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  1. They do but all of them are quite capable of disposing of the ball in a more efficient manner ... but our ballistic style doesn't allow the players to steady or take that extra bit of time before disposing of the ball. Lowering of the eyes is almost non existent. And our forwards do not present, play in front nor provide moving targets with multiple leads. So it's a coaching issue as well. Plapp is the midfield coach with Mathews as the stoppages & contest coach whilst Goodwin oversees it all. There's a lot to fix but if they have a clear plan, things can be turned around. That takes time doc ... how long? Who knows but urgency is required. We need to see a rapid improvement in the next month starting Saturday evening.
  2. You've got it wrong (again) In our discussion you deliberately misrepresented me so I let you have it. If you recall I mentioned that I thought leadership groups were overrated yet you somehow turned my comments into me not rating leadership groups at all. Editing my posts disingenuously in the process Ironically, a few days later the club decided to not go with a leadership group at all Not a word from you afterwards either. Crickets. As for the bloke you quoted, he started the spat with his over the top comments about me needing to receive some sort of medal in the mail. All because I dared to question our forward line structure going into the 2019 season. So he got some pushback as well Get your facts straight or shut up.
  3. Yeah I reckon frustrated as well as furious Gonzo. Not sure about gutted as we've seen the team on numerous occasions have poor seasons. 2012 & 2013 I felt gutted. We were completely hopeless in those 2 seasons. But this team has a semblance of talent albeit with a forward line that needs new personnel and reconstruction. We know the team is capable of winning against most of the teams yet we keep shooting ourselves in the foot. You have to win when you're capable of winning otherwise it seems such a waste.
  4. Watch for the Covid-19 excuses Rack-em It won't be long and it won't just be clubs like ours. In terms of excuses, it's a doozy. But we're all effected in the same way so it can't be used as an excuse (IMO) It's why I think winning the flag this season will take great mental fortitude. Not the other way around. Knowing that a few clubs might chuck it in allows a club like ours to swoop. Or it should do ... we've been handed an opportunity but does the club realise that?
  5. For balance ... A counter argument could be made that we are going to lose money by keeping Goodwin on ... however, the income streams have slowed to a trickle anyway and there's only AFL money forthcoming (because of the virus) And that money will be to keep the club afloat ... plus, we've launched our own fundraising ideas. But will the supporters give money right now with the team performing the way it is? So first of all we should at least try and give some autonomy to a few smart operators and therefore take some responsibilities off Goodwin. Selection? It's taking away a lot but I'm baffled by a lot of our selections so maybe? And if that doesn't work and we keep losing then you might pull the pin and wear the consequences.
  6. Ordinarily he's be lucky to hold on to his job but the club would almost certainly need to borrow money to pay him out plus ... without AFL money coming in during this pandemic we'd be in all sorts of trouble Wyl. Lost $1.5Million last year for starters. Better to take a few responsiblities away from Simon so that the team can function better. And that sort of stuff has been done before (Thompson, Hardwick, Buckley etc) Not ideal but the alternative is to do nothing or go into more debt. So we've got 3 choices as I see it or Goodwin could be honest with himself. But perhaps he is being honest with himself and this is what he is.
  7. I must have misinterpreted what you said then ... just following suit I suppose. You're the same bloke who disappeared after 6 rounds last year yeah. Got a bit tough for you didn't it. Ran out of excuses. But then you came flying back with the off -season surgeries jargon. You play the man, I play the man.
  8. A populist to the end You just love telling people stuff that they want to hear. Me ... I'm almost the opposite And you go onto the ignore list because you never say anything that interests me. I've argued fiercely with numerous people here but they don't get ignored because they're at least interesting. And you are calling for Goodwin's head because that's the popular thing to do right now yeah? I don't want him sacked so I'm going against the crowd again. You should try that some time ... it can be confronting but refreshingly honest
  9. You really are quite the apologist aren't you? Your football knowledge wouldn't fit on the back of a postage stamp. You're a populist and a novice at the same time Congratulations and welcome to my ignore list. You're in amongst some very weird types. Cya
  10. Yeah I did argue with those decisions and can prove it. I wanted the club to replace Hogan with a like for like player. And also mentioned that we could easily regress. Do a search, you'll find I'm right.
  11. Well, I was one of the few here who predicted that we could regress without Hogan so it's not hindsight stuff. Never rated T-Mac as a 1 or 2 and wasn't at all convinced with Weideman. Our entries into the forward line in 2018 were questionable as well. We caught teams our unawares and that stuff never lasts indefinitely. In the end, skilled entries into the forward line are required. Posted as such a few times back then and if I get time I'll do a search and post up my views from back then. No one quoted me either such was the faith. So you're wrong. Couldn't believe that the large majority here couldn't see trouble ahead. So I disagreed with the clubs recruiting back then and here we are now talking about the very same predicted outcome. And I wasn't the only one with reservations. But the majority here felt differently and that included those within the FD ... doesn't make them right though. And I can promise you, I am not normally a 'told you so' type person.
  12. Well, time will tell. Who gets rid of them? The AFL or the Board? Or does the Board go as well?
  13. We haven't got a functioning forward line WB or any depth in the forward line so recruitment is an issue ... or at least a breakdown in communication within the FD And our problems in the forward line stems back to the moment Hogan wanted out. The decisions surrounding our forward line (and the types of entries into the forward line) goes back to the off-season of 2018. I see our issues as technical as well as involving the personnel involved with the decisions. So if mistakes keep getting made then a change of personnel is required. I didn't buy into the off-season surgeries or interrupted preseason stuff as much last year although it was a factor in some ways. But we regressed way too far for that to be the prime reason for a 17 loss season. So it's not just this season as far as I'm concerned. It's strictly business as well ... nothing personal. You win when capable of winning or you're out. Not just with the decision makers within the FD ... many players as well. The players don't get off the hook. Otherwise they rule the roost (again)
  14. Easier said than done if they're all looking out for each other. Intervention or Bartlett/Pert get serious. I favour the former over the latter and the AFL right now have bigger fish to fry.
  15. Have another review then LH. I don't have a lot of faith in any of those in positions of authority. Do we have a standout top operater in amongst the Pres, CEO, Footy manager, Coach and Chief Recruiter? And what about all the assistants? Specifically the midfield/stoppages area and the forward line? And what about the Board? As you've indicated, the fitness bloke seems to be doing his job but that area can end up being effected if other areas aren't working well. We probably need another clean out much like what happened in 2013. But again, I don't like the chances of that happening without intervention. And the AFL are preoccupied with just putting the games on. We're under the radar Reckon we can win the next 2 (and we need to) but the game plan will remain flawed unless we address and fix our issues forward of centre. The good teams know how to beat us without too much trouble.
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