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  1. I don't know how Salem should be pronounced, but it might be similar to Salim. So Bruce may be closer than the Salem Massachusetts pronunciation. Just a thought
  2. I can't stand the Seven commentary team. BT talks about things that aren't there - a team about to surge, an umpire decision that he feels is right/wrong which the reviews clearly show otherwise. And then there is his horrible abuse of the english language. Should of instead of should have Verse instead of versus .... anyway. I turned the sound off but it loses the crowd noise so I turned the game off. It was only dogs pies anyway
  3. I agree! At the time, I thought that Port played it really well, and I was expecting Watts to make us regret the move. I also wish Watts more success for the rest of his career, though not when he plays against Melbourne. Jesse has every reason to play a fantastic year at Melbourne, and then he can again consider his options as to whether he will return to Perth - hopefully with a medal or two.
  4. I think that trade negotiations is about playing the long game. So if you negotiate really hard, or if you have a great coup, then you will have a reputation that will be harder to deal with in the future. So, being seen to be fair and reasonable provides more opportunities to do more deals in the future. If the List Management team is able to execute well, then the deal will look like a small loss at the first point, but a great success later down the track. Think Watts at 31.
  5. Tyson is a great ball winner, when playing on the ball. Does he think he has more time to get rid of the ball? He has also been compromised by trying to shrug tackles. These two aspects have caused turnovers. So if he eradicates these aspects, he will be a great win for North. At Melbourne he would have been getting less time in the middle, and his impact would continue to drop. I wish him well
  6. Nathan Jones has been stoic, and been the light for such a long time. For the last two years, I have seen him needing to play a different role (other than inside mid), and that has not helped him maintain his high standard. My main concern with him is his kicking efficiency for 40+ metre kicks. As he has been playing wing a fair bit, the long kick into the forward 50 is an incredibly important component of the arsenal. His short passes are very good, sometimes elite, and sometimes regretful... He has been an exceptional leader and great team mate. His work in media representing the club has been wonderful to see and hear. So to me the questions that remain: How long does he keep the co-captaincy? and how long does he want to? What is the best role for him? Wing, high half forward, midfield depth, or defence? He was probably carrying an injury towards the end of the season, as he didn't have the same impact I was expecting. His leadership on the field is only known by the coaching group and players, but Viney has surpassed him as an impact player/leader from an outsider's viewpoint. I truly hope that he has relevance and is impactful when we finally get the chance to win a grand final.
  7. Question for Peter. Rather than do a wholesale clean out when you took the reins, there were some key people retained. What were the aspects of some of those people and did you redefine their roles/day to day functions significantly to suit the revised goals of the Club?
  8. Nice post Mydee. Hysteria and diatribe are common however. We are a better team because of their significant contributions.
  9. Yes. He was always positive even when Melbourne was at its lowest. Wish him well in his recovery. When Simon Goodwin said at the after match press conference "We are far from Dunn (done)" I was waiting for someone to comment - so now it is me! :-)
  10. Yes. Anytime he can have a dig at Collingwood supporters it makes the story more enjoyable
  11. That was fantastic. Love the last story of his view of Glen and he fighting and his mother arbitrating
  12. It would be fantastic if Lewis gets there, as it means that he is contributing well and the team is getting those benefits. It would be rather challenging for him to make it to 100 club games. Nathan Jones record will stand along very nicely with David Neitz, Melbourne and AFL Hall of Famer.
  13. Chris Judd just said, "He's so hard that when he does push ups, the Earth moves" Love it!
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