. Competitive people often like to be in competitive environments. The players efforts of 2019 have resigned us to having to build again through the draft (that outcome may not actually be the worst thing). Hopefully we can uncover a couple of people with the kind of drive to compete and show linear type improvement through to their late 20's (and maybe become the second person at MFC to do that since Jones started).
  4. Jeepers the clubs thinks Oscar can fill the 3rd tall defenders role???? That genuinely worries me that they can possibly think that. Don't rate Frost at all so not fussed with his departure...however Oscar is a frighteningly poor league footballer. I reckon we could find a number of better tall defenders in suburban leagues.
  5. Whilst there is hardly anything I would like to see more than an MFC flag, I honestly don't feel like it is the most important thing for this club to achieve over the next 3-5 years. We need a sustained period where we are competitive, hard and fight out every game from start to finish. We need to try to find a way to emulate our neighbours at Collingwood and build a club that is ruthless and expects nothing less than absolute commitment to winning relentlessly. I would be happy if the next 5 years saw us defy any percieved lack of talent, or bad luck with injuries, or bad runs with umpires, and just give every team we play a tough time week in week out. That will provide my kids a reason to watch this club with pride and give them a reason to love them (instead of turning to the Bulldogs).
  6. Other teams have lost important talent and managed to stay competitive. The Dogs lost Ward and Griffen, two of their more valued players, and then went and won a flag. If we lose Petracca we lose him. We clearly still don't have the right personalities in our playing group to truly affect a meaningful change. Maybe it's actually best for us to keep moving through these guys (provided we get fair compensation) until maybe at some point we arrive at a hungry group who compete relentlessly. As much as we all want a flag, this club doesn't need a flag as badly as it needs a group that just has us competing consistently through games and through seasons over a number years. This would give us a stronger foundation for a viable and more enjoyable long term future.
  7. There's been a few rumored in various threads over the last few weeks/months. All I know is that history says we don't get much out of the guys who prefer to blame the club for their average output rather than looking inwards. We've had plenty over the years (Frawley, Sylvia, Moloney are a few that chucked it in while playing for us).
  8. A deplorable season from a habitually soft sporting club. Players and FD should be embarrassed about their inability to compete at a macro and a micro level. Have put to bed any hope of enticing competitive people from other clubs to join the club to drive us forward. Back to the days of 5 years ago where players refuse to be involved in trades where they end up at MFC. The first ones in line to be moved on should be easy to identify. Those who've delivered f*#k all while expressing their concerns over where the club is heading. They aren't going to help us when the going gets really tough. Move them on.
  9. Not all that fussed what happens with Petracca. Reckon he's pretty fumbly under physical pressure. Plus with player attitudes being one of our biggest problems, I don't really see him as someone who will help much in that regard. If we replace him with a decent talent who has the right attitude then I reckon it'd be a win for us.
  10. I am probably naive in thinking that the general feedback of the stakeholders can have influence in this setting. A place like DL is probably the most prominent platform for supporter feedback for the club. I would have imagined, much like in other sports around the world, that players and club officials are active online and interested in knowing what people are saying about them. In your own work, if you deliver something that deep down you know isn't that great, but you hear through whatever channel it might be that your stakeholders loved it, wouldn't that influence the standard that you hold yourself to the next time you're delivering something? As an isolated example, surely the fact that last year's prelim final seemed to be written off as 'just a bad day' amongst the majority of stakeholders was reflected in how it was treated by the club. I imagine if the same were served up by Collingwood or Essendon that the supporters would have been rightly [censored] off and the club would have received the message loud and clear. And that this in turn would have had some influence on the expectation of how the club worked to stop it from happening again. I'm not sure why the message doesn't get through at Melbourne. Or maybe the message is getting through and the message is "it's ok because we were tired and it'd been a long tough season, a performance like that was to be expected".
  11. These insights from Lewis seem to have tipped a few people over the edge. Hasn't it been obvious for years that what we've seen from the players this year is about par for the course from this club? There's been enough evidence over pretty much this century that the cultural issues run deeper than you'd think possible at pro sports level: - Players deciding what they will and won't do during pre-season consistently over (at least) the last 10 years. - Players delivering 186. - Players delivering 148. - Players delivering one of the most embarrassing halves of professional sport imaginable in the 2018 preliminary final. - Many stories of the Melbourne Storm players commenting on the lazy and unprofessional approach of the MFC players. - Many many off the record comments from opposition players and coaching staff on how pi$$ weak they see the collective MFC playing group to be. - All the stories of the bizarre arrogance of a group of players that opposition clubs see as ripe for the picking with a hint of physicality. And the main problem? There have been excuses made and excuses accepted for all of this. If the absolute heart of a club, which has to be it's supporter base, doesn't demand better then I just don't see how we're going to get afforded much better. It's seems clear that the playing group aren't showing a lot of pride to elevate themselves off their own bat. I don't know how you change the culture of a supporter base. But I do know that I am way past having had enough of hearing stories of player divisions, or this player doesn't like playing in x or y position, or whatever else the players don't like about the MFC. I'd like a line in the sand moment. If there's something you don't like, and it's going to effect you in a way that culminates in a lack of desire to compete in a meaningful way for this club, then hand over your jumper and f*&k off. I really no longer care whether they're a perceived star or a first year player. It's all gone on for way too long.
  12. We have a history of seeing our players approaching their assumed peak years and either plateauing or declining. Nathan Jones is one of the few exceptions. This doesn't appear to have changed given that, despite injuries, it certainly looked like we were served up sub standard stuff from Tom Mc, Jetta and Hibberd. Wonder what it is about the culture of our club that sees this trend.
  13. If we were showing any desperation to compete and win then fine. We are getting out tackled every single week. These guys haven't even seen what might happen if they genuinely compete in the physicality stakes. I'm not kidding when I say the fact that there are still people in the MFC community who think what we are being served up is acceptable is the absolute root of everything that is wrong with this football club.
  14. The commentators are still running the company line of excuses for the MFC? Why??? Why won't anyone just call this club out for what it is? I guess it's because we are a nice play thing for other clubs in the competition, and you wouldn't want to disrupt that. If you're struggling and want an opponent that you can beat on pure effort, circle the Demons on the fixture. It's a nice fallback for other clubs.
  15. My favourite part was when the players just decided to start trying to take hangers at the end (Harmes especially). I guess they have busted their guts up to this point so they were due a little bit of fun. Liked the Lever acquisition but he has zero ability to compete in a one on one. Nathan Jones has been a great servant but he is no longer AFL standard and he has gotten very lazy. Time to move on. The kicking for goal I have no words for. Viney maybe just isn't a good league footballer. The overall ability to compete in the air is an embarrassment to everyone linked to the club.
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