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  1. Hogan needs to hear from people who will support him at this time . Nathan Jones
  2. Hi all It sounds like attempt by Freo to send a message to Jesse. Get with the program or walk. I think Jones had a strong and positive influence on Jesse to keep him in the straight and narrow. But, I believe Freo didn't have the same support systems for players. A great talent possibly the best FF ever if he can pull he head in and believe in himself without [censored] and etc. I miss him in red and blue. A true beast in midfield and half forward. Just look at his work at Melbourne in 2018. And, people wonder why Melbourne struggled in 2019. A young bloke trying to find his way. I want to see him back on the field with a good support group including his teammates. Whether Freo or whoever. Prove me right Jeese.
  3. Maybe a kick in butt for Jack. Alot promise but little output. I see Jack having a big year ahead. Less turn overs and more effective disposed of the ball with a quicker turn of foot.
  4. Melbourne 5th Brownlow medal P Cripps Grand final winner GWS Standout season by Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw and lever Raising Star Rowell
  5. Jackson, Pickett and Rivers. The picks send me to hard times for Melbourne. But, I strongly believe that Melbourne's injury woes may abait for the next few years with extra depth. Go Dees
  6. Jack has made the leap from potential to producing match changing output. A champion in the making, he is walking taller and using the ball with purpose. hats off to jack and the coaching team to strengthen jack's composure and confidence.
  7. Hi people like for people to join me in the AFL dream team . My ref number is820891.
  8. I am getting in early to plan for the 2013 season. Please feel free to post your teams and provide feedback TEAM NAME: kmac01355 DEF: B. Goddard, J. Grimes, B. Gibbs, G. Birchall, M. Johnson, D. Merrett, C. Yarran (K. Jaksch, D. Morris) MID: D. Swan, G. Ablett jnr, T. Cotchin, L. Ball, B. Prismall, A. Morabito (J. O'Meara, T. Mitchell) RUC: N. Naitanui, M. Leuenberger (M. Gawn, J. Witts) FWD: L. Franklin, H. Bennell, N. Bock, R. Gray, M. LeCras, A. Krakouer, J. Daniher (J. Stringer, B. Staker) CASH LEFT: $65,100
  9. Melbourne up to 10th place on the ladder. Some real improvement seen in Watts, Morton, Howe and Fitzpatrick. The influx of new players mostly delisted players with young guns will raise the hopes of the melbourne faithful. Jack Grimes will have a cracker of a season and Jack T will put in the hard yards to show his value as a leader and player
  10. According to big footy brent and Goddard are off to the bombers
  11. I say that we Melbourne diehards should give the young guy a break and focus on building team morale. Whether Tom stays or goes, the team is made up of a number deserving and proud players, whose achievements have been overshadowed by the constant focus on Scully's future which out of our hands . Addam Maric is a prefect example of a player determined to play in the senior team and through his efforts and hard work he is gaining game time and will improve in the years to come. I say let's support all the players and strengthen the club.
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