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  1. Macca


    Could go that way as well Dappa ... and being a SB a high scoring game probably isn't a given even though both teams are free-scoring teams. It is a high mark set by Vegas though ... and the bookies rarely lose.
  2. Macca


    Leaderboard Post Season Tipping Comp 9 - DemonDave, Dee Zephyr 8 - Go the Biff 7 - Macca 6 - JV7 5 - Clintosaurus, Gorgoroth 4 - Dappa Dan 2 - DeeSpencer If you accurately tip the SB Winner you'll receive 3 points ... plus a bonus 2 points if your winning score falls within 3 points of the winning teams actual score. e.g. Dappa Dan puts up a scoreline of KC 34 49ers 31 ... if KC win and their winning score is somewhere between (and including) 31 - 37, then Dappa would pick up a total of 5 points (3 points plus 2 bonus points) So, all those participating can still win (either outright or tie for the win) or finish on the podium. And we could extend the bonus points system for all the rounds of the playoffs next year ... makes putting up the scorelines worthwhile.
  3. Macca


    Over/under set at 53.5 for the SB ... that might be unders for these 2 free scoring teams. You'd reckon the winning team could easily rack up the numbers ... Ravens aside, the 49ers & KC are the 2 best teams. Both teams are great to watch as well. And credit to Andy Reid (again) ... he just knows how to get his team's into contention. Time management can sometimes be an issue though 🙂 Packers need to turn a good list into a great list ... LaFleur did very well in his first year but he'll need to reshape the team. There is still too much onus on Rodgers as we have weaknesses at RB (depth) WR (depth) and the run defence & pass defence isn't great either. The O-Line is reasonable but we're a ways off from an overall perspective. All in all we did well to make the last 4 ... which is something that 28 other teams didn't achieve. Good luck to the 49ers & KC fans that reside here on this thread. Just getting to the SB is some sort of achievement.
  4. Macca


    2 scores in it now though Packers will now need the 49ers to make an error or 2 (turnover) to have any sort of chance
  5. Macca


    As forecast by many (including myself) I only tipped the Packers (here) because I would never pick against my team. I thought we did tremendously well to make the last 4 to be honest. We're not a bad team but we're not that good either. On the other hand the 49ers look the complete package ... barring a miracle comeback by Green Bay the SB match-up looks a beauty.
  6. Macca


    Titans 17 Chiefs 32 Packers 28 49ers 27
  7. Macca


    Excellent recap above @DemonDave Leaderboard Post Season Tipping Comp 5 - DemonDave, Dee Zephyr, Macca 4 - JV7, Go the Biff, Dappa Dan 3 - Clintosaurus, Gorgoroth 2 - DeeSpencer This week each game is worth 2 points whilst the SB Winner receives 3 points plus a bonus 2 points if your winning score falls within 3 points of the actual score. And that is for the SB only, not this week KC are -7.5 favourites whilst San Francisco are -6.5 favourites.
  8. Macca


    Going to real tough at the 49ers next week though. Happy to be in the hunt of course ... we'll have to be at our best to have a chance. Still can't believe the Ravens didn't turn up and Houston threw away that game against KC. And the Titans could go all the way with the way they're playing.
  9. Fairly sure a lot of our good players under Smith were from different parts of the bush but when we were restricted to the Goulburn Valley only (or part of) that all changed. Ironically we did get a few excellent players from that zone later on when the draft was first phased in (notably Lyon, Schwarz, David Williams and 1 or 2 others) And the zones were meant to be switched around every 3 to 5 years but that never happened. From what I've been told we were given the worst possible zones because of the ongoing success that we were having back then. That's probably what Smith was going on about (?) But by hell we dropped away (talent-wise) in a hurry post that great era.
  10. But we have no such excuses in the drafting era (although we did contest the finals 12 years out of 20 from '87)
  11. The zones were a big big factor too although it could be argued we didn't put enough time & effort into our zones (?) The older members would know more about that than I would.
  12. The differences you highlight I don't bother with It's just Supporter-Speak based on human instincts. We'd be the same if we were as successful. Arrogance comes naturally per se. Clubs operate despite what their supporters say or do (primarily)
  13. Macca


    And the Packers just got lucky there ... not sure that the ball broke the plane (Jones) But you take the good with the bad hey?
  14. In my opinion we've often never had enough real talent and I measure the list against dynasty type teams. Why? Because that is how good you need to be. Our biggest failings has been with recruiting. And I'd argue that recruiting is the most important aspect of a club. Great recruiting = A great list (as long as the coaching and all the rest of it is sound) But it all goes hand in hand so the leadership and expertise from the top needs to be A1 in order to be great at recruiting. Do that and then the wins happen. Hawthorn's strength has been it's recruiting. In the last half century, they've done it better than any other team We were once in the same position under Smith, Cardwell with Ivor as the right hand man to Norm. Back then (from what I've been told & what I've read) our recruiting was supreme.
  15. I prefer to view things as the club will do whatever regardless of how we feel or what we say or do. We'd like to think that we make a difference but really we don't. I have been involved in local sport all my life and that is where one can really make a difference. Just my view of course but the club obviously knows its supporter base wants success ... and they know we're fiercely loyal too. Just like any other fan base I gave the Hawthorn example because I don't believe their supporters are any different to ours ... in the last half century 12 flags versus 0 flags. And considering our lack of success in the half century it's quite amazing to have over 50 thousand members. We are the club's greatest asset. Make no mistake about that. Fitzroy & South Melbourne supporters lost their clubs because of a lack of onfield success (which evemtually effected their supporter numbers) So never beat yourself up about your own support for the club. You and the rest of us are playing our part.
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