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  1. Agree. He played much better with Jesse
  2. I don't think I've laughed harder all week. Thank you!
  3. It's not coming out of our club either. Doesn't change the fact that it's a fact.
  4. You've obviously got a short memory of the huge number of heart in mouth moments when Tommy was kicking the ball out of defence. Christ, please never again.
  5. I could equally have said 'why don't you get Pickett to do it'. Same point being made.
  6. I said Lever shouldn't be expected to play as a 1 on 1 key defender, in response to others saying he should be able to because he's paid a lot. My point is that being paid a lot is completely irrelevant if it isn't what you're being paid to do.
  7. Stupidest thing I've ever heard. Gawn is on heaps, why don't you get him to do it?
  8. We've finally got rid of all the others. Except Oscy. We'll always have Oscy.
  9. Do you? if you do, and you’re ‘dishing up’ criticism, unless you’re also on the coaching staff I hope he’s not listening.
  10. Yeah because he’s really reading and taking in the rubbish you post on Demonland
  11. Clearly talking about injuries, and not being able to get a core playing group together on a continuous basis to develop that cohesion further.
  12. Doubt it given we gave up heaps to get out of next year’s first round and into this year’s
  13. Carlton involved in the pick trade. We’ve clearly said to Freo at least we will give you access to one extra gun, provided you don’t take X, and Carlton made to understand the same
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