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  1. Who else is going to want to draft a self confessed Nathan Jones/ Melbourne fan. These things are normally stated by the media because they know something about a future destination and done deals.
  2. Got a message saying my email to the AFL had been forwarded to the Integrity and Umpires Dept. I made it clear that I want professional umpires and neutrals.
  3. Incorrect. Skill and talent are two different things. Look them up in a dictionary.
  4. Poor kicking cost us. We should have won the game. Our list are very talented but their execution is sometimes poor. Still think we will be electric when we get our injuries sorted.
  5. Preuss was training at Optus Stadium. Would not be surprised if we tactically make him a late inclusion for Petty or one of the other talls.
  6. No. We target a forward. We need goals!
  7. I think Barrett’s article shows how out of touch he is. Barrett makes a lot of money producing crap journalism but the riches he has may have gone to his head and his sense of reason. If you are on $700k a year then you will do most anything that your employer says because with that kind of money comes extraordinary responsibility. Steven May agreed to follow team rules and that includes not drinking whilst recovering from injury. If he is silly enough to do it in public and he has agreed to follow team rules then he needs to cop it.
  8. Would you try punching fans who are often 1.88 metres and taller, weighing over 100kgs? Rugby is a tough game. Those guys have less antagonism in their blood. The really tough players in the AFL often don’t get involved in all that wrestling and elbowing on the field. They go after blokes in the tackle, legally! Rugby has that same philosophy.
  9. If it was your child they were bashing, then you might think differently. Football and beer don’t mix well. Watch the match at home or the pub if you want to get drunk. Otherwise go and actually enjoy the football!
  10. The fights I have seen at the G and Etihad have without exception been started by drunken tossers who would be knocked into next week if they picked on someone their own size or they have been perpetrated by cowards in groups.
  11. What our supporter did was very wrong. Having said that our supporters are usually very well behaved. Hawthorn, North Melbourne, Bulldogs, Port, Essendon, Hawthorn, Geelong and Fremantle all appear to have bigger problems with supporter violence than us from what I have seen.
  12. Security should not allow opposition supporters to stand behind our Cheer Squad and taunt them. The Hawks supporters do this every year. That kind of behaviour leads to violent incidents.
  13. The difference is that these drunken fools only have to pick a fight with the wrong person just the once and they will regret it for the rest of their lives. Either they will kill someone and go to prison for a long time or someone who really knows how to defend themself will retaliate and really hurt them
  14. I heard from a friend who attended the match that the Hawks supporters were very abusive when they thought they would beat us. Then they went quiet when we won. What this guy did was totally unacceptable but the AFL is largely to blame. I don’t take my young children to the football very often because in the last 10 years the behaviour of opposition fans has deteriorated immensely, largely because so many thugs seem intent on getting smashed on beer and insulting our supporters, rather than being true football fans. The AFL don’t care. They just want increased revenue. The first match I ever took my son to, 5 years ago a Bulldogs fan king hit an older Demons supporter right next to us at the end of the game. It was pretty awful stuff and I see trouble nearly every match I attend now. I think that crowd segregation will arrive sooner rather than later if the AFL does not prioritise the game rather than simply making big profits.
  15. He seemed to be slightly more aggressive and versatile than Weideman. I guess they could both play together if they are in form.
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