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  1. I have a Home and Away Membership again this year as I have done every year. I will continue to buy that membership every year to support the Club but I just can’t attend the games until it improves. I will likely hit an opposition fan for the continual barrage of insults that come our way when we are losing.Do all teams have to put up with the continual unpleasantness of opposition fans at matches when you are losing or is it just us. Those insults usually include swear words, rude gestures and aggressive, intimidating behaviour. When we are winning, it is much less obvious!
  2. Sick of Ling’s biased commentary. Is he in the Tigers Cheer Squad? I would love us to win just to shut him up.
  3. Well at least Garlett will be playing on Wednesday. Goodwin tells you who he is bringing in at the end of post match press conferences sometimes. He said Lewis and Jetta after Sydney. He mentioned Garlett and one other this evening.
  4. I wonder if many of our players think that they earnt their their pay cheque last year and are trying to coast through this season!
  5. I remember that in the latter part of the Neitz era we often failed in our forward 50 to have enough forwards leading into space and providing a target. Is that one of our big problems now?
  6. Paul Roos said that Goodwin’s game plan is an extension of what he was doing and that the team were not implementing the game plan effectively. He did not elaborate much beyond that. It was in the post match commentary.
  7. Paul Roos said tonight that the players were not following Goodwin’s game plan properly and that was why Melbourne were not performing well. I guess that he should know.
  8. Season over. Could not care about the next match or any other match this season. This after last year is just too much to bear! I think that I will concentrate on my other interests for quite some time.
  9. Don’t think Sparrow is uncertain. He will almost certainly be a gun in a couple of years time.
  10. Watch the 4 teams who play on Good Friday suffer for playing on a sacred day. Good on Melbourne for not supporting it!
  11. Time to go to the draft. We have to back our own development. We have enough experience in our lineup. Unless an established star nominates us, forget it! We really need another quality first and second round draft pick. A key forward and an outside midfielder would do.
  12. Spargo or Stretch it is much of a muchness, but we need Lewis and Garlett in.
  13. Have to concur with this assessment. These changes are absolute no brainers!
  14. Lewis and Jetta need to come in but I really feel Garlett needs to be given a shot. The outs are difficult though. Probably Stretch, Josh Wagner and Oscar MacDonald. Lockhart lacks the experience that we need right now in a must win game. Garlett is an ego player who will deliver when you really need him to, on the big stage.
  15. Hate Gillon McClachlan and the AFL. Leave the rules alone. Tanking debacle needs to be left alone. Team need to bind together and shove it up the AFL and it all it entails for making it even harder than it should be to win a game.
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