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  1. May and Lever are both A graders. Watch their attack on the ball and their intercept marking and it is obvious.
  2. Sometimes you have to give up a lot in a trade to get in players who will transform a culture. Goodwin was a great team man at Adelaide. He has decided that May and Lever bring those qualities too, which is why MFC gave up so much to get them.
  3. But Cornes doesn’t Like Crows, past or present!
  4. I think Cornes has a personal animosity towards Goodwin.
  5. If the draft is compromised next year, then adding Bennell for 2021 may be a solid move!
  6. I think it might encourage other star players to come to us because I think it shows that we are a club who are willing to give a player another chance.
  7. I am starting to wonder if we should take Fisher Macasey and Caleb Serong. MaCasey is a tall forward and Serong is a Midfield/Forward. Wouldn’t those 2 meet our needs best?
  8. Voted for Serong and Weightman. We need goal kickers ASAP.
  9. I thought Adelaide were going to nominate Green and that is why GWS want our pick 3?
  10. Well I like the word ‘bespoke’. Should I apologise for being different?
  11. No, they denote a standard of dress, that is sadly lacking amongst many of the population of this fair city.
  12. Are we going to take Serong at 3 and then a forward at 26? There are at least 3 possible choices at 26: Miles Bergman, Cameron Taheny or Dylan Williams. Any thoughts from others?
  13. That rabble finished above us on the ladder!
  14. Totally about Ratten. Would love him as our coach. One of the 3 most charismatic coaches in the league. IMO.
  15. Wasn’t he delisted? No deal would be necessary, other than agreeing terms with the player.
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