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  1. Macca


    Tomorrow's divisional clash is line-ball though Dappa. The Chargers will take it up to the Chiefs and it might easily be a close game throughout. In fact the AFC West winner is up for grabs with the Chargers not far away in the standings along with the Raiders (who have won 5 of their last 7) The line is set at -4.5 (KC) which is often interpreted as the 'Vegas' line. Should or could be -6.5 or even down to -3.5 but the bookies would prefer to design the betting.
  2. Macca

    Monkey Business

    I went with your pick in the multi (later on) but earlier on I used DZ's & my pick together with what I thought were a couple of 'Sure-things' (Vikings - NFL & France - Euro Qualifier) ... just to boost up the overall odds by 60%. Got the collect eventually with England scoring the 4th goal in the 90th minute along with the Vikings coming back to win after being down 0 - 20 at half time! Always need a bit of luck with any collect Wadda.
  3. Macca


    Apparently you're barracking strong for the Chargers tomorrow? But as of right now you are leading the tipping comp DZ!
  4. Macca

    Monkey Business

    Weekend Special Euro Qualifying Monday 4.00am Kosovo vs England England (Win) & +3.5 Goals Match Score $3.10
  5. Macca


    Lakers & Celtics leading their respective conferences ... that's a throwback And haven't the Warriors fallen away? Clippers have their next 5 at home so their record could easily improve. There's a lot of teams in it this season including your Sixers.
  6. Macca


    Your D is very good (2nd in yards allowed) so Garoppolo doesn't necessarily need to be a star QB. Your running game is 2nd in the league too (behind the Ravens only) so Garoppolo just needs to be managed well. The Packers/49ers is a good match-up too as the Packers have improved their D and their running game as well. Thus, taking the pressure off Rodgers (about time!)
  7. The racing continues on at Sandown this Saturday along with a couple of feature races at Newcastle which includes the inaugural running of the $1Million Hunter Stakes - good field assembled too. The Summer carnival at Ascot kicks off this weekend too with 3 x Group 3 races as well as another listed race. Newcastle - The Hunter Sandown - Zipping Classic Sandown - Guineas Newcastle - Spring Stakes
  8. Macca


    2 big points on offer for week 11 in the comp. Good luck to all. Leaderboard in the Tipping Comp 8 - JV7, Go the Biff 7 - Dee Zephyr, Gorgoroth 5 - Dappa Dan, Layzie, Macca 4 - DeeSpencer, Clintosaurus
  9. Macca


    The 'Interception' from Goroppolo was from a muffed catch by one of his receivers and they dropped a few other easy ones including one in the end zone for a missed TD. Those QBR ratings often don't tell the true story GtB Packers have got the bye then we come to your house in week 12. A Mini-showdown or perhaps even more significant with regards to the outcome. As always, may the better team win.
  10. Macca


    A tie might have been a more fitting result as there was nothing between the 2 sides in a riotous affair. I thought Garoppolo was reasonably good without being outstanding. He's had better games this year though so there's upside. Both QB's were about as good as each other today. Whoever had the ball last ultimately won the game so the Niners were a tad unlucky. The Packers go to San Francisco in 2 weeks time and that result will have ramifications with the Vikings & Seattle looming large in each respective division.
  11. Macca


    Saints lose, Rams lose, KC lose, Cowboys lose - whooda thunk-it! Should be a cracker of a game tomorrow - Seattle @ San Francisco For all your NFL Highlights - NFL Youtube
  12. Macca

    The Soccer thread

    It's looking like Liverpool's title to lose after last night's win over City. The passing from Robertson & Alexander-Arnold is spectacular - it's like watching the great German or Brazil teams out from the defence For all your EPL Highlights - Optus Sport Youtube
  13. Macca


    Rams Ravens Giants
  14. Macca

    Monkey Business

    Reasonably sure all the links (below) still work n.b. Many of the teams in the English National League South (and North) average close to or above 3 goals per game and often close to 4 goals per game. Midweek games often feature as well as the Saturday games. Cricket (Schedule) NBL A-League NBA NHL NFL English Premier League (EPL) English League Championship English League One English League Two English National League English National League North English National League South Spain - La Liga Germany - Bundesliga Italy - Serie A France - Ligue 1 Netherlands - Eredivisie Portugal - Primeira Liga Belgium - First Division Scotland - Premiership Turkey - Super Lig Greece - Super League UEFA - Champions League Brazil - Campeonato Paulista Argentina - Superliga
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