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  1. But isnt that what they do in the states?? Therefore we have to do it also.
  2. Didn't this scenario happen to us years ago with that backman from Sydney.???. Put a shitload on his own head so we couldn't pay and got to the tigers. Thought the afl should of canned this loophole by now, if you ask for $800 a year, they should make sure that player gets it for the contract years. If ya that desperate to get out of a club, bad luck pal.
  3. Pretty sure we told the king family we would take him if the may deal didnt happen. Hope this doesnt now work against us.
  4. yeah, but this weight of numbers thing can often end up with just scrambled mayhem resulting in a rushed behind or a ball up 15m out. i think you need at least one small gun forward that can turn nothing into something. like jeffy in his prime.
  5. i can't believe they think our small forwards are up to scratch. who the hell are our gun small forwards??? compared to most finals sides this year we are crap.
  6. if the giants get pick 3, and the suns dont go for Green, which they won't, i think they can grab someone else then dont have to use a pick until another club puts his name up. they said on SEN this is why they wanted pick 6 from saints. they'll get the gun for bugger all and a top 3 player as well. we should bend them over if they want pick3.
  7. All the players love hanging out at Houlihan's cafe in Hampton street.
  8. The article is from the show last night. Shaun smith, Barnes and a couple of rugby players who are fu,,,ed up due to concussion.
  9. Mate if you watched Insight last night you would realize it is a very complicated case. The bloke nearly jumped in front of a train at richmond station FFS. The multiple concussions have changed his whole personality. Fighting with friends is just one small part of it.
  10. gotta laugh, just hope he doesnt get a premiership medal.
  11. Mate i wasnt replying to you ffs
  12. Unfortunately in four years after paying 'overs ' and Hawthorn paying 'unders', they will still be strong and we will still be paying 'overs'.
  13. Maybe there not keen offering long term deals to blokes with back and hammy history. (Maybe)
  14. Doesnt everyone use a silly name to give there opinion on this site. In case the everyday keyboard warriors dont get it , not one word, not one post, not one 200 pages of a peticuler topic will ever make MFC any better, its just a place to catch up on some info. (Sorry kids if thats your real name. WTF) and if you were born in the mid sixties you might give a little bit more than a rats. Being a joke for so long fu,,,king hurts mate.
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