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  1. Yep ... and the VFA went to 16 a side in the early 1950's. For the reasons why use the Occam's Razor approach. I'd go to 16 a side just to see where it takes the game. Too many are turning away and there are too many complaints. No other sport has these issues. It's just footy. I'd keep a version of 666 though. (6-4-6 if we went to 16 a side) And reduce rotations to 10 per side per game. We might see the clubs recruit more athletes but what we might see the clubs recruit more footballer types. The latter type of recruiting might come later. But the game would have less congestion and as a result, less tackling. Keepings-off would still exist but less-so if the length of a kick for a legal mark to be taken was increased to 20 or 25 metres. All I know is that most people I know watch way less footy these days and I myself barely watch the sport at all. Apart from our games of course. Those who are turning away from the sport need to be catered for rather than condemned. Loyalty is a 2-way street.
  2. Yeah the footy isn't great but it's times like these where you find out a lot about the club Wadda. Tanking aside, we need to still act like professionals. Both collectively and as individuals. The reason I mention tanking (and it still goes on) is that list management and recruiting for needs started way before the point that we're at right now. So we almost certainly have our eye on a certain type or a certain player (much like we did with Oliver) As much as I'm a skeptic with drafting I do recognise that the best of the best are quite often at the pointy end of the draft. So we can do both ... fight out the season and find out who we want to go with as well as having an eye on the future. So I will be watching the last 6 games with avid interest. As well as the Ashes! (along with the golf, le tour, EPL, MLB & the horses) ha ha
  3. Dr Macca ... doesn't quite work old dee ha ha An influx of talent is always the fix though ... as always, we're always building or at least you'd like to think that we're always building The acquisition of May & Lever thus making Frost & Oscar the back ups is the pointer. It's my belief that we have to do the same thing in the forward line. And you find a way to do it.
  4. Other teams crowd our forward line (constantly) and one way to counteract that is to move the ball into the forward line quickly (which we often do) The trouble with that is the ball delivered into the forward line line quickly isn't necessarily 'lace-out' so we need our forwards to win their own ball. Which, as we have seen all season, isn't happening. Our forwards won't play in front, won't make multiple leads and they often stand around like Brown's Cows. And our defensive pressure in our forward line is woeful.
  5. I have heard about the Basketball World Cup recently but not sure on the details Wadda. As for the Ashes, my theory on winning over there (or anyehere for that matter) often revolves around individuals scoring centuries. Do it enough times and you set up wins ... and if a player scores a big hundred it's hard to lose a match. So we've got Smith and who else? We need Harris, Warner, Khawaja or someone else to make some big scores (as well as Smith) Our bowling is fine but our bowlers need scores that can allow them to bowl to targets. Can't say I'm all that confident but we live in hope!
  6. As for the injuries ... if the club had a greater depth of real talent we can cover for those injuries. But our recruiting from the tail end of the Daniher era through to the start of the Roos era was abysmal. And we're still paying a price now. And it is the clubs fault that we don't have greater talent depth, no one else's. So we can't use injuries as a reason for our failings. And every club has their fair share of injuries so it's not just us. We went into the season with 2 questionable key forwards ... neither T-Mac nor Weideman are proven, ridgy-didge key forwards. Not to be relied on anyway. Both fail to deliver this season and hey presto, we're a cellar dweller again. And our small forwards ain't much chop either. On top of all that our midfielders don't kick enough goals and are constantly looking at giving the ball off. Plus, we choke in front of goal. A recipe for disaster and we wrote the script.
  7. We need 2 KPF's ... An extra 1 just in case the first one isn't great. In the unlikely event that we end up with 4 top key forwards trade out 1 of them Do we draft 1 and trade for 1? That should be the focus ... having an abundance of NQR midfielders and inbetweeners serves no real purpose. And we need a couple of small forwards as well ... maybe even 3 to find 1 or 2. Unless we trade for absolute proven forward talent it becomes a percentage play T-Mac, Melk & Trac being the mainstays but 2 of those 3 have injury concerns so we need cover for them as well.
