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  1. Agree. He played much better with Jesse
  2. I don't think I've laughed harder all week. Thank you!
  3. It's not coming out of our club either. Doesn't change the fact that it's a fact.
  4. You've obviously got a short memory of the huge number of heart in mouth moments when Tommy was kicking the ball out of defence. Christ, please never again.
  5. I could equally have said 'why don't you get Pickett to do it'. Same point being made.
  6. I said Lever shouldn't be expected to play as a 1 on 1 key defender, in response to others saying he should be able to because he's paid a lot. My point is that being paid a lot is completely irrelevant if it isn't what you're being paid to do.
  7. Stupidest thing I've ever heard. Gawn is on heaps, why don't you get him to do it?
  8. We've finally got rid of all the others. Except Oscy. We'll always have Oscy.
  9. Do you? if you do, and you’re ‘dishing up’ criticism, unless you’re also on the coaching staff I hope he’s not listening.
  10. Yeah because he’s really reading and taking in the rubbish you post on Demonland
  11. Clearly talking about injuries, and not being able to get a core playing group together on a continuous basis to develop that cohesion further.
  12. Doubt it given we gave up heaps to get out of next year’s first round and into this year’s
  13. Carlton involved in the pick trade. We’ve clearly said to Freo at least we will give you access to one extra gun, provided you don’t take X, and Carlton made to understand the same
  14. This. There’s no way we are taking Jackson at 3, and this whole interview was disingenuous. I can’t recall, but when we picked Oliver out of the sky I bet Taylor wasn’t on Trade Radio saying ‘yeah, got this big fat Shep kid in mind, you’ll all laugh when we pick him but he’ll probably win a Brownlow’. He’s just throwing up names that sound plausible. Sure, we might take one, but he’s hardly going on a Podcast and giving away our drafting strategy...
  15. You’re usually pretty unflappable and balanced, but I can see you getting carried away here. West Coast has us well and truly covered. Collingwood and Richmond too I’d argue.
  16. When will people remember that most of the reason Howe left was because we were playing him back, when he wanted to play forward? He was never going to be happy with us. And the way that people blather about how Buckley ‘discovered’ Howe as a defender is ludicrous. and finally, if you remembered correctly, you’d remember that Howe took a lot of speccies in defence for us and not a lot else - he was nowhere near the player Collingwood have turned him into.
  17. Port have to go to Whyalla and Moreton Bay. We can’t complain!
  18. The diabetes or something else?
  19. He will be fine - Superman couldn’t have kept oppo key forwards quiet this year
  20. Looks great in a humming side when it all clicks, looks a disaster when it’s not going well. But he deserves his spot and another crack next year.
  21. They knew he was a natural forward, where he played most of 2018. He was moved back at the end of 2018, when we needed a sweeper type in defence. They left him in that role for most of 2019, which was odd, but they knew damn well he was a forward after they drafted him as one...
  22. If McDonald and Melksham get back on the park next year we will be fine up forward. We probably forget how damaging Melksham in particular can be. I think we did extremely well - got the outside players we needed who push a couple of fringe players out. It also takes Brayshaw, Jones, Salem, Hunt and god knows who else off the wings We can use 3 or really push GWS - I reckon they will pony up before the draft with something decent
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