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  1. I love Jack but I love the club and the jumper a hell of a lot more. Remember that they know more about list management and running a football club than all of us.
  2. Pedo is a better AFL player than he is VFL
  3. Even more than the goal from the boundary, how good was his chase and tackle on Smith!
  4. What I have learnt - We are going to be a very good team over the next 5 years
  5. I love Jones's "f@&k this s@&t" attitude. When we are over using the ball he so often just goes bang and bombs one from outside fifty. Couldnt love a footballer more
  6. Both should go. Hogan for 1, Lewis for 2 due to his record. Both boys very silly and I hope it does not cost us the game against Geelong. it certainly won't help having them both out
  7. The competition for spots is refreshing. Weid v Pedo Oscar v Frost Garlett-Kent (when fit)-JKH, throw in Dion Johnstone Mids battling for position.
  8. I have been looking at best 22s for the upcoming season. With the addition of Lewis and possibly Melksham to the midfield group, is there room for both Gus and Clarry in the side? I'm interested in people's thoughts regarding our starting midfield...
  9. Ox said on SEN this morning that Trac had shed 6-7 kg. Said he'd be amazed if he didn't win the Brownlow.
  10. Welcome 'Bull' great pick up! love what he brings to the table. Well done to the Casey Academy
  11. Stoked for Dec and his family. He comes from great stock! Cant wait to see him in a Melbourne jumper.
  12. Like Jones has taken Brayshaw under his wing, I would like the club to set Clayton up with a personal mentor. Either Lewis who has show professionalism and elite standards throughout his career or Bernie who has demonstrated how you can mix being a lad with being an elite footballer
  13. I like this signing. Got the absolute best out of himself as a player and was much loved at Geelong.
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