  8. It's ok to present an argument and then agree to disagree with those who have a different view. So stick around BM ... many here are talking through their frustration and that's how fans are. The hip-pocket factor. Prior to the season many were expecting finals as a matter of course. Again, that's how fans think and you won't change it. So with disappointment comes frustration and then the blame game. My expectations are always tempered so would rather just look at the form of the players as the season progresses. Make the appropriate changes as a result. And there is no doubt that for various reasons we have a numerous amount of players who are down on form. Collectively we've been poor thus the frustration Others here might see you as being too wedded to the off-season surgeries and interrupted pre-seasons. But those who are fit continue to make the same fundamental errors on a constant basis ... not playing in front, no gut running, poor conversion rates, poor disposal levels, no 2 way running, poor shepherding, questionable game plan, average coaching etc etc etc
  9. Say it all the time then rjay ... each time you talk about the gameplan & coaching make sure you mention our hopeless forward line By doing that you present a more balanced argument ... most of the time you look like you are just blaming Goodwin and the game plan. Over and over again. Game plans are overated anyway ... without talent, no game plan can work. And we lack talent ... more so in the forward line. And it's the worst I've seen. By a stretch. It really is that bad and I'm surprised that it's not the main focus on our ills.
  10. I broke down the output of all our forwards this year in another thread but to simplify things, I'll give each forward a rating out of 10 for actual output ... and missing games counts T-Mac 3.5 Weideman 1.5 Petracca 7 Hunt 3 Hannon 1 Garlett 2 Spargo 1 Melksham 1.5 Petty 1.5 T Smith 1.5 Remember, the ratings are for actual output. If you don't play or you don't play in the forward line, your rating goes down. For instance, Melksham's first 5 games this year resulted in a negligible output and he hasn't played since round 8. If you were to rate our midfielders individually the numbers are much higher. We've had a dysfuntional forward line all season and they can't win their own ball and they don't adhere to the fundamentals. In a nutshell, our forward line is hopeless. You need to start looking past the game plan and the coaching rjay. You're not seeing the whole picture.
  11. Apart from all that drafting is flawed anyway so the debate/argument is based on mistruths, myths, incorrect projections and crystal ball gazing. In a nutshell the draft is a bit of a lottery with lots of hidden nice prizes and any number of busts But I agree with your reply Gonzo ... up to a dozen clubs 'Qualified' for priority picks which were obviously tanked for. We just did what the others did but our drafting results were poor (which, when taking into account how flawed the draft is could have easily been predicted) The draft believers will disagree and that's their choice. I'd rather look at the truths surrounding drafting. Putting an absolute value on a draft pick number is flawed too. The Hogan/May deal with a top-end pick involved as a bartering tool makes more sense. In the end we swapped Hogan for May. A 'virtual' swap per se. May is older but looks to be a good asset and who knows what Freo will get with Jesse. I wouldn't call it win/win (yet) but both clubs got what they needed.
  12. Can't be sure but his payout might have been the same whether he resigned or was sacked Was he contracted beyond this season? My guess is he hasn't lost out in a monetary sense. But not many resign although RDB was never sacked in his 4 stints as coach. Matthews? Jeans? Kennedy?
  13. We're 5 & 11 after coming into the season where the expectations were very high (from most) So it stands to reason that there would be mounting tensions. A shake-up of the assistants with at least 10 changes to the list is my tip. As for Viney, when he is fit and raring to go is when we see his value. His kicking efficiency drops away when he plays hurt. At his best he's a bull who can break tackles and then deliver the ball unimpeded (it's then up to the forwards to produce) His value decreases quite sharply when not fully fit. He's not the most accurate of field kicks so he needs to be 'freed up' to hit targets (or kick to advantage or space) Being co-captain he'd want to always play and he strikes me that that is how he is wired anyway. Which in turn makes it tough for the selectors if they want to rest/rehab the player. Unlike others, you only have to look at Viney from the get-go to know whether he is ready to go or not.
  14. June/July are huge in terms of Overseas sport and then the EPL starts up in less than a month. The NFL not long after. Spring Carnival and then the home tests vs Pakistan & New Zealand. Until then we've got 2 more weeks of the Tour de France, British Open Golf and our Demons might even win a game or 2! I'm a bit of a fan of Rugby League these days so there's that too. Rugby Union World cup in September. Champions League? Oh ... and a little urn gets played for kicking off in just over 2 weeks! There's a bit goin' on.
  15. Yeah ... was talking to a few people today and they couldn't fathom why they would schedule all 3 at the same time on the same day. Plus, the 'Tour' was on as well so there was a feast of sport. There's probably a dozen world-wide sporting events that need to be watched uninterrupted and the Cricket World Cup & Wimbledon are 2 such events for many people. There's a point of difference with the FI's & Cycling but events such as the GF, State of Origin, Boxing day cricket and such like need singular attention. The Open Championship (Golf) is another and that will get most of my attention next weekend. Big sport just never stops Wadda!
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