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  1. Macca

    Monkey Business

    Soccer results AFL Schedule AFLW Schedule Cricket Schedule NRL Schedule SuperRugby Schedule NBA Schedule NHL Schedule MLB Schedule English Premier League (EPL) English League Championship English League One English League Two Spain - La Liga Germany - Bundesliga Italy - Serie A France - Ligue 1 Netherlands - Eredivisie Portugal - Primeira Liga Scotland - Premiership Turkey - Super Lig Greece - Super League UEFA - Champions League Brazil - Campeonato Paulista Argentina - Superliga Australia - A-League
  2. Macca

    Monkey Business

    @Wadda We Sing @Dee Zephyr I'm happy to continue with the midweek multi whilst there's still some big time sport about being played midweek. NHL & NBA goes through to mid June whilst the European soccer often plays catch-up midweek (along with the Champions League) Midweek Special Thursday NBA 10.00am Houston lead at the end of every quarter vs Utah ($2.10)
  3. Macca

    Monkey Business

    Monday Special NBA Monday 5.30am $2.40 Golden State Warriors lead at the end of every quarter @ LA Clippers
  4. We will win more games rjay but I'm thinking they will be the unlikely wins rather than 'We should be able to beat such and such etc' Oddly enough, coming to terms with how the season will probably end up is rather easy. Back to the default mode hey? None of us are going anywhere and we'll continue to be paid up members etc (why quit now?) but it does pay to have some other strong interests outside of footy. If it is just the Demons it will do your head in.
  5. Back in medievil times you'd be a marked man rjay ... you got any good news? You can make it up if you like - tell us what we want to hear. Anything will do, we're not fussed.
  6. In the light of the most recent event (another shocking loss) ...I might just stick around at ADATR for the winter! (or at least the MB thread) I mean, at least we've got a bit of control of the happenings at the races & multi's. As a mere onlooker with the footy, the sharp pain just continues to be quite prevalent. Pays to broaden your horizons as a demons fan ... I started doing so in the late 70's!
  7. I've got about 8 really good prints but did have to send one back one time (quality average but got a full refund) ... and that was a ways back Wadda. The prices have come down a bit and getting a canvas print is a good option too. I believe there is now a 'super' giclee option available but it's great fun perusing ... I know a couple of people who frame paintings and prints so I have previously just ordered the giclee prints on their own. 'All posters' have got just about everything but there are probably a number of online print companies ... but if you do order anything giclee, start off inexpensive as a test case or 2. By the way, JJ has got me 3 winners today (so far) including Meli Melo in the 7th at Oakbank - got the exacta as well so a happy lad here mate!
  8. What a small world we live in Wadda I've got a Giclée print of Rembrandts 'Night Watch' along with a number of other Giclee prints of various works of art ... I usually go to AllPosters who are quite reliable in terms of quality. In fact, the quality is often quite amazing with Giclee prints ... got a few Vermeer, Brueghel, Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Renoir et al. They are a tad less expensive than the real thing (ha ha) but with the right sort of lighting and framing, the prints often look like the real thing.
  9. Best Bet Caulfield Race 8 No.2 Night's Watch $6.00
  10. If I get a chance I'll throw in a best bet but might be lunchtime Saturday Wadda ... got a lot on right now OB should win ... looks a good thing and the extra 200m suits well.
  11. Macca

    Monkey Business

    Doesn't always happen with absolute standouts but this time it did and I reckon we got overs too Wadda Was going to throw Man City win & +2.5 goals as the 3rd banana but thought twice and was happy to take the 9-1 for the 2pick ... no regrets either mate. Monkey Business does it again ... nearly saluted last Sunday/Monday as well but Augsberg decided to put on a show to thwart our ongoing success!
  12. Macca

    Monkey Business

    Winner! The 2pick this time!
  13. Macca

    Monkey Business

    Midweek Best NBA Thursday 11.30am $2.55 Houston to lead at the end of every quarter vs Utah
  14. @Dee Zephyr @Wadda We Sing @binman I'll post here occasionally during the off-season (May thru to September) but am going to be very busy at work for the next 2 or 3 months anyway ... may not do a best bet as I'm not sure I'll have the time to identify a standout. But all the best if you're having a dabble!
  15. Macca

    Monkey Business

    The tri-bet is complete ... Bundesliga Monday 2.00am $2.05 Eintracht Frankfurt Win & +2.5 Goals Match Score vs Augsburg Italia Serie A Monday 2am Chievo v Napoli (win)and match result +2.5 Goals $1.91 Italian Serie A Monday at 04:30 Frosinone v FC Inter FC Inter Win & Over 2.5 Match Goals $2.30 Should be able to get about 10-1 for the combo (with an odds boost) Good luck everyone!
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