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  1. Unfortunately, he only gets under the radar from pundits and other team supporters. The opposition coaches are well aware of his influence. But as he is so good, most of their tactics are not effective - long may that continue.
  2. If he has another kid, then the name could be Mel Bennel - pronunced Melbourne 'ell!
  3. I will not attend a match until Melbourne win. 😎
  4. Nice. Breville better with Neville Jetta
  5. That was from sen stats in 2019. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2019/07/10/who-are-the-most-accurate-and-inaccurate-players-in-the-afl/
  6. Melbourne Goals Behinds Other Total shots Accuracy % Jayden Hunt 18 10 4 32 56.3 Christian Petracca 17 10 7 34 50 Sam Weideman 11 8 4 23 47.8 Tom McDonald 18 15 6 39 46.2 Jake Melksham 10 5 7 22 45.5 Jeff Garlett 9 9 3 21 42.9 James Harmes 10 15 4 29 34.5
  7. Melksham is elite. Left and right
  8. Has Simon Goodwin failed as a coach? He introduced the gameplan whilst under Paul Roos that provided the drastically improved scoring in Roos's 3rd year. He led the team to missing finals by percentage in 2017 and then continued growth in 2018. 2019 was disappointing. 2020, 1 game has been played. Bad game. The coaching team will address the shortcomings, or if not, then you may have some good points about his lack of prowess in coaching. To me, the game plan is sound, execution at critical moments has been oscillating. Goodwin brings good people management, we have good player development and he has sound tactical knowledge of football. These are critical in an elite football club. There is a strong case for staying the course.
  9. He'd be a nice addition around high half forward too. With his and Melksham's elite kicking, the inside 50 conversion should drastically improve.
  10. Garry was more influential in his games. He had a bigger impact in games earlier in his career. Neitz was no slouch but he really started to be more impactful from 96. Garry was moved on the ball when the game was in the balance, and he was very effective as a pinch hitter. David was moved to the backline when we needed to stem the flow, but he was most valuable as a forward target - decoy or prime. Garry's back ruined his last years and David was only majorly impacted in his last year.
  11. Isn't the new Perth stadium the same dimensions as MCG?
  12. I didn't know that crossword scratchies were a thing.. A lifelong learner I am 🙂
  13. I wonder whether how that could be played. I am pondering the many times that a ball is neutral and two or more opponents go for the ball. The second player may have a near impossible task to stop/slow their attack on the ball
  14. My vocabulary is limited. But I noticed that you attacked me without actually responding to the topic.
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