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  1. Think that we have got some real problems with the game plan, the coach and the list. We really need to play more play on football and back ourselves to transition to the forward 50 quickly. Think less, score more. We are talking ourselves out of it when we go forward!
  2. I think Jones could play for another year or two, maybe half forward flank. He is invested in the club and that is important for the other players to see! He is probably too slow to be played in the midfield or the back line now.
  3. I think that Goodwin likes Maynard because of his toughness.
  4. Clarry is Red and Blue forever. I think that I will give up watching AFL if he leaves Melbourne.
  5. Give more AFL paid coaching experience to help Dew but giving picks is futile. Gold Coast need to build a culture and identity to become successful. It is what we are having to re-establish right now ourselves.
  6. The way the Doggies played. That is a team with spirit and s culture. Why can’t Melbourne play like that?
  7. Just like Byron Pickett and Phil Read brought. We play so much better when we have a fight in a game. Last week was the first one I can remember this year and we beat Fremantle. Last year we were physical most weeks. We need to play like the Baby Bombers used to. We need to bully and bash as well as run teams off their feet.
  8. May could be the next Mitch Clark, without the depression and injuries.
  9. I think that we should keep Weideman. Try May forward. At least he has the big ego of a power forward. We need Weid and one other big target to have a West Coast style forward line.
  10. Sorry, but I honestly believe Jade Rawlings would be a more successful coach than Goodwin. Star player does not always equate to star Coach.
  11. I have a sneaky suspicion that there is a feud somewhere amongst the players and/or staff. There is definitely something rotten in the rooms at Melbourne Park.
  12. I actually think that our supporter base is part of the problem. We don’t make the club accountable enough! It is time that we dropped the MCC behaviour and became a bit feral. It is just the catalyst for change that is needed!
  13. Petracca is worth 2-3 goals a game when we are playing well. Brayshaw brings hardness and skill and may be our best player. I think both players are not part of the problem. If anything, we need more players like them from the draft.
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