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  1. im in for a couple of sessions Wells, im still getting over maxs last shank that cost me $100. Pies 1-39pts. How many times can one bloke miss the same way ffs. Very depressing.
  2. Viney is just so red and blue inside, i think it would kill some team spirit if we got rid of him. We made that mistake with junior Mac.
  3. Gonzo, back when Paul Gardner was running thr show i wrote him a letter that clearly stated how bad it was for Melbourne supporters that they had nowhere to walk into and say this is my club, this is what we have achieved in the past and this is what i support today. I told him all i pay my membership for is to watch 18 red and blue jumpers run around playing footy, and maybe sing the song at the end of the game if ya lucky, then go home and read about it in the paper the next day. These are the basic things that all football clubs have whether it be suburban, or country football, and here we have the oldest club in the country and we still have zero. Its nothing short of a [censored] debarcle.
  4. Good luck getting the old melburnian bloods out of elsternwick park, rumour has it they've got a couple of Qc's giving the boys rub downs at training.
  5. Going to be a superstar??? Isnt he already 27yhrs of age. Want to hurry up.
  6. I tend to agree and enough alarm bells where going off after round 1 for me to drop $150 @ $3.10 to miss the eight. Happy to lose and play finals,not sure about bottom four but plenty needs to go right to make finals from here and i dont think we have the deapth or firepower to make it. Time will tell i guess.
  7. Yeah ross, im cromecasting and the slide control seems to work fine on my smart tv and iphone. Almost instant with game replays and On the couch etc.
  8. Yep, all the players from this era mean so much to most demonlanders. R.i.p.
  9. Might be just kicking back to Zappa's Montana, "me and the pigmy pony, over by the dentellfloss bush".
  10. That gawn photo is so typical melbourne. [censored] like this no matter how light hearted is why people in the industry like malthouse say demons need to get over themselves. Win the bloody thing before i die would be nice. Born in 65 so still ZIP. Get on with it demons.
  11. Thanks for saying sorry because i was feeling very hurt. To me that shows great character. All the best pd.
  12. Bag the [censored] out of him with no hard feelings. Wtf. Rubbish footballers dont make it to afl level.
  13. that's gold theo, I get to half a dozen games a year as we have a house at Ventnor and my old man was a trainer/physio for many years. look forward to pedo playing hopefully in back to back flag team.
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