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  1. I stopped for 5-10mins on my way past. Doing some match simulation clearing the ball from defence. Was fairly willing. Tracc the stand-out for mine again. Looking forward to a more detailed post from someone who was there longer - there was a reasonable crowd.
  2. Word is we play GWS in Rd 2. Not exactly a soft start to the season.
  3. He's got 3 boys. He and Anthony's boys play together and both dominate. All in good time though.
  4. Was having a good old kick around with Crossy this morning on Gosh's. Boots on.
  5. We’ll make a GF and be forced to wear the clash. Jones to hold the cup aloft wearing the #2 coming full circle from Robbie Flower and the dark years, thereby ending the Norm Smith curse.
  6. Man, the bloke has 2 or 3 daughters am sure he would loath that, even in jest. Pretty bad.
  7. Don't know I'm afraid LH. Haven't spoken to my contact for a few weeks.
  8. I drove past and stopped briefly. Clarrie was 1-on-1 with Crossy. He looked knackered and not loving life. Rest of the boys were doing repeat 250s
  9. That was beautiful. Those players would have made Andrew's heart swell - imagine the thrill for him. You can really see guys like Harmes, Hibberd, Gawn, Hunt look after him.
  10. All players have their own boot deals and have had for some time - collective bargaining agreement
  11. Went past around 8:30am. Rehab or 'other' group out doing running early. Pedro, JKH, Viney, Trenners, T Mac, Hannan, Maynard, King, Vanders. Not pushing it too hard, but Trenners moving at a good clip compared to some of the others in the sprint legs. Legs looking much stronger and more defined. Looks in good shape to me. Hannan a bit bigger in person than that early club photo suggests.
  12. Got a pair myself. They are great. In it with 2 non football mates. Seems like they're doing really well.
  13. Love it - can't comprehend how club finds it so hard
